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Sure Mercies of David

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– Pastor E. A. Adeboye at RCCG Thanksgiving Sunday Service. ‘The Sure Mercies of David’

– Pray for all traditional rulers
– Pray for all fathers, young and old including intending fathers that the Almighty God will still every storm in their homes. Pray that God will be the controller of everything in their homes.
– Cry to God for yourself and say Father, let this month be very successful for me.

Isaiah 55:3

Sure Mercies of David, three crucial words, Sure, Mercies and David

What is mercy?
Mercy is a word that has so many other words that can be associated with it, grace, companion, kindness and several other good words. In the language of the market woman mercy is what gets you what you don’t deserve.

Every good thing that you want that you don’t even deserve, may the mercy of God
give you today

– Mark 10:46-52, Bartimaeus begged for mercy.
– Matthew 15:21-28, A woman came to Jesus Christ and said helped me, she asked for mercy and she got what she wanted
– Mark 1:40-45, the Bible tells us a leper came to Jesus and fell on his feet and said I know you can heal me if you want to, Jesus was moved by companion.
When God decides to show mercy, He will break all rules. In the olden days, a priest must not touch a leper but Jesus who made the rule broke the rule to have mercy on a leper.
Every rule that God must break today in other to get your miracle, may you get it through the mercy of God.

God can say the earth is mine and the fullness thereof, He is speaking the truth because He created everything but when He wants to tell you how rich He is, He will say I am rich in mercy.
Ephesians 2:4-6

What does Sure mean?
It means certain, settled, unchangeable, fixed. When God wants to describe how sure His mercy towards David is, He talks about it as a covenant.

When two elders enter into a covenant, if you break the covenant, you die. If you break a covenant, you insult the earth. When God was talking about His promises to David, He said in Jeremiah 33:20-21, that if it is possible to break my covenant between day and night, then, can you break my covenant with David. The covenant of David is sure.

How come God is talking about Sure Mercies of David? Not all mercies are sure because somebody can get mercy from God and loose it.

1 Samuel 10:1-24, Saul was made a king, how could he become a king when he said in 1 Samuel 9, my tribe is the smallest tribe in Israel, my family is the smallest family in our tribe and you come and pick somebody from the smallest tribe in the smallest family, it can it be God’s Mercy.

There might be one or two people here today who are sure beyond all doubts that it is the mercy of God that has made you who you are.

There are three ways of doing things
1. The good way
2. The bad way
3. God’s way

God is the Almighty, He does as He pleases , nobody can argue with him and if He decided to show mercy to someone, nobody can query Him.

Years ago when I was a young christian, I was trying to query God, how can you make Solomon King? The father was an adulterer the mother was an adulteress of the worst type, the one that led to the death of her husband. You combined this two, You produced somebody and You made that fellow king? God said, ‘by the way, your mother, is she the first wife of your Father? How come I bypassed the first wife and went to the second wife and chose you’? I said no more questions

Is there anybody here today that knows that but for the mercy of God you won’t be where you are today? Shout Hallelujah.

God took Saul, from an unknown family from a tribe that is the least and made him King by the time you get to 1 Samuel 15:1-23, this King disobeyed God and God took away the Kingdom. His fault was not obeying God completely.

David was also a nobody, 1 Sameul 16:1-13, God went to the house of Jesse and took a king. David was such a nobody that the father did not present him but God chose him.
2 Samuel 11, David committed adultery, killed the husband of the woman, pretended to be a good king. God looked down from heaven and sent a messenger to him in 2 Samuel 12:1-25 to tell him a story, David said whoever did this should be killed and the messenger said to him you are the one. The man of God said you have sinned but you will be forgiven, you will pay for it but you are not going to die. So you see there are mercies and there are sure mercies.
I studied David a little bit, what is so special about David that God could forgive David? That God could say as long as there is day after night somebody will always be on that Throne. Whether you believe it or not there is still somebody sitting on that Throne, Jesus Christ.

What is so peculiar about David?

1. When David repented, His repentance was genuine. When he repented, he was truly sorry, Psalms 51. He wasn’t a pretender, you can’t deceive God, He knows if you are sorry. In the case of Saul in 1 Samuel 12:24-30, when the Man of God told him that he had sinned, he said I know man of God, don’t disgrace me before these people. The elders will tell you, it’s only a goat who will hear of the day of his death and he will still be eating grass. The one before was a goat, David was a sheep

2. David was humble, 2 Samuel 6:14-16, when David praised God, there is no member in his Kingdom who could dance better. He danced before the Almighty God because he was humble and the Bible says God give grace to the humble. The word grace is another word for mercy.

3. He was grateful, he knows how to show appreciation. He knew where he was coming from and did not forget the one who made him great.
2 Samuel 6:20-22, when he got home after the dance, the wife said why are you dancing like a commoner and David said I was dancing before God who took the Kingdom from your father and gave it to me. Is there anyone here who will keep on dancing for the rest of your life?

4. David was a soul winner, a witness, a testifier.
Psalm 89:1
Psalm 34:1-3
He refused to shut his mouth.

5. He was dedicated to God 100 per cent. He said I will build a house of God and God took note and sent his servant to him and said you can’t build a house for me but I will give it to your son. David said no problem , son you will build the house but not a Kobo will come from you.
1 Chronicles 22:14
Acts 13:21-23, God said I have found a man after my own heart who will do 100 per cent of my will. When God finds someone who is always making Him happy and he makes a mistake, God forgives.

This boy who said I will bless the Name of the Lord forever, His praise will continually be in my heart, God said my mercy for you will be sure.
Psalm 27:4, David said I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
Psalm 23:6

In the Name that is above every other name, I have the authority to declare to someone that for the rest of your life, you will enjoy sure mercies. But that is only for those who are genuinely committed to God so if you have been pretending to be a Christian, you have heard this morning, there are two kinds of Mercies, it is the mercy of God that you have not been consumed but will that mercy be sure, will it last forever? The choice is yours, if you want to surrender your life to Jesus Christ, the Altar is open, come so that you too can enjoy the sure mercies of David.
The rest of us who have already been saved let us intercede for them.

Bartimaeus cried for mercy and his darkness was changed to light. That woman whose daughter was possessed by demons cried to God and the devil left her family alone. That leper who was completely incurable, cried to God for mercy and God reversed the irreversible for him.

– I want you to cry to God with all your heart and say Almighty God please have mercy on me.


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