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Freelancing is one of the forms of business in Nigeria that people are leveraging on for survival, in which freelance writing happens to be among them. We have people of design ID cards, fliers, and invitation cards, small or big poster, develop website, develop mobile app, and many more as a freelancer.

Are you a writer? Do you even know about writing as a freelancer? Do you even know you can make money via writing? Yes you can, being a freelance writer has to deal with the ability to construct a reputable content, most time a content that allow easy reading and you being able to pass across what the intention of the write-up is about without any stress on the side of reader.

 We have a lot of Nigerian that are into this particular business many writer contents for a website, many write content for mobile app use, and even for bloggers be it fashion, business, education, agriculture bloggers.

We will basically not be discussing how you can become a freelance writer on this article, our major task on this article is just to help know how you can become a good writer, and it is expedient that whatever is it you are doing you bring out the best, because whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well, asides being doing it well, this writing of a thing we have got a lot of people who are into this freelancer writing of a thing, which simply means that there will be a lot of people to compete with don’t be surprise if you write for someone and later discover that you are not being call for another write-up , don’t be surprise it is possible someone better than you has been found, I tell you the simple truth. You must be ready for competition and this is not to scare you but just to prepare you and make you stretch more, because you don’t know how much you can do until you are able to stretch.

We will be touching some few points on how you can be a very good writer.

  1. BUILDING A REPUTABLE BRAND. Yes, in any form of business this is one of the most important thing that must be in place, many failed in businesses not because of capital or customer but because of the absence of a quality brand, what is BRAND?  A name, usually a trademark, of a product or manufacturer, or the product identified by this name. It can also be called a signature, I tell you this is what has kept many business going and flourishing, this particular words may not be only for someone who is a writer but I tell you if there’s any business that desire to grow and last long, it is essential that you have a good brand.

Talking about building a brand as a writer, I tell you anybody can write anyone can easily plagiarize, and that’s has been the everyday thing for writers. How can you stand out of this, how can you make your writings exceptional

  • Don’t just write for writing sake; write because you know that what people want to read.
  • Writings should not be based on what you think but what people wants to read, because if you keep writing based on your thinking or feeling you will end up reading it yourself.
  • Let your write-ups be SEO friendly, that’s writing on things what people are searching most.
  • Avoid bulky write-ups, I tell you reading of large content is one of the problem we have in this part of world, that why the saying says if you want to keep a thing from a black man put it in a writing, he will never open it. So understand your environment, let your writings be short and contain what you’re trying to pass across
  • Endeavor to read and read your write-ups again and again to avoid typographical error.
  • Build an outstanding portfolio.
  • Build a reputable social image.
  1. CREATING A BUSINESS PLAN. Talking about business plan, this will do a very long way to help in making a waves in this business, don’t just take everything thing that comes your way, have a business plan on what you want and what you want to achieve. This business plan will help not to get stuck along the line; you don’t just take every write-up that comes your way to avoid disappointment that can also have effect on your brand. State what you want, how you intend to achieve them. 
  2. KEEP IMPROVING YOURSELF. If there’s anything that can help you stay relevant is to keep updating yourself, get yourself inform about the particular feed you have choose to always write about, if it is business, religion, way of life, agriculture, music, celebrities, sports etc. always find a way you can brush up your old ideas and come up with new ones, come up with unique ideas, and make your write-ups as easy to read as possible.

Final thought on how to be a good writer, you have to take this as a business and let it become part of you, if you only do this for the money you may easily loose out passion for this, do it with all pleasure so that you can bring out your best out it. And writing is not what you can do when you are not yourself or stressed up, you need to be calm and get yourself together. Best wishes.

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