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-Pastor Victor Stephen at Early Will I Seek You, The Glory Dome, Dunamis.

Somebody give the Lord the praise. Give Jesus a big clap offering and please be seated in God’s presence.
1 Kings 17: 1
Every time we appear in prayer like this, we have come to stand before God after the order of Abraham. Genesis 29: 27. When we appear like this, we have come to stand before God and when we stand before God, it is a time of spiritual investment, it is a time that what we do cannot fail because we are standing and asking before God.
We don’t come to play here, we come to pray. This morning, God will give somebody an encounter in the name of Jesus. Prayer is a destiny-changing force. It is a destiny-transformation force. According to Luke 9: 29.
What is the outcome of standing before God in prayer?

  1. Existence in Power and Authority: When we stand before Godin the place of prayer, we exist in power, we exist in authority. Power is the ability do work, the ability to act in a certain way. When you have authority, you have influence, you can put things under control. You put things in check by standing in the presence of God. You say it and you see it the way you see it.
  2. Drastic or Dramatic Transformation of Life and Destiny: Luke 9: 29. We are here in God’s presence today and somebody is leaving here totally transformed in the name of Jesus.
  3. Existence in the fullness of God: Psalm 16: 11. When we stand before God and operate from God’s presence, our joy is always full.
  4. Existence in Pleasure: In the presence of God, we connect pleasure, we connect ease, we connect simplicity of life. Psalm 16: 11. Job 36: 11. When we remain in God’s presence, we connect pleasure from God.
  5. Existence or Enjoyment of Divine Direction: In the presence of God, we connect the help and the guidance of God. Psalm 16: 11.
  6. Psalm 118: 24
    Father, thank you for your faithfulness and mercies. Thank you for the arrival of a new day. Be glorified Lord in Jesus name.
  7. Isaiah 9:8
    Father, thank you for your precious word to us yesterday. Thank you for the life-transforming impact of the word. To you be all the praise Lord.
  8. Jeremiah 29: 11
    Father, thank you for the move of your power, presence and glory in our midst. Go ahead Lord. Go all the way Lord and fulfil your expectations for your Church, Dunamis in this season Lord in Jesus name.
  9. Acts 2: 47, 2 Corinthians 4: 3,4
    Father, we pray for the coming Sunday Service. We pray for a massive harvest of souls Lord in Jesus name. We ask that you open the eyes of the people of the Land to see what you are doing in our midst in this season Lord and bring them in to worship you in this place Lord in Jesus name.
  10. Luke 10:19, Revelation 12: 11a
    Father, we take authority over every device of the enemy to resist, hinder or antagonize the move of the Spirit in your Church, Dunamis, in this season. We decree victory over all such attempt by the Blood of the Lamb and by the power of the Almighty in Jesus name.
  11. Father, in the name of Jesus, I declare that I step into the realm of power and authority. I step into the realm of Dominion. I step into the realm of decreeing and having it.
  12. Father, make me an evidence of standing in your presence by dramatic and drastic transformation of my life and destiny in Jesus name.
  13. Father, from today, I step into the realm of joy. I exist in the fullness of joy.
  14. Father, I exist in the realm of pleasure forever. I serve you, I enjoy pleasure forever.
  15. In the name of Jesus, today, I ask for divine direction . From today, Father, I ask, order my steps.

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