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We serve a God who keeps wroughting tearful wonders in our midst and today we sat through an amazing Good Report of a sister rescued from the claws of ritualists and kidnappers, unscathed.

On her way home from service at one of our satellite churches, in Warri, she encountered kidnappers who had posed as transport service operators.

Drugged and whisked to their den, she heard with her ears, the gruesome murder of two of the girls she had met there. They were the eighth and ninth to be killed. She was to be the tenth! But as they made her get up to proceed to the slaughter, her phone fell out of her pocket.

The leader of the hoodlums picked it up, turned it on, and received the shock of his life! My photograph and that of my wife was what Sophia had used as her wallpaper. He saw a strange but torturing fire issuing from the phone!

Others in the team saw fire issuing from her head. In a panic, the kidnappers made urgent efforts to get her back to where they had kidnapped her from. Today, she is back, safe and sound, indeed, from the land of the dead.

No one but God can rescue in this manner. It can only be God. To Him alone be all the glory for this mighty deliverance.

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