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Assault from Boarding School 😭

1. Don Davis, the 11yr old student of Deeper Life High School, Akwa Ibom who was sexually assaulted by seniors while the school tried covering up. Glad the fighting spirit of his mother pushes on for justice.

2. Keren Akpagher, the 14 yr old student of Premier Academy,Lugbe Abuja who died of sepsis earlier this year. A used condom was found inside of her. Possibly raped severely by a staff (security or teacher) . She died before she could build up courage to mention names. The school stonewalled the investigation.

3. Sylvester Oromoni, the 12yr old student of Dowen College, Lagos who died from internal injuries sustained by torture from students for failing to join a cult.

These three innocent souls are our children. We must all join voices and support the parents to call for :

1. Criminal charges to be pressed against the schools and those identified as collaborators.

2. Thorough investigation leaving no stone unturned no matter how highly placed the parents of the erring wards are.

3. The establishment of a body under the supervision of the Federal ministry of education to monitor, supervise and evaluate activities of all private schools (boarding & day ) in Nigeria.

4. The expansion of Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC Nigeria) activities to oversee activities of private schools especially boarding facilities.

FCCPC can (amongst others);

– pay an impromptu visit to boarding schools to inspect the quality of food served (I remember the watery beans at FGC Idoani) and (the GGUSS. Oboroke’s watery akamu with chippings of overnight Amala as the same poorly washed pot is used for everything) .

– pay a visit to the hostels especially at night to see the students sleeping on bare floor, kneeling all night in the cold as punishment, bunk-shocking , dirty toilets, lack of drinking water (not to talk of bathing water) etc.

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