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My Father sir,
Happy 67th Birthday to you.

I join the entire Saints, Sons, Daughters, Protégés, Friends, Families, Nations and the World at large to celebrate and honour you today as my Root, Patriarch, Jeruubaal, Spiritual Progenitor, Precursor, Prophet, Father, Pillar, Priest and Spiritual Parent.
Daddy, you’ve been an Asset, Plus, Blessing, Succour, Covering, Source of Spiritual Support, Helping Hand, an unfathomable Backing in Life and Ministry.

It is worthy of note sir, that Ministry, Church, Job Security, Fame, Position, Money, Flesh, Blood did not bring me to you sir; I was glued and connected to you from Heaven through a Spiritual Umbilical Cord of Destiny which I believe was ordained to be in place before the Foundations of the World. I know you are fully aware of this more than I do.

When I came across your Materials in 1998, I subscribed to the Grace of God on your life sir and the Impacts has been ‘whoa’ (whao) to the Glory of God.

Prior to that Time, I had determined not to have anything to do with your Ministry based on some Criticisms and malicious attacks against your Personality and Ministry while we were growing up then in early 90s. As at that Time, I did not know you also had the same mind made up as regards Archbishop Benson Idahosa’s Ministry at the on set of your Ministry life sir; until God spoke to you on February 5, 1986 that you should get down to Benin City and meet His Servant there sir.

I sat under your Teaching live for the first time on a Palm Sunday of the year 2000 but it was an Anointing Service in the Ministry; i.e Sunday 16th April, 2000. You were teaching on a Message titled “Anointing for Deliverance/Dominion” in Faith Tabernacle as I came to Lagos all the way from Kwara purely on the Mission to sit live under your Teaching. It was in that Service I was told by the Lord that “Here comes your Pastor”. You declared that day that everything buying and selling in our lives must give way. I listened to that Message more than 30 times because I got the Audio of that Message that same day; every time I listened to it, it was always fresh.

Something unique happened that day as you were closing the Service, you quoted Jeremiah 3 :15-16 “And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.
And it shall come to pass, when ye be multiplied and increased in the land, in those days, saith the Lord, they shall say no more,….”

Daddy sir, my rest came that day and I knew I had finally met my Pastor, Prophet, Jeruubaal, Father and Spiritual Parent both by the Witness of the Spirit and the Voice of the Lord. How I felt that day has never changed till now. Jeremiah 3:15-16 became my way of closing Service and receiving First Time Worshippers and New Converts as a Pastor. This gave me and still giving me tremendous Results in Ministry.

I cannot forget the final Prophetic Word that brought me into full Time Ministry under your Watch after series of prior Instructions. The Word came sharply as “ Join yourself to this Chariot and when I looked up, I saw you on that Chariot. For 18 years of God’s guiding hand in full time ministry; He has been faithful even till this New Phase of my Ministry life.

As we celebrate you today, I want to say you are a True Father.
A Father in the Kingdom is a Pillar, Ground-Breaker, Kingdom Bulldozer, Channel of Transgenerational Blessings, Prophetic Feather, Prophetic Wing, Spiritual Collar, Prophetic Apron, an Apostolic Armoury, an Eye-opener, a Seal-Opener, Front liner, Trendsetter, Trailblazer, Pacesetter, Pacemaker, Pacer and True Leader Sir. This and many more you’ve been to me and many in this Generation and Generations yet unborn.

You are a Rare Gem Dad; an Iconic, Heroic, Symbolic, Classic, Titanic, Gigantic and Prophetic Mantle; an Oracle of God.

My Father sir, I can’t forget how you picked me up so early in life/Ministry to groom, nourish, nurture, tutor, mentor, pastor, feed and father. I was not Priviledged to taste a True Fatherly Love while growing up; but you showed me the Practical Love of a Father. Thank you Daddy for everything you do and we celebrate you for life. Congratulations sir.

Sir, I forever respect, honour and value the Grace of God on your life and Mummy sir. Mummy’s Love for us is unquantifiable and indescribable. This is the reason I cannot but celebrate the both of you as God-ordained Spiritual Parents.

Once again, Happy 67th Birthday sir; wishing you Dad, Healthier Body, Longer life, Richer Purse, Stronger Impacts, Greater Testimonies and Higher levels sir. I love you my Father.

Your Son,
Victor Adeniji
Lead Pastor
TRAICC (The Rescue Ark International Christian Centre)

@Rejoice Nwaka Adeniji
Victor Femi Adeniji
Pastor Victor Femi Adeniji.

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