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Who is Apostle Joshua Selman Spiritual Father?

Who is Apostle Joshua Selman Spiritual Father? This is a question that many people have been asking, seeing the remarkable level of exploits and impact Apostle Selman is commanding across the world and in Nigeria particularly, everyone is wondering, what manner of Grace is this, who mentored and pastored this …

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Founder,Eternity Network International (ENI)Host,KOINONIA We celebrate the Hand of God upon your life and ministry. We celebrate God for how far He has brought you and what He is doing through you. We celebrate your consistency by Grace and appreciate your sound sermons. We acknowledge the anointing over your life …

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Is Apostle Joshua Selman Married?

So many people have been asking this question, Is Apostle selman married? Who is the lucky wife or wife-to-be? Well, i will give you the latest information we had about Apostle’s Wedding last year (2020), According to Church gist; APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN TO GET MARRIED IN 2020 God’s servant and …

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