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While ministering during our just concluded 3days prayer meeting I remembered a testimony a brother shared with me.

He was in a prayer meeting at the age of 18, the prophet ministering walked to him and said thus saith the Lord your wife shall not die.

He began to laugh because he just left secondary school, he was not married and still had alot of years ahead of him before he will get married.

His mum ran from the back of the church, she gave him 3 hot atomic slaps, he said the amen came from his spirit through his brain and his mouth screamed it out.

The whole church was watching them, the prophet too was also surprised to see such natural reset that resurrected spiritual fervency.

After the meeting the mother explained to the prophet that his father stopped her from going to church on Sunday and prayer meeting because their pastor then told them to pray against untimely death, he accused the pastor of merely being primitive in thinking with prayer points.

She gave birth to the young man, about 6months later the man came home rejoicing after receiving a big contract, he sat down after the initial joy and he died right there on the seat.

The woman singlehandedly raised the boy.
The prophet prayed for the youngman and left.

12yrs later the young man had gotten married, there was no issue until the delivery day.

The water membrane had burst, the labour was on until they discovered something was wrong.

The doctor checked her and discovered there was no baby, trouble have come.

While the doctors and nurses were confused, the youngman was the most confused when they told him that the baby boy in the scan is not there again.

He rushed to one side of the hospital to put call through to his pastor, a man touched him from behind, looking at him he told him, you have prayed 12yrs ago, your wife will not die.
She will give birth now.

As he was trying to run away from the mysterious man, he vanished.

He ran into the hospital, he had the cry of a baby.

His wife who was returned to the ward had giving birth to the disappeared child.

What happened?

What he thought was a spiritual junk many years earlier would have consume him.

As he shared the testimony with me why he believed in the voice of God, I remembered God is not a talkative.

What you’re calling junk today maybe the only thing that will help you tomorrow.

Prophecy is not a scam neither prayer a lazy man job.

Something good and great shall happen to you today

A.T Joel.

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