– Bishop David Oyedepo at CHoP


*God doesn’t test us so we can fail, He tests us so we can change class.
*You are changing class.
*The Year 2022 is a Year you have never seen, I have never seen, but I have an assurance that it shall be a Year of the crown of life for every single Winner worldwide

Hallelujah, thank You Jesus.
🎶🎶All the glory must be to the Lord. For He is worthy of our praise. No man on earth should give glory to Himself. All the glory must be to the Lord 🎶🎶
The last Covenant Hour of Prayer in the Year 2021: give the Lord another big hand of praise.
-You will see the last one in 2022.
-No one under the sound of my voice today, anywhere in the world, will be missing on the last Covenant Hour of Prayer of 2022.
-You will not only be at the meeting or online, you will remain on fire for God.
-No one’s love for God will go down.
-No one will suffer spiritual burnout.
-Everyone of us will finish strong.
-You shall finish strong.
That is why we say, “All the glory must be to the Lord”; nobody kept himself, we are kept by the power of God. He neither sleeps nor slumber, to keep watch over us – Psalm 121:3
We slept, we awoke because He sustained us – Psalm 3:5
This is the last day of the year. Here you are from the 1st day to the last day of the year.
-You will also be there the last day of the year next year, in your multiplied state, in your beautified state, in your glorious state in the name of Jesus.

Prayers: For these multiple graces at work in your life and my life, give God thanks from the depth of your heart. Glory to Jesus. Thank You Lord, in Jesus precious name we have given thanks.

Lord Jesus, one more time, thank You for being who You are to us. Take all the glory, take all the praise. Thank You for Your good hand upon everyone of us, both as individuals and as a Church. Take all the praise, receive all the glory in the name of Jesus Christ.

What are you still talking about the end, with just a few hours to go? At the end it shall speak.
So find out where His Word has spoken, look back and count how many Turnaround escapes you have enjoyed.

There are many of them you and I will never know because we never knew the battle we were fighting. Yet you kept winning. God never lies. Behind our complain and murmuring is lack of trust in God.
“Am I sure You can handle my life?”
“Am I sure You are up to what You say?” But that has ended in many lives right now, including your life in Jesus precious name.

At the end it shall speak. Abraham hoped against hope that he might become the father of nations as it was spoken – Romans 4:18
He was just on his feet, unshakable, unmoveable, always abounding in his obedience to God.
Romans 4:19-21
Then the promise came: full blast fulfilled. What an awesome God we serve. If you won’t stop holding on, God won’t turn His back. If you keep holding on to the truth, God will end up confirming it in your life.

Everyone must wake up to pass the test of patience, to see God’s agenda fully delivered in their lives. We must wake up. We are writing the test of patience in every area of our lives. You fail that test, you repeat the class.
You fail again, you repeat and if you keep failing, He turns His back: this one is not serious, he doesn’t know where he is going.
-That will not be you!!!


It came to pass after all these things that God did test Abraham – Genesis 22:1
We are writing test whether we know it or not. You don’t change class without passing the prescribed test. We are writing test; this test has no timetable. You know when you are writing exams that you don’t have the timetable, it is quite a task. You are offering maybe 12 courses and you don’t know which one is coming today. You will just start scanning all of them and you may even leave behind the one that you are going to write. That is the kind of test we are writing: It is not organized test. It is anyhow test.
That test Abraham wrote was in a dream. So you must be test ready for a change of class.
Therefore don’t be weary in doing what God says, you shall reap in due season only if you faint not – Galatians 6:9

We saw Joseph had to pass the test of endurance with a heart of gratitude at all points and you see what dimension of altitude he arrived at: ever charming, ever rejoicing, ever excited as a slave in a season of misfortune.
Genesis 39:3
God was with him because he was a joyful soul:
“Thank God they did not conclude to kill me. I thank You God for another chance to be alive. I count myself not belonging to that family anymore because they have already killed me.”
He got to the Prison, it is better than being in the grave: “I thank You God.”
He came out of the Prison, straight to the Palace. He passed the endurance test.
James 1:12-14
You love Him: that does not exclude you from test. If you love your children so much that you keep them away from writing test, you know the meaning? You have a bunch of illiterates that don’t know the difference between the right and the left hand.
“You say your exams is starting today! Don’t go, I don’t want to be anxious, stay with me.” Even if you are the proprietor of the School, you can’t set your own entrance exam into secondary school for your child that I will not allow her to go for test because I don’t want her to be tested. She yet needs some soft approach.”
He shall receive a crown of life that belongs to those who endure and prevail over temptations – James 1:12
Very important
James 1:14 – “God I must have this thing. I don’t care what is happening in heaven. I must have this thing and I must have it now.” Lust has carried him away.
What must he have? “I must have that building before this year is over” and God saw that the building will collapse on your head and He tempts no man with evil, “I wished you know why that building is not coming up now.”
But you don’t know, drawn away by your lust: ‘Must’!! I won’t serve You again.
He is been carried away of his own lust. God cannot mismanage your life. Just keep walking with Him.

