– Bishop David Abioye at Shiloh 2021
Day Three, Hour of Visitation.

If you check all through the whole scriptures, teaching priests have always been in the system of God. When He brought Israel out of Egypt, He appointed the Levites (the Priests). There are 12 tribes of Israel and God decided to appoint one tribe to be His teachers for His people. That is, 1 teacher to 12 persons in ratio. That shows to you how important the ministry of the teaching priests are to His people.

He gave them law in Exodus, expanded it in Deuteronomy, gave more details in the Leviticus (the book the Levites are to use to instruct His people). So we have God, the law and the priest. It is the priests that connect God to His people through the laws. Essentially the duties of priests is through food. One is to pray, to intercede and stand in the gap. They represent the people before God.

The second assignment they have is to represent God to the people, to teach people about God and about the things of God.
2 Chronicles 15:3-6
Anyone who takes your priest away has programmed you for punishment.

Darkness prevails where teachers don’t avail. Availability of teachers of the Word of God is the cure to the darkness of God’s people. Teaching priests are light bearers to the Body of Christ. They are agents of enlightenment and illumination.


Nehemiah 8:8-10
The teaching priests are agents of stirring joy in people.
Ephesians 3:3, 8-9
At Shiloh 2021, that’s what God has been doing for us. He’s been opening our eyes and before Shiloh 2021 comes to an end, you eyes will be more opened!

Without teachers, believers are doomed. They will remain in captivity (Hosea 4:6). In the New Testament, we discovered in Acts 6:4, the ministry of teachers. They pray on the behalf of God’s people and minister the Word to the people to show them who God is.

Today therefore in the Body of Christ, Ephesians 4:11-13 represents what the assignment of ministers of the Gospel should be towards His people, the Church.

The fivefold ministry in the church today constitute the team of teaching priests in the Body of Christ (Ephesians 4:11-13). The purpose of this teaching therefore is to make each of us as believers to place value on the the Word of God that is been taught by teaching priests.

1. They are eye openers. The Holy Spirit open our eyes to revelation through the ministry of our teachers. Even in the worldly system, especially in nations of good standards, teachers are about the most valued people because they open people’s eyes, they provide wings for people to fly.

They help us to see that all things are possible. Someday, a highly placed Ethiopian was returning from Jerusalem for worship (Acts 8:26-35). He was reading the book of Esaias on his chariot. Meanwhile, the Lord told Philip, go down to that place, near the man and join thyself to his chariot.

You may be a reader and be poor in understanding. Reading does not equal understanding. So teachers are our guides and our eye openers. That is what God has been doing to us in Shiloh here, our eyes have been opening and we shall have yet our eyes more opened. Somebody came to Shiloh, you never imagined that you can be free from poverty, suddenly your eyes opened.

That is the story of a man who came to church sometimes ago. He was so sick, his weight has dropped from 90 to 60. When he came to town, he said, “Let me visit some of my town people so that in case I die, I will have people to bury me”. After meeting with them, he said, “let me go to the Church somewhere” and he came to church, good enough, we were having three days program. The first day according to him, he heard me said, “you are not a chicken meant for pepper soup”. He adjusted himself. Second day, he heard another one, he adjusted himself. Third day, he heard another one. Upon hearing that, he said, “satan, ntor, my eyes don open. You can’t kill me again” and gradually from the eye opening, his weight grew back from 60 to normal.
– I decree that from today, your eyes will remain open!


Isaiah 30:20-21
Take away teachers, you will suffer adversity. Take away teachers, affliction will multiple. They are God’s agent for terminating our adversities and afflictions. Those who have teachers don’t miss their steps. They are the voices of God through their teachings.

We have different categories of believers; babes (who don’t know the difference between their right and left hands), toddlers (who cheaply can become prey to the devil), children (who are tossed here are there – Ephesians 4:14). So, we need teachers who will reach out to us with what they have heard from the word so they can easily communicate to us the mind of God.

Lack of value for your teacher will keep you in affliction and adversity. I don’t joke with my teachers, beginning with my father here. I listen every time at every opportunity; talking on telephone, I’m writing down what he is saying.

Being in service, my eyes and ears are opened. That’s why you see me where I am today, well taken care of because of the teaching priests.

2. They are light bearers.
Matthew 10:8
It is in the light of our teachers that we see light (Psalm 36:9). God gave light to Bishop Oyedepo and to the glory of God, see the effect of it on all of us (Isaiah 9:8). By application, the Lord sent light to Oyedepo and it has lighted the Winners family and beyond. How? He is a teacher, teaching us, showing to us, bearing the light and the light shines in darkness and darkness cannot comprehend it.

