Many people pray but do not have a relationship with the Holy Spirit. In fact many people hear God but they don’t have a relationship with the Holy Spirit. They are three things I know about relating with the Holy Spirit.

1- intimacy with the Holy Spirit is atmosphere dependent. Your first sacrifice is not to call him. Your first sacrifice is your labour to culture the atmosphere that makes His presence conducive. It is about the hardest dimension of walking with the Holy Spirit.

The sacrifice of creating the atmosphere. Simulating heaven in your environment, to allow the Holy Spirit comfortable. He say now arise o God, Solomon was speaking. He say come to your resting place. Not come to a house I have build. I have simulated heaven within a physical structure. Find comfort in it….

2- you want to walk with the Holy Spirit ? The Holy Spirit only relate with people from a stand point of brokenness and contriteness. You will never truly walk with the Holy Spirit until you are willing to be broken. Ever broken not once broken, ever broken. Death walks in you daily that life will come out of it to walk in others….

Nothing I know that attract the Spirit of God to a life of a man like brokenness and contriteness

3- the third key to enjoying the ministry of the Holy Spirit, is obedience to His voice and his instructions. The Holy Spirit is an extension of the will of the father through the Christ and ignoring and travailing instructions will close up the continues of that lecture, that dealing process.

This is the year that God with speak to you and say o go on a fast three days, drop a sacrifice. Do this, the grace to hear his voice and and to be prompt in obeying it.


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