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Pleasing God in your Relationship

Let me talk to some special people tonight.Over time I have heard the “saying” if two believing persons who are in a relationship fall into ‘sin’ they can make amends with God and set their part straight as long as they repent of that sin.You might not agree with this …

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Define Your Relationship – Apostle Joshua Selman

One of the number 1 killer of marriage and relationship is NO COMMUNICATION!No matter how bad issues are, TALK, TALK.“Ready made relationship does not exist”Whenever you enter a relationship, see yourself as two farmers holding a hoe together and you’re going to the farm to go and plot the land.When …

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What God cannot Do doesn’t Exist

A Must Read…👇🏽 I was married for 22years without a child I could call my own. I got married February 13, 1999 in Osun State, like every other woman after Marriage, expecting to get pregnant and have children, but my own case was different. Sometimes due to frustration I would …

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Sequel to our conversation last week, we will be discussing what men want.Ephesians 5:22 RESPECTContrary to popular belief, respect is more important to men than sex, money, food etc. This has less to do with being African and more to do with the wiring of men. Men want to feel …

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