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-Dr Pastor Paul Enenche
Day 5; Worship, Word and Wonders Night
Kingdom Power and Glory Word Conference 2021
A dimension of money is coming that is going to persecute the devil.
The absence of money is no longer going to stop Church planting.
The shortage of money is no longer going to stop Crusades.
Those who hate you with a passion, God is about to transfer their resources into your hands.
Anything that is yours, that anybody is trying to divert, Jehovah is overturning and overturning and overturning and it is coming back into your hands.

The Lord has shown repeatedly that a transfer of wealth and a control of wealth is hitting the Church like never before, for one reason.
Zechariah 1:17 – My Kingdom on earth shall explode on the wings of prosperity.
This is important to us, especially as we approach the climax of the ages. Throughout scriptures, we see wealth transfer.
Proverbs 13:22, Ecclesiastes 2:26 – That is there are people today who are gathering, who are heaping up for the sake of transfer.
-Before the year 2021 expires, somebody is stepping into a massive transfer.
-Before the year 2021 expires, the Church is stepping into massive wealth transfer, massive wealth control
Prayers: Father, I am ready for this transfer to happen now.
Pastors: get ready; Ministers: get ready; Ministries: get ready; Evangelistic Ministry: get ready; Prophetic, Pastoral, Teaching Ministries: get ready; non-Church based Ministries: get ready
Businessmen, businesswomen: get ready. There is something coming for the Church, there is something coming for the Body and it is coming very massively.
The financial area is not what I talk about most of the time, because I don’t want anybody to look at me and say, “that is one of those Pastors who are after people’s money or who preach money.” I don’t want the tag, “he is a money preacher”: NO. But when I hear it, I declare it with audacity, with authority.
-A dimension of money is coming that is going to persecute the devil; that is going to persecute the agenda of wickedness; that is going to make the Church to fly and to run on the wings.
The absence of money is no longer going to stop Church planting.
The shortage of money is no longer going to stop Crusades.
We have ran through the country this year from Port Harcourt to Makurdi, from Makurdi to Akure, from Akure all the way to Jalingo, to Asaba, Delta State to Lagos. Just crusades. I am sure you saw some of the clips this year and even before now.
Money did not come as an issue for any crusade. The only challenge we had was time to schedule the crusades. How we wished we had plenty time and then there will be crusades every week.
The only problem we had was time and offerings were not taken at the Crusade grounds.

(In) None of the crusades, we took offering; because we told the people we came for their souls, not for their money. We didn’t want anybody to say, “we came to their land and we took money.”
We are stepping into a higher dimension of that where resources…this was Bayelsa Church dedication that became like a crusade. We just came to dedicate the Church and the people outside became more. This became a crusade.

Prayers: I position my life for this transfer. I am available for this transfer. I make my life available for this transfer. I make myself available for this transfer, in the name of Jesus.
When I say wealth transfer and wealth control, there is a difference.

  1. Wealth transfer from Laban to Jacob: Genesis 31:7-9
    When God makes the servant richer than the master.

When God decides to make the tenant wealthier than the landlord, the property owner.
“God has taken away the cattle of your father and given them to me” – It is called wealth transfer.

  1. What happened to Joseph is called Wealth Control – Genesis 39:4-6
    That is called wealth control, “Take charge of everything that is here.” You know it is not possible for you to take charge of wealth without being impacted by that wealth. You don’t have to be fraudulent. You don’t have to be a thief, for somebody to say, “manage 100 billion Dollars for him.” Your salary may be up to a 100 million Dollars. That is for controlling that size of wealth.
    That is help me control this size of wealth, so that you are not tempted to steal, he will sufficiently stabilize you.
  2. Our third example of wealth control was Joseph administering the whole of the wealth of Egypt.
    Genesis 41:39-44
    “Take charge”- that is control the wealth of this Nation. Take charge of it. You are to administer the wealth and tell us what to do.
    -There are people seated here, very soon Nations will begin to call you.
    And I am not telling you theory, I am telling you what will happen from this night, because there are billionaires in this world who are using their billions to sponsor satanic agenda, satanic bloodshed agenda. The anti-christ agenda we are seeing today and all these terrible noises they are making, closing the nations, they are sponsored by satanic billionaires. Terrorism is being sponsored by demonic billionaires, billionaires of the bond woman.
    We are trusting the Lord for billionaires in the Church to rise, that will push the gospel to ends of the earth and some of them are seated here right now.
    One day, somebody called one of my people and he said, “someone sent him to me.” I said, “I am no longer in the Church.” He said, “please can we see you at home.”
    I said: No. Home is not where people (see me). If I allow people to see me at home, then I won’t have no rest. No place of rest, no rest in Church, no rest at home.
    He insisted and gave me a message from somebody I had never met. He said, the person said I should give you this, just pray for him. I opened it, a draft: many, many zeros.
    “Can I call him?” I spoke with him and prophesied over his life and from then I have been prophesying over his life.
    That man today is a commander and a controller of nations’ wealth. He bought 2 aircrafts at once for mining, that can locate any mineral in the earth from up: here there is gold, here there is uranium. He said, when he bought it, the people who were selling it wanted to know if it was a black man who was buying it, because they had not sold such to any black man.
    The last time we spoke, he said, Presidents of countries will call him and say, “Where should we meet? We have gold in our country, can you take it over and mine it for us?”
    I spoke to him, “I said, get ready for South America and the Caribbeans because there is work for you there.”

