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I’ve always seen her as a younger sis, because she was a close friend to my immediate younger sister… She always referred to me as “boda John” 😂😂 well, all that changed about two years plus ago. Brethren, here’s part of the gist o. 😅 I had just made a …

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(Your Crush and your marital choice) She called me and began to lament of having a crush on a particular brother. This guy was a close friend so it was a little difficult for her. Being a lady, she never wanted to look desperate; she’s been trying to contain the …

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Why a Christian cannot marry a non-Christian?

The first reason why believers cannot marry unbelievers is that the Bible forbids it. There are two primary New Testament texts that speak to the issue of marriage between a believer and an unbeliever. In his first letter to the Corinthian church, Paul says, after a detailed discussion of marriage …

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5 Things you should do during NYSC service

As a Nigerian youth, we all know after the successful completion of the academic program, the next thing is NYSC, National Youth Service Corp, a program where you are given the opportunity to serve your nation Nigeria, this platform gives you so many opportunity to serve the country at various …

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9 TYPES OF WIVES (Ladies where do you belong?)

1. BOXING WIVESThese are the type of wives that fight with their husbands deliberately just to provoke him to anger… These kind of women are ready to fight with the husband mostly in the public area to create a scene. 2. HEADMASTER WIVESThese are the wives that are well paid …

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11 Important To-do list for men before Marriage

Advice I Would Give Unmarried Males Before They Enter Into Marriage. It seems Females get so many advices while the Males get little or Wrong Advices. 1. Ensure you are looking for a wife to marry; not a slave to do your labour; a househelp to clean,cook and do laundry …

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