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  • Bishop David Oyedepo at CHoP
    Give God thanks for there is no one like Him, ever reliable, ever dependable. Ask Him to speak to you this morning. Ask Him to give you the light for this week by His word this morning.
    Lord we thank you for the brand new week that we are in, thank you for the things you did for us last week. Let this week be a hitch free week for everyone called a Winner and everyone connected to this commission. Lord by your word this morning, open a new chapter to our lives.

Somebody had no money for passport photograph. Children had stopped going to school and under three months unreliable turnaround. Got his passport by the mercy of God within one week, on his way to China.

Frustration turned into celebration through fruitful engagement. Mind the adjective ‘fruitful’. God does not reward efforts made, He rewards results obtained. Fruitful engagement not religious engagement.

  • In the name of Jesus, the remaining few weeks for us to arrive at Shiloh, somebody’s dramatic turnaround will take place. Your own massive, incredible, unbelievable turnaround will take place.

One of us in the first phase of Wonder Double Prophetic Agenda, was out on a Saturday and led I have forgotten whether 9 or 16 people to Christ. And the Lord said, “Go to bed, I want to operate on you”.

He laid in bed that afternoon and the metal implant that was in his elbow through a gunshot at close range by armed robbers in 2007, the metal implant dropped on the bed without an opening, without any spillage of blood.

God just saw his cloud full that day and said “This discomfort is over” and got rid of that metal implant same day. One day turnaround. When your own cloud is full, no matter how long it takes to fill it your rain will fall. That’s the way it works.
Serving God is no mere religious activity or hobby. Serving God is a big time business. “Don’t you think I should be about my father’s business?” Jesus said in Luke 2:42. “be ye not slothful in business” Paul said in Romans 12:11 “be ye not slothful in business but fervent in sprit, serving the Lord”. Serving the Lord will make a giant out of every ordinary individual.
Job was a youth, but His credential was “My servant”. Serving God can turn a giant out of anybody including youths. In the days of my youth, I just emerge on top on my world in all my endevaours, that is what Job testified in Job 29:4. “I have found David my servant” that is his credential. “You are more than ten thousand of us” that is the exclamation of people (2 Samuel 18:3).

When we engage in soul winning, we get on God’s payroll and end up as stars in our endeavours.

“He that reapeth receiveth wages, and gathereth fruit unto life eternal: that both he that soweth and he that reapeth may rejoice together” (John 4:36).

Every labourer is worthy of his wages and his pay pack is not just material or financial, his pay pack covers all areas of needs of mankind. So serving God is a big time business.

  • No one of us will fail in this business
    So this week, our exhortation line is captioned – SPIRITUAL STEWARDSHIP PAYS THE MOST. Let’s start with soul winning today. Soul winning in scriptures is defined as a spiritual gold mine.
    Mathew 16:26
    That’s the worth of a soul to God. A soul is worth more than all the wealth of the world put together. That is why returns on Soul Winning is unmistakable, because the worth of any product is what defines it’s cost.

A redeemed soul is worth more than everything else on the earth. We engage with it and we have returns that are unmatchable on the earth.

How beautiful are the feet of them that bring good tidings, so He beautifies people’s lives. Interestingly Soul winning is an open platform for everyone. Every believer is redeemed a soul winner.
2 Corinthians 5:17-20

We have a ministry of reconciliation as believers and we have the word of reconciliation to go with. What does that imply? Every new creature in verse 17 is redeemed an ambassador for Christ. Fruit bearing keeps believers fit supernaturally (John 15:1-3). Fruit bearing keeps believers fit: spirit, soul and body. So it’s an open ended covenant responsibility for every believer.

Soul winning is not a calling, it is a covenant responsibility. You don’t need to have any vision to be a soul winner. Just like breathing is not a profession. It is the responsibility of every living soul that desires to stay alive. Every believer is empowered by the Holy Ghost to become effective witnesses of Christ (Acts 1:8). Every believer that is baptized with the Holy Ghost is simply empowered to be an effective witness for Christ.

  • This business will not fail in your life.
    Now here is the big offer: He that winneth souls is wise and in Proverbs 3:35 “the wise shall inherit glory”. Soul winning eradicates shame and reproach. You go outside the gate bearing shame and reproach and you return glorified. They call you “one trouser preacher, poor you” and then “poor you” came back and light broke out from heaven and that team of young men, I met them building a 200 megawatts Solar Station.

That had openings outside the country. From one trouser preacher, he returned glorified.
From “stupid man, children are not going to school yet you are distributing tracts around, your head is not correct” he was on a flight to China and the people abusing him are still here, they have not done one business since they started abusing him.

Glory is the heritage of every soul winner.

Eradication of shame and reproach is their lot.
Daniel 12:3 brings in the big returns.
Daniel 12:3 – “And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever”.
Soul winning is a platform for making stars in the Kingdom. They that turned many, not attempted in turning many will emerge as stars for ever and ever. In the field of sports, all stars are temporal. If someone breaks your record you are off-record and you become a past tense star. So winning made stars are ordained as forever stars.

  • You will hit that mark. You must hit that mark.
    Ask for the fresh empowerment of the Holy Ghost to be an effective witness for Christ. Pray that prayer from the depth of your heart.
    Soul winning offers a prayer advantage
  • The remaining weeks before Shiloh shall be wonder weeks in your life.
    As you turn people to righteousness and bring them into the kingdom. Get excited, you are investing into a glorious future. Don’t be weary, in due season you shall reap it if you faint not.
  • The week is declared a super fruitful week for you
  • Your prayer altar shall be fruitful, your searching the scriptures shall be fruitful, your kingdom advancement endeavour shall be fruitful.
  • You will testify, Somebody’s turnaround is taking place this week.

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