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  • Pastor Paul Enenche on “Standing Before God” at Early Will I Seek You The Glory Dome Dunamis
    Can somebody who is excited this morning give the King of kings and the Lord of lords a loud shout of praise. Hallelujah! Give him another clap of hands as you take your seat in the presence of the Lord.

I welcome everyone here this morning and especially, everyone watching from all around the world.

I met a man and his wife yesterday who told me that they are with us all the way from their country Angola every single morning. We have people from America and everywhere in the world. Congratulations, today is a new day for you.
1 Kings 17:1
Everytime we come to the place of prayer like we have said, it is a place where we stand before God.

Already, we were told that Elijah was a man of like passion who prayed (James 5:17) So, coming before God is a standing in the place of prayer. When we stand before God, what does it imply?

  1. Standing before God is standing in power. When you stand before God, you stand in power.

You are not standing in weakness or defeat.

  1. When you stand before God, you face what others fear. Ahab and his wife were dreaded.

Nobody dared near them. They slew some prophets of the Lord. But this was a man standing in audacity before what others fear.

  1. When you stand before God, you have it the way you want it.
  2. When you stand before God, You are qualified to speak on behalf of God. Elijah said, “Except by my words”
  3. When you stand before God, you take charge effortlessly. You are in charge effortlessly. Things don’t dominate you, you dominate things.
  4. To stand before God is to have a standing relationship with God.

You are not a visitor to God. Before God whom I stand not before God whom I’m visiting. You are not a stranger to him.You have a standard relationship with him.
We have come to stand before God this morning, to stand in power. To face what others fear.

We are here before God, qualified to speak on his behalf and to take charge effortlessly not victims of defeat. We are he ones who defeat things. Things don’t defeat us.
So, this morning stand before him and have it like you want it.


  1. Father, thank you Lord for a bright new day. Thank you because we slept and wake up because you sustained us. Psalm 3:5.
  2. Father, thank you for the explosive testimonies, miracles, signs and wonders of the Healing and Deliverance Service of yesterday. To you alone be all the glory, Lord in Jesus’name. Psalm 105:1-2.
  3. Father, we ask for the release of the right words at the Mid-week Service today I’m Jesus’name. Move your people to the next level of spiritual strength, Lord in Jesus’name. Job 6:25, Psalm 84:7.
  4. Father, we ask for the move of your revival power in our land like never before. Let your Spirit be poured upon us from on high so that our wilderness becomes a fruitful field and our fruitful field be counted as a forest, Lord in Jesus’name. Isaiah 32:15.
  5. Father, we ask that you establish your plan, purpose and agenda in our midst in this season and overturn the program, design and agenda of evil against your people and your Church, Dunamis at this time, Lord in Jesus’name. Proverbs 19:21
  6. Father, we ask that the bond woman agenda in our Nation and the antichrists agenda in our world today, designed to close the Nations to the Gospel will immediately collapse in the name of Jesus Christ. Frustrate their tokens and disappoint their devices Lord in Jesus’name. Job 5:12, Lamentations 3:36-37
  7. Father, as I stand before you today, I make demand on power, fresh power, I receive it today.
  8. Father, as I stand before you today, I face every fear and phase them out. I command every fear before me to evaporate now in the name of Jesus.
  9. Father, as I stand before you today, I have it as I want it. I don’t have it the way the devil wants it. I refuse to have it the way the witches want it or the way the economy wants it. I shall have my desires the way I want them in the name of Jesus.
  10. Father, as I stand before you today, as I speak, my generation we hear your voice I. my voice in the name of Jesus.
  11. Now begin to speak and prophesy into your life and all things around you.
  • I pray for you today, every trace of weakness in your life dissolves now.
  • What you feared the most before you came here this morning is deleted right now.
  • Whatever the enemy has made you to be afraid of, today, it is gone. Before the sun sets today, it will be clear to you that the fear is nothing to fear.
  • Everything the devil has done wrong in your life before now, God is doing something now that will delete the memory of what the devil did in the name of Jesus.
  • Go and take charge! Whatever defeated you before today, you proceed to defeat them.
  • From this moment, when you speak, he situation will hear the voice of God in the name of Jesus.
  • A new day is upon you. A new help is upon you. A new season is upon you!

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