Story of my Trip to Barcelona

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I’m not much of a writer, heck i don’t even remember writing anything unless its my coursework or research project. So please to all the writers in the house bear with me.

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The plan:
So my plan for the journey started with a conversation with a house mate in london (dudley). He brought the idea for a weekend gateaway to barcelona. Being that i wasnt doing much and checked the ticket price from london to Barcelona at £75 return, i welcomed the idea.

Visa Processing (Schengen):

I decided to apply for the visa even though i wasnt too sure if they’ll grant me the visa or not. Tried my luck by going to their embassy. Lucky for me, my housemate has a junior brother in spain(barcelona) who is currently doing his Internship with a company. So he helped out with an address and invitation request. This particular request played a major part in my visa application and plus i had some quids in my account too which support the application.
I took few days for the visa to comeout and being that i requested it to be sent by mail even made the situation more dramatic.

The D-Day:

On the day of the journey, i still havent received my passport + not sure if i got the visa because i already had my flight ticket with me. Waited all the day the previous day but no passport. So in the early hours of the D-Day, i heard a mail dropped in my door while sleeping, i jumped out of bed to check whats good. And voila, my V i s a. Man quickly started parking my belongings to rush out and meet my homie at the airport.

We met at the airport even though it was a bit of surprise to see his uncle was also part of the journey, because lets be frank, i ready scatter town with my housemate and being an african and nigeria. Uncle shouldnt be invited for such journey. Sha i no come send after few sentences.


It was an hour or 2h journey. Just a normal ordinary flight with much excitement for what to expect in a city with much history and architecture. It was a late night flight and we went from the airport straight to the city centre where we met with his junior brother and some of his friends waiting for us. Got some drinks and ate dinner which was my first to try potato tortilla. We spent a little more time before heading for the residence. Took uber to the apartment and it was a shared apartment, smoked some weed with his friends both male and female and had a little chat before we all called it a night to prep for the real movement the next morning.

First Night in Barcelona

The first night was so exciting for me not just because of the city’s history but because MESSI lived in that city for years. Yes i’m a football fan and a united fan at that. So be rest assured that i was only interested in going to the Camp Nou and i dont care how. So that was why i couldnt really sleep but i managed to get some rest for deal the next morning. We woke up around 8am and got down stairs for coffee which was not a bad timing and some croissants to kick off. Oyinbo people no dey hear word, i was so used to going for swallow or ewagoin but i had to act posh and Behind. No biggie. We took our bath after and went straight out to get breakfast at a corner shop with a nice weather of sunshine and cool breeze. It was around 9-12 degrees. So the sun wasnt that bad and chilled.

I’ll say this for the record, if you travel to any city in europe as a tourist, please walk around before you try to board any transport. Atleast with that, you get to see some cool things on the road and buildings, people and even have a little window shopping along the way.

Camp Nou

Buenaventura!!!! The first thing to see at the Camp Nou gate. I cant believe i’m actually in a stadiium where Leo Messi, Iniesta, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Xavi actually played in. It was surreal though. Tried to keep my cool till i watched how alot of eyes were glittering at the glance of the entrance and the stadium. I wish everyone has an opportunity to atleast get such experiences regardless of what your different passions are. We went to the Buenaventura cafe and had a good balanced breakfast and got some quick snaps and left for the next location.

La Sagrada La familia:

One of the oldest master pieces in the world and also a historic structure of the olden day architecture by the great Antoni Gaudi. Its a 130+ year unfinished Roman catholic church which is still under construction.

Fun fact: do you know that it has the same number of years as the first story building in Nigeria?!
Even though we didnt go into the building, we had fun going round it and believe its a structure to stare and admire.

We took our time to see the wonders of the city and the world. In my life i never thought for once i’d feed a pigeon. Baba fed pigeon sha and even follow them run street small. Thats when i knew peace of mind could make you do the most basic stuff and see it as “Awesome” in oyinbo terminology.

