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1🐓 Lack of Technical Know-how It is regrettable that many people and organizations have ventured into poultry farming without technical knowledge. Knowledge of poultry farming techniques are required before anyone can operate the business profitably. 2🐓 Management Problem. An incompetent management may not be able to operate a profitable poultry …

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How to Start Quail Bird Farming

Quail farming is not very common business in this part of the world, and yet to gain much attention in the class of poultry bird like layers and boilers. Quail birds are aves, the absence of popularity of this particular poultry bird a very good business deal to invest your …

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How to Start a Fish Farm in India

Fish farming is practiced all around the world and has been making a lot of profits for fish farmers and investors. What make fish farming in India unique are the high population and the high demands of fish in the country. Fish farming in India is a multibillion dollar business. …

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Rabbit Urine the New Liquid Gold for Nigerian Farmers

The National Agricultural Land Development Authority has said that it has harvested over 30,000 litres of rabbit urine and 1,000 kilograms of rabbit droppings for fertilizer production in the country. Farmers using rabbit urine in the production save on pesticide and fertilizer costs as the liquid offer major nutrients required …

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stop using antibiotics in healthy animals and birds. Currently in Nigeria have disease calling “INFECTION”.!!!And the nurse goes ahead to give you a mixture of drugs that will help on the ” infection”.But what should be done is to first do proper laboratory examination to identity which particular bacteria caused …

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How to take care of Pigs (Step by Step Guide)

If there is one beautiful thing about livestock farming, it is the fact that you can venture into them without any pro knowledge. We will agree with me that pig farming or piggery business is one of the most lucrative business in the agricultural field, but i tell you as …

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