Stay focus and faithful to One partner

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Alot of people end up having external or extra marital affairs because they cared more about others. They went in to share in their sorrow and pain but ended up having emotional attachment.

It’s good to care for others but you have to be careful not to end up the wrong way. It takes caring to develop love and it takes carefulness not to end up going to the extreme.

It’s good to know about how they are doing, what they ate and did during the day but when it becomes consistent, it develops emotional strings which make the other person think weather you are interested in them or not.

Simply don’t create that room or impression. Be straight forward, truthful and not seductive to anyone you are not intending to have anything to do with.

It’s sad some people can’t have time for their partners but go round having all the sweet talks with others.
You can’t compliment your partner when they beautifully dress but you can easily tell your friend they look sweet when they dress.

Please talk to your partner. They are the one to release all your emotional feelings unto and not any other person.
Don’t be a victim of having external affairs.
Protect your partner and relationship.
Check your communication with others. Be intentional not to talk above your limit and not to allow seductive talk with others as well.

If we all decide to have a decent conversation with others and not to go beyond our limit, marital and ‘relatal’ issues will be reduced.

Command respect from others, build that integrity that no one can break through.
Your partner must be your priority and they must feel secured by your action and not insecured.


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