He said, “3 Presidents there are already calling me.” Born again, solid, tongue talking.
They said, “we can trust you.” That is what they told him.

-There are Josephs that God is raising over nations and many of them are seated here and watching online right now.
Prayers: Father, I am available to be positioned in this end time transfer of wealth.

  1. The 4th example of wealth transfer was from the Egyptians to the Israelites
    Exodus 3:21, Exodus 11:3, Exodus 12:36
    -I prophesy to someone here today, the kind of favour that is going to give you unusual resources is coming your way.
    You heard Pastor giving a testimony in the morning, he was asked to come and dedicate an estate; finished dedicating the estate and on his way going. The estate overseer said, “excuse me, the Lord just spoke to me that the estate you just dedicated I should give it to you.” Not bicycle. “God just spoke to me that I should give it to you.”
    -That’s the kind of favour we are talking about in this season. It is coming for somebody here right now.
  2. Transfer from Haman to Mordecai
    Many of us do not know that it was not only the pit that Haman dug for Mordecai, that he inherited. There was an absolute transfer. Whatever Haman planned for Mordecai, he inherited it and what was Haman’s Mordecai inherited.
    Esther 8:1-2
    As Haman inherited the death he was given to Mordecai, Mordecai inherited Haman’s authority and it didn’t stop there.

Haman’s authority, prosperity was transferred to Mordecai.
-Those who hate you with a passion, God is about to transfer their resources into your hands. He is about to transfer their influence, transfer their favour. I don’t know if anybody is receiving the prophetic Word here.
-Those who wish you dead, who don’t think you have the right to live, who don’t think you have a reason to exist, who wish you disaster, in this season, Jehovah God is transferring their influence, their power, their authority.
That is the kind of transfer that is about to happen. He that diggeth a pit shall fall inside.

  1. From the kings of the earth to Solomon
    The kings of the earth released their resources, it travelled in the direction of Solomon
    1 Kings 10:23-25
    Have you seen where kings are deliberately enriching a king that is already rich? The man didn’t need money, yet they were transferring their money to him
    1 Kings 10:14 – Other people went to gold, gold came to Solomon. Gold travelled, gold walked, gold had feet, gold became a person and came to Solomon.
    -Is there someone who is ready to take this prophetic Word?
    -What others are looking for shall begin to locate you in this season.
    All I am asking is for God to open your eyes to what I see. Before I came into the Service this evening, I saw in the realm of revelation like Limousines and those kinds of things being given as gifts.
    I believe that it is far more than the physical vehicle. I believe that things that are valuable and treasurable, what other people consider the top of the range kind of things are being re-directed and handed to somebody.
    Prayers: Father I collect what is mine. I receive it, I take delivery of all that is mine. This transfer that God is talking about, I receive the transfer.
    Something is coming, something is flowing, something is being released.
    Father, let it be, in the name of Jesus.
    Who are the kind of people that are qualified for wealth transfer and wealth control?
    What conditions should we meet, what qualifications should we possess?
  2. The God first mentality – When it is God first, when it is Kingdom first.
    Matthew 6:33
    When God is first, God is last and everything in between in your life, then you are set for the massive transfer. When God moves you more than things. When God is more important to you than gold, then things will look for you.
    The God first mentality.
  3. Vision for supernatural supply – Until man can see it, God can’t give it. Vision for massive wealth transfer.
    Genesis 13:14
    If you can’t see it, God can’t give it – Ephesians 3:20
    Joseph did not arrive at the future by accident. Joseph arrived by vision, he saw where he was going. Please beloved brothers and sisters, expand your vision, expand your mentality, expand the way you think.
    Begin to think in terms of nations and territories, commanding realms of influences. Begin to think in those terms.
    One of the young men came and said I should dedicate for him, 2 ships, 2 vessels, big ships. I said, “let’s go. I will come and dedicate it for you.” Because he was meant to get a supply, a multi-billion contract or something and some powerful, influential people in the Nation wanted to divert.
    I told him, I said, that thing will not be given to the wrong…the contract will not work until the right thing is done. So it hung for 5 years. This one: wants to take it, it couldn’t go. That one: wants to take it, it couldn’t go. Including powerful people who had been number 1 before. It couldn’t move. After 5 years, they rotated back and called him back.
    “I will overturn, overturn until it comes to the hand of who it is and I will give it to him” – Ezekiel 21:27
    It came back to his hand, job was given and then it required him buying 2 ships to function. He went to the bank, top bank manager said, “you want to come and borrow money from here? Where do you worship? Who is your pastor?” He said: Dunamis.
    Bank manager: “I go to Dunamis too, we don’t believe in such borrowing. Call the Pastor, let him pray for you.”
    Long story made short, after he bought the 2 vessels, he said I should come and dedicate it, I think in the port in Warri or so.
    I said: How did it go? Who assisted you with the money?
    He said: Not a dime from no bank. Money came that is his legitimate money and he bought 2 vessels. Not 2 bicycles.
    -Anything that is yours, that anybody is trying to divert, Jehovah is overturning and overturning and overturning and it is coming back into your hands.

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  1. To my understanding offering is offering whether collected publicly or privately. And to the best of my knowledge people sow seeds into soul winning projects such as crusades privately more than publicly. My submission therefore is that we should always appreciate God for the seeds sown in private towards such and for the ones sown publicly shouldn’t be considered sinful either. Most young crusaders who do not have partners that sow privately should not be looked down on. The God of harvest determines how to chanel the blessings.

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