Start raising your Christmas Chicken from now

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Hey!! People, how are you doing today, hope you all had a great day, i quickly wanna share something that will be of major benefit to you all, as you all know, we have entered the “ember” month and it simply connotes, the end of the year is nearer than ever before, one of the major practice that characterize end of the year is celebration and rejoicing, for every people on the earth, though it become more intense during Christmas, which is the time that we choose to celebrate the Birth of our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ!

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Now, there is something. especially significant with Christmas all over the world, but it sees its more enormous in Africa, and that is the Christmas Chicken Rice delicacy, in Nigeria, if you have not killed Chicken for CHristmas, with the regular broiler as a major figure, it feels like you have not had a great christmas, as your neighbors will be stylishly waiting to receive their own portion of your christmas chicken delicacy….. Lol, this is one of the most interesting part of christmas, the love and share thing.

Rice and Chicken

Now, last year, something happened *(since i am into livestock farming) i know the nitty gritty of the livestock industry and major happenings there, the price of feed ingredients used in animal feed production skyrocketed by all standard, and this made the feed to become very expensive, even to the extent that many poultry farmers have quit the venture because there is almost no gain after they factored the cost of production, this same thing applies to egg production of layers, many farmers pulled out to start something else they can use as a means to survive, the effect of the hype in price of feed was a very expensive chicken, which made many people to spend more during christmas, while an average person could not afford to buy due to the skyrocketed price.

Now, fast forward to this year, 2021, feed price ad double and even tripled because of continuous increase in the price of feed ingredients, the government seems not to be taking a proactive step on the shortage supply of animal feed ingredients and the hyper price of the available ones, thereby making consumers spend more for the same quantity.

Last year, I saw broilers of 5000, and even 7000 per birds, this is not too good, but the honest truth is, it is going to continue this year and beyond, don’t be surprised if birds are sold for 10,000 per one this year christmas, the cost of production as increased, which makes farmers to spend more, the only way to good profiting is to increase the price of birds.

Now, have you imagined yourself having to buy one chicken, at 7000 or 10,000naira, how do you factor that? I know people who buys 15 to 20 chicken for christmas because they have families and loves ones whom they must bless at the end of the year. This will cost you more, except you want to go for ruminant, like sheep, cattle and goat, and the truth is, even these ruminants are always expensive during the yuletide season, i believe the best option for Nigerians right now, is to start raising their own broilers, this will go a long way to save your money spent during the celebration.

Day Old chicks, Broilers.

Right about now, you can still get day old chicks at smaller price of 500 or 450naira per one, you can buy a cartoon or pieces of them and raise by getting their feed at a feedstore, by december, your broilers should be ready for slaughter, you will be surprised at how much money you have saved by this single decision, and you will have enough meat for christmas to celebrate with your family and love ones.

Apart from raising them for meat and Christmas celebration, you can also look into the aspect of making some good money with this opportunity, by raising a number of them for sales, the amazing things about Christmas is, for Business owners and producers, it is a time for boom market, massive sales, and this is very true for food and agricultural Business, because with the yuletide comes consumption of various food delicacy.

If you raise 200 broilers, and they attain 2.5 to 3kg or even 3.5 to 4kg, you can sell for 5000 to 7000, or even #10,000 per 1 for the very big ones. that will be 200 x 5000 = #1,000,000.

That’s a whopping of 1 million naira. can you imagine?

Now, look at this, we have more than 300Million people in Nigeria, what happens if you can raise as much as 1million birds? okay, if that sounds too big, let’s consider 50,000 or 100,000 birds, and you sold each for 5k or even 4k, That’s a huge profit already, some of the money you have not been able to make since the year began, you can still make it this year ending during christmas, but if that must be possible, you will need to start now, I wish you the best of luck.

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