I want to show you something this morning that will help your life. All the prophetic pillars of this Commission, there was none that was pursued. None. There was none that we had to pursue to see it fulfilled. We were busy pursuing after God and He kept fulfilling His agenda phase after phase. Interesting God.
I can’t remember praying, “O God, You said You will send us to foreign nations.” It is not my agenda, it is His agenda.
The pursuit of prophecies can kill anybody, pursue after God, then goodness and mercy will be pursuing after you. That is what He does.
I can’t remember praying, “O God, You said You will build a 50,000…” He didn’t tell You He forgot. Whatever He tells You to do, keep doing it. He cannot deny Himself, when you are due, you will not be denied.
Our times are in His hand, not in our hands. Come on now, your time are in His hand, my time are in His hand, not in our hands – Psalm 31:15
I trust Him, He cannot mismanage my life. Can I hear you say that, “I trust Him, He cannot mismanage my life.” I trust Him, He can never mismanage my life.
I said to God, “wherever You will take me to that Your hand cannot reach me, don’t take me there. Don’t. I don’t want. Whatever blessings of Yours that will disconnect me from You, I don’t want. Hold it.”
Lust is a risk, it can get anybody to turn his back on God at any time.
You want two, you have one: Give thanks.
You want two, you have not seen any: Give thanks.
The only way to see it is to keep pursuing after God with all your heart.

1977, I heard this Word from the Lord through the book of A.W Tozer: The Pursuit of God. He quoted that scripture in Psalm chapter 63 verse 8, “my soul followeth hard after thee O God and thy right hand upholds me.”
Psalm 63:8
The Lord said to me, “My son, the harder you follow Me, the higher you fly.” 1977, like yesterday. The harder! People take things so casual. Now you have only one end of the year. Some people will not go anywhere today, just sit down. They will sit in front of NTA, that is where they want to get direction for the new year. They sit in front of CNN who said, “they will all die.” You have left good news to go for bad news.
“God what have you in store for me?”
Any serious person should even camp with God on a day like this: Lord, I don’t want to miss my steps in 2022, show me the way forward Jesus. These are my aspirations, are they in line with Your agenda?
On a day like this, yet somebody will just be playing around through out the day.
He will say, “In fact, I am very tired. I want to see somebody in Somolu and another one in Bariga. Then I will cross over to Ajah, then come down to Abule Egba. My schedule is very tight today.” He is playing with one whole year Sir. One whole year ahead, he is playing.
Nobody under heaven can come to visit me on a day like this. To do what?
One, you can’t see me because I want to see Him (God). When I saw the danger of wrong association on one end of the year like this, I was on the mountain praying for God to disconnect me from anyone going backward, to make my ears deaf to things that do not edify, blind my eyes to things that do not build up. The only prayer I prayed and God did it.
My idea is (to) make a project of today. Don’t just lie by and then stretch at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, sleeping from morning. They don’t sell it. Of all awards in the world, there is no award for sleeping: that you are the greatest sleeper in Africa. That is not you.
My wife used to have a friend in those days, when she sleeps, no matter what is moving around, she won’t move. I call it solid state sleep.
They say, “Papa, take it easy.”
I say, “Those who took it easy yesterday have been eased out today.” He said, “woe unto them that are at ease in Zion” – Amos 6:1
My soul followeth hard after thee – Psalm 63:8
The pursuit of God is the guarantee for fulfillment of vision and revelation. The pursuit of God.
-May each one receive grace to pursue after God, to secure their glorious future and their enviable future.

Until the time that his Word came, Joseph passed the test. When his Word came, it met him rejoicing in spite of his misfortune. The King sent for him and loosed him and let him go free: Enough!
From the University of slavery and imprisonment, he was teaching senators wisdom. Egypt was the centre of civilization in those days. He (Joseph) was an unschooled man, but with God’s presence all around him, he became a wonder to the world and that is you. Amen
Psalm 105:17-22
Until the time that his Word came. The Word of the Lord tried him – Psalm 105:17
This test is forever. It came to pass after all these things. He (Abraham) had been writing tests since (age) 75. At 75, he was still writing tests at 100.
Genesis 22:1 – It came to pass after all these things that Abraham wrote another test. A very costly test. It was a PhD class test and he became Doctor of Situations and Circumstances.
Isaac came at an impossible age. Not that he (Abraham) had low sperm count, he had no sperm count. Sarah far away from ovulation, she had passed that many years ago, 30 years perhaps. With all natural opposing forces, Isaac came.
-Your Isaac will come.
The test that the young man, Joseph wrote was (for) 13 years. 13 years test. He was taken captive or sold into slavery at 17. He ascended the throne at 30. It is not forever. The test is not forever Sir. Just keep passing it and you are getting there.

