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Understanding the Chemistry and sexuality of a woman

There’s always a time in a woman’s life where her cravings for sex, sugary things, meats and other funny things are high expecially during ovulation. This is when she is most vulnerable.At this point your hormones keep raging, conniving with themselves and with one another to oppress her or to …

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What they told me about Marriage before my wedding

Before we got wedded, we went through series of Counselling. By that, i got to realize ‘marriage’ in itself is beautiful but not easy. The only thing that bordered me a lot was the fact that everyone kept on saying “marriage is patience, you have to be patient and endure …

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UNDERSTANDING YOUR WOMAN!!! By Dr. Mrs. Becky Enenche Many men make the mistake of wanting their wives/women to be like them, forgetting they were not created with the same raw materials. A man was formed from the dust but a woman was made from bone, hence we cannot behave or …

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HOW TO MANAGE YOUR HOME by Pastor Faith Oyedepo

Previously, I showed you the duties of the husband in managing the home. Today, we will focus on what God has to say about the woman in relation to home management. As you plug into this truth, God’s purpose for your home will be accomplished in Jesus mighty name! The …

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