The Cathedral of Barcelona:

We headed to cathedral of Barcelona, this is another of the cool sites and historical building in the moddle of the city. A building with 100+ years also. In the middle of the Catalonia. We decided to get a Tapas corner to get our dinner and start rounding up for the day. I wrote down some of the spanish cuisines in a jotter but unfortunately i misplaced it during my return i guess. So i can only describe what the food was and how it tasted.

Dear africans, its not always oil and pepper in food abeg. Sometimes get the real taste of the food and make sure its as traditional as possible.
Amongst the food there was this weird way the prepare Jalepeno with just sea salt. And it has yhis heavenly taste that you can eat a whole plate without knowing how. The tapas is a variety of spanish cuisines, i cant categorically state what the names of the food are but i know it was an experience. After the meal we had a cool of with Cuban ciga and prep to round up the day by takinn an uber back to the apartment.

Park Güell:

I think i saw the best city view of barcelona from the top of a mountain in Park Güell. And trust me, even if you re not a fan of landscape and nature that view will definately change your mind to love what you see.
I got to wink at an oyinbo cutie that we later met coincidentally at a club. Will discuss that later. The park is humongous and it has a top cliff that you can climb and see the whole of barcelona.

Port of Barcelona:

After our walk through of the park guell, we got an uber to the Port of Barcelona for our brunch. As soon as we alighted from the uber we were welcomed by a street artist who performed some cool spanish songs. A walk in the port is something that’ll also made me revisit the hustling section of my brain. I had to ask my self the question if i really want to be rich or just here to escort rich people. The number of privately owned yatch i saw in that port was something else. From the smallest to the biggest. Sha people hold money for this world. Even saw the one owned by the arsenal owner. We had some crepes for dinner and rounded the day up.

Club Jamboree:

Yes you heard it right!!! Club Jamboree is once in a life time kinda experience. Located at the city centre and different kinds of tourist attend it every weekend or day i cant really say. But i know the fun was much and i rock pesin daughter nyash no be small. THE AFRICAN WAY. What saved me and made me cool was my few dancing steps which a number of people admired including some africans or sha black people. What made it fun for me was i knew more than half the songs played by the DJ at the time and it made my dancing steps much more easier to do. The fact that i dont even like clubbing made me had that fun to the fullest. YOLO.

The girl in question which we met at the Park Guell was an amazing soul and it was just the world bringing two people together just like Adam and Eve. No conversation or anything we just glued to each other and danced for mins that looked like hours. I can vividly remember the cloth she wore that time and how our white shirts were glowing in the dark because of the luminous type lights in the club. She took my hand to go upstairs and have a smoke because we needed the break at the time. See Naija girls needs to learn work o. I’m good with conversations and the fact that we might not even meet each other again made it so much fun. We discussed alot and went back in after few cigas. My housemate was busy with another spanish girl that till this day i suspect she was the person who organised our jackets to be moved. MY £60 jacket was stolen in Barcelona ya’ll. Na me suppose steal jacket for there o. I’m not sure how they met but i knew she was the one that requested we drop our jackets under a table. I dont drink alcohol, but the mind of a drunk is not so kuch to trust because the moment she told me to bring mine i knew something was up as a naija boy. After the came back up from the break she acted that pur stuff have been moved or stolen. I didnt believe but i told her its fine. Pulled my housemate to the side and told him to Bleep the hell out of that girl, and if he cant do that, he should atleast tap me in so we can remove our jacket money from her. (just kidding).

We went back in with my new tourist friend and kept the mood going. For posterity sake i’ll not write that i went home with the said subject but we had fun and thats where my story will end.

The end:

We came back to london the next day and till now i have good memories to cherish for the rest of my life. Need to start planning for the next trip. And oh i only bought a pair of shoes and a sourvenir for my mama which said: “MAMA”.
Disguy justwise

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