Success story of a Nigerian Blogger; How i earn dollars from Home


When I wanted to start blogging, the first blogs I read were foreign blogs.

I wanted to blog in such a way that I will make money in foreign currency.

You see when I started desiring to earn in foreign currency was when I saw how no matter how much Naira I had, the moment I changed it to dollars, the money will reduce.

Actually my desire for foreign currency started when one day Bishop Oyedepo announced

Any currency you want to be earning in, bring it to church let’s pray about it.

I took a dollar bill to church that day and prayed that I will start a business that pays dollars.

As at tha time, I never thought about blogging.

When I started desiring to work from home because I had little kids.

I prayed again and a read a book that turned me to blogging.


I realised that with 3kids under 4years, I didn’t have much time so I needed to a type of blogging that could replace my corporate work.

With Naira at 530 then per dollar.

I figured if I could flip the switch, my blogging will be meaningful.

I would not need to work so hard to meet my income goals.

My hard work will be directed to a specific goal of making sure that the time I spent blogging was yielding good results.

Well I started blogging and after a whole year of blogging. I made 65 dollars online

That was the sweetest money I ever made because I now knew that it was possible to make dollars in Nigeria abi.

So I continued to blog.


The day I knew something had changed was when I got a project from someone in Canada.

The guy hired me to work for him for one month and in that one month I made about 4 figures dollars.

The thing that made me know this was it was when I said to him, I cannot finish your project because my son was ill

He said Elizabeth take your time and attend to your son.

When you are ready come back. I was like, this is this what it means to work on your own terms.
You have people who trust your capabilities and are ready to wait for you.

My son got better, I finished my project and I thanked him

The most important lesson I learnt was that I could do this.

This my blog was no longer a joke or an excuse to sit at home.

My blogging style is different but it pays more.

When I write 1000 word post, I am paid 75 USD

To cap it all, I built a career out of my blog

Blogging can be done differently

It is your choice.

This is not a bragpost, it is to encourage anyone that wants to build a blog that earns in dollars

It is possible and doable.

I also salut everyone here that works hard on their blog.

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