Help me tell every Winner around the world that you are close to: make a project of today. It is setting the stage for the year ahead. Make a project of today, it is setting the stage for the year ahead. Make a project of today.
Like a number of us in Lagos, you have everything around with you. You have your vehicle, don’t say there is no vehicle. You have everything to even camp with God for a moment before the Cross Over night and cross to the next phase of your life. Maybe you have never heard God once on the year ahead. Endeavour to hear Him today by diligently hearkening, without distraction.

These days of online thing, my God, many, many are already missing their steps. In the course of their online service, they go to the bathroom, it is an online service. He comes back, goes to the kitchen, he watches the something, “okay, they are still singing, the choir is still singing, they have not started preaching. Let me make quick breakfast.” Before he makes the quick breakfast, message has gone 20 minutes. The Word sent to him has passed.
He says, “I didn’t know this will take so much time.” I think in about 10 minutes, Papa (Bishop David Oyedepo) will finish.
Amen: He didn’t know the beginning of the message. Before they pray, ‘Amen’
Well, all that can make it to Canaanland, make it by all means. If you can’t make it to Canaanland by virtue of certain limitation, inadequate vehicles and all that stuff, get out of your house: GET OUT!
“I don’t normally go out”: That is when you don’t have somebody in the hospital. You will normally go out.
May you not have a child in the hospital. You will do what is not normal. You will normally go out. Normally. “I don’t like going out”: You will like it.
May you not have any emergency anywhere. You will like it
I saw that someone, his life was pining away and I sent to go and pick him at 1:30 am. By the time they brought him to the gate, he didn’t know where he was, the voices were saying, “don’t enter there, you will die.” He is still alive today. It is not normal to go out at 1:30 am, but that is when there is no emergency. Somebody that has been talking for the past 24 hours, no more saliva.
I said, “what? Go and bring him”

The test is on, you will pass it and every test is ordained for a change of class.
-You will never be stagnated again.
The pursuit of God is the answer to the issues of life.
Psalm 23:1,6
The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. I will keep pursuing after Him, I will keep obeying His commandments and surely goodness and mercy shall be keep following after me all the days of my life.
-You are going to earn your crown of life by passing the next test and the test starts from now.
Glory to God
Intense thanksgiving, intense preparation for the year ahead is Test number 1 for today.
“I don’t believe in that”: Well done, you will still write it again and there is only one 31st of December in every year. So you will wait till next year, that is when the exam will be repeated.
You know exams is not at your time, it’s at the time of the examiner. That you are naming a child doesn’t stop you from writing exams. They don’t use that one to pass.
You write the exam body, my wife just gave birth and the naming ceremony is today, the day of the exam. Please have me excused.
Response: Yes, you are excused. Come back next year. We have excused you, come back next year.
Not that because your old father died. That is not how to pass exam. You write it, to pass it.
“My junior brother is getting married”: Even your senior brother, if they all get married the same day, it doesn’t matter. You don’t write this exam, you won’t change class.
-You will never be stagnated again.

God does not set for you and me any exams that He knows we cannot pass.
1 Corinthians 10:13
God is faithful, He will not allow you to be tempted beyond under which you are able. So every test, God sees you as having the capacity to pass it.
-You won’t fail anymore test in your life.
-You will not fail anymore test in your life!!
He doesn’t test us so we can fail, He tests us so we can change class.
-You are changing class.
-The Year 2022 is a Year you have never seen, I have never seen, but I have an assurance that it shall be a Year of the crown of life for every single Winner worldwide, in the name of Jesus.

Prayers: How many want to wear a crown of life? Ask God for grace to keep passing every test of life so I can wear the crown of life.
Grace to cease from the trap of murmuring and complaining and keep pursuing after God with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my desire. Pray like you have never prayed before.
Lord, let today be a day to be remembered in my life. Today, 31st (December 2021). As I approach your throne of grace, show me the things which I know not. As I get set to see Your agenda fulfilled in my life this coming year, teach me that which I know not. As I count my blessings and name them one by one, help me to be eternally grateful for your good hand on my life. Let today be the best last day of the year in my life thus far, by a very clear encounter with you. Blessed be your name Jesus.
Tap into that grace. You are writing another exam today, you are writing another test today. The test of separation unto God, the test of looking up to Heaven, the test of grace for tireless pursuit after God. Tireless pursuit after God and the interest of His Kingdom. Thank You Jesus. In Jesus precious name we have prayed. In the name of Jesus, we have prayed.
-It shall be your most awesome last day of the year till date.
-Your appearance in His presence tonight at the Cross Over night will engrace you to cross your Red Sea right into your promised land.
-No one of us will miss our steps in the journey. You will make it through like Joshua and Caleb into our promised land, with our inheritance delivered intact in the name of Jesus.
For all the blessings you have received from God this year, for all the graces at work in your life: give Him thanks one more time.


CHoP is an acronym for Covenant Hour of Prayer

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