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Dates: 2nd January to 13th January 2022

He is a Kingdom General and a Veteran of faith. with a deep passion for lost souls. A Doctor of Divinity and a custodian of divine verities. An Apostle of miracles with unprecedented healing grace. A selfless philanthropist with successful medical outreaches.

Rev (Dr) Uma Ukpai is the Founder and President of The Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Association. His crusades all around the world are characterised by massive crowds and strange miracles. A sought-after speaker and renowned author.

Gear up for a Kairos moment as Rev @uma_ukpai releases a deluge of signs and wonders at the 12 Days Of Glory 2022. It’s your turnaround encounter!

Respected in the body for achieving phenomenal feat in the body of Christ, he is a Kingdom icon of prosperity and dispenser of the Healing Grace.

Pastor David Ibiyeomie is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Salvation Ministries and an anointed televangelist. He is a kingdom highflier with remarkable proofs of the efficacy of the Kingdom principles.

Brace up to receive the supernatural dimension of God as Pastor @david_ibiyeomie ministers at the 12 Days Of Glory 2022. Anticipate the New!

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo is an enigmatic cross over Preacher of the Gospel with irrefutable proofs of the integrity of God’s word. He is an erudite teacher with an outstanding depth of insight and a revered voice in the Body of Christ.

He is the Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC), Founder of UK’s first church-owned channel, KICCTV and Chancellor of King’s University. A Real Estate Mogul and financial grace dispenser.

Get ready as Pastor @Matthewashimolowo.official launches you to a higher realm of the glory that excels at the 12 Days Of Glory 2022. It’s your date with divinity!

He is the founder of Livingspring Chapel International, an engineer and politician turned Preacher. He is popularly known as an Apostle of Change with a burning passion to lift the downtrodden and raise men in the path of their divine destiny. A seasoned Preacher of the Word and Prolific Author.

Pastor Femi Emmanuel is a Global Conference Speaker, Strategic Leadership Expert who provides valued opinions on National Issues. A Televangelist preaching the Word of God with the demonstration of the Spirit and Power.

Brace up for the unprecedented as Pastor @therealfemiemmanuel unleashes an uncommon dimension of God’s glory at the 12Days of Glory. It’s an encounter with divinity!

He is an estate surveyor turned preacher of the gospel with a divine mandate to raise an army of victorious and prosperous saints. For over 30 years, he has been relentless in imparting the world through his global ministry: Victory International Church.

A successful crossover pastor; He is the Chancellor and Founder of Dominion University, and Victory Christian College and Academy. Through prints, he demystifies deep prosperity secrets and provides uncommon insight into Kingdom-based success principles. Bishop Taiwo Adelakun is an ardent trainer, a healing cistern, a dogged soul winner and legend of Church growth.

Everything is about to take an upward shift as we receive the inestimable ministry of @Bishop_adelakun at the 12Days of Glory. It’s God’s set up to step you up!


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