2 Corinthians 4:4
Satan uses darkness to blind people’s eyes. Teaching priests are light bearers, that’s why the more the intensity of the teaching, the greater the level of liberation people enjoy.

Paul kept teaching in a place for three years, bandages were getting loosed to a point that handkerchiefs and aprons from his body were healing the sick and casting out devils (Acts 19-12)

A young man shared a testimony, came to church with bathroom slippers, had no room to sleep. He was sleeping on bench that could not even take his own body and under a staircase. By the time he was sharing his testimony, he said, “now I have my duplex, I’m still planning to build another one”. Somebody came to church, according to his testimony, he borrowed money to travel from Jos to Kaduna – poverty, too much on him. He came to church and he heard the Word and started his business with about N10,000.

Today, his business runs in billions. These are strange things but when light comes, you will arise and shine and the glory of the Lord will be risen upon you. Through our teaching priests, darkness that covers our faces are destroyed and then we begin to shine.
– You will shine more!

Galatians 1:11-12
Up till yesterday, we heard God’s servant said, “I didn’t copy these things from anywhere. I heard God spoke to me these things, by revelation” and as he began to communicate those revelations to us, we began to enjoy the liberty of the Lord.

3. They interpret the Word
Acts 20:32
Coming to Shiloh is not religion – loaded with the Word. As you are recovering from one, another one is coming your way. So that by any means your dignity may be restored.
– From Shiloh 2021, your dignity shall be fully restored!

Job 33:21-25
We’ve heard testimonies, somebody lost his four main organs but through interpretation of scripture, you cannot die anyhow. His body jacked up back to life. Two days ago, we heard testimony of another person whose kidney was failing.

The professor said, “I can’t understand”. But through the Word of God, he said, I began to tell myself, “my father told me that I will not die.” He got his freedom.

4.. They are feeders. The feed us with knowledge to develop our spiritual muscles so as to dominate our world (John 21:15-17, Jeremiah 3:15-16). When our teaching priests come, the Ark has come. In the Ark we have the manna. They bring the manna down to us so we don’t need to look for the ark anymore. They feed us, remember when they ate the manna in the wilderness, none of them was feeble. They didn’t die anyhow (Psalm 105:37). So they feed us to be strong, to take full charge.

They deliver the rod to you to rule in the midst of your enemies (Psalm 110:1-2, Exodus 4:17, Micah 7:14).

Our teachers feed us with the Word to strengthen us so we can dominate our world. That’s why an average Winner, anywhere he goes, “they say he must be a Winner. No, wonder he is a strange person.” How? We are feeding on the rod of the Word of God.

5. They are sent to bring us to the same level of faith in their walk with God (Ephesians 4:11-14). God’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo has said once and again, “Anybody that thinks when I leave here, I’m dead is wasting his time. I have planted myself in several people. I have reproduced several people with scary faith who take territories for God.” Anywhere I go for instance, people see Oyedepo inside me. Why? Through teachings. I’m so loaded. I carry the man inside me practically, literally.

When I speak, they listen to me the way they listened to him and that’s what has happened to many of us seated here. Through teachings, you have received the same level of faith.
– As you go from here, no devil will intimidate you again!

1. Always pray that you ears will be opened to what they are teaching. Either when you go to church or read their materials or listen to the teachings that are recorded. (Isaiah 30:21).

We’ve heard God’s servant shared his testimony over and over again through the books he read. We heard our last teacher said, he took the book on breaking financial hardships and prayerfully for seven days, to read and suddenly, something opened. Always pray for eye opening and ear opening.

Many people go to church empty and they return empty. When you pray for a service, you’ll find God placing the Word in the mouth of the teacher that has to do with you.

2. Crave to receive the Word. Let there be hunger inside you (Luke 5:1, Nehemiah 8:1, Acts 8:31). Those who crave for light in increasing dimensions often end as more than conquerors as in the case of Daniel.

Even if you are a teacher, you need a teacher. Daniel was a teacher but he needed a teacher (Daniel 9:2, 2 Timothy 4:13).
– Increasing dimensions, more than a conqueror. That will be your story from now!

Acts 2:42-46, Acts 5:42, Luke 23:4-5, John ,10:30
When you have a teacher or teaching priests who are communicating to you, you’ll become unstoppable.
– I see you from now becoming unstoppable!

3. Respond with humility to their scripturally based corrections and instructions (2 Chronicles 15:8). You are hearing corrections on how you are dealing with your wife and there you are telling your wife, “that’s Bishop Oyedepo, not me. You will see something again when we get back home today. Nobody can rule my house for me.” Sometimes, they correct us, they instruct us.

4. Continue steadfastly in the application of the teachings received from them (Acts 2:42-43, Luke 8:46)

I believe that from now, everyone of us will continue to enjoy the ministry of the teaching priests!


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