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Sterling Bank vs Access Bank: Which is the Best in terms of Service?

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Hi guys, today I will be sharing my experience with both sterling bank and access bank, few months ago, I switched from sterling bank to access bank and the experience has been very awesome and impressive!

I use to be a fan of Gtbank about 6years ago, even till last year, but I wanted to experience other banks too, and also gtbank network can be cumbersome at times, maybe because they already have a huge user base, so I decided to open sterling bank account about 2years ago, the experience with them as been awesome until they started acting funny, a friend told me about Access bank, so I decided to open account and see what their service would be like, to my surprise Access Bank seems to be the best bank I have used so far, ranging from the effective of their services, swiftness of things, quick transaction and swift notification, both to my account and to my recipient’s account.

My Experience with Sterling Bank;

Sterling Bank was great too, until I had issues of sending money and then it hang, another time, I used the POS for transaction, I was debited but the POS did not receive the money, so it hanged I went to complain in the bank, they said I should wait for 7working days, after which it will be reversed, I waited but there was nothing forth coming still, I went back again and I was asked to wait for another 14 working days, this was when it was getting on my nerves, because the money was huge, I was getting worried, so I was force to wait for 21 working days, which makes it about a month thereabout before the money was restored, it also happened another time, I transfer some huge amount of money to a friend, it didn’t deliver, I went to the bank and complain, yet it was the same story, at this point, I wasn’t finding it any funny again, I have transact more than 5million naira also with my sterling bank account, I heard of their spectra loan, I applied 3 times, it was saying, am not qualify, and I kept using my account over and again, but they kept denying me access.

Not long after I met with a friend who told me how he secured  a soft loan from access bank, he is not even a salary earner, but he has been running the account for 2years, and they send him an sms, saying he is qualify for their loan, which he applied via the mobile app and got it instantly, while he was repaying back the loan, they gave him another offer for a loan of (#80,000), this goes a long way to help his Business develop and got better, he was able to do many things, to now make it awesome, when it was December last year, he was asked to pick a credit card (ATM Card) with which he can get loan of 200,000 to withdraw from the ATM Machine, that was an awesome offer, he jumped at it and had an awesome December celebration, when I heard that, I was excited and moved at such offer, I quickly opened an access bank account, it was activated within 3days, I installed the app and started banking with access, I must say the experience has been very awesome.

The first thing I love about them is the speed of transaction, both Credit and Debit alert, they come in swiftly, anytime my customer make payment, I receive it so fast, you will agree with me that we don’t have time in this age, any technology that helps people to save time is such that will be embraced by the masses.

While, I was enjoying my day to day transaction experience with access bank, I notice they reward me with airtime in the app whenever I do major transaction, which I do often as a Business man, that got me excited too, I also noticed that most times, the altpay app I use for sterling bank do develop some faults during weekend, many of the weekend transactions are always unsuccessful, but this is not the case with access bank, every time the network is stable and the transactions are swift, the only time there was an issue, was when I did a transfer and my client didn’t get it, in 24hours, without going to the bank, the money was reversed back to me and I got it, that alone makes me happy, if it were sterling bank, I would either need 7working days to rectify it or even more, I also will have to go to the banking hall, which can be so stressful most times.

I can say, Access Bank is in many ways better than Sterling Bank in their customer service both in the banking hall and online, they tend to offer an effective service and their mobile app is user friendly.

They have a good network, since have been using them, there has been zero downtime.

I can arrive at a submission that Access bank has the best service than any other bank so far.

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