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– DR Paul Enenche at Kingdom Power and Glory World Conference 2021
Day Four, Morning Session

Prof come, this is Professor Emmanuel Kolo. He is a professor, don’t mind his look. He’s a professor of Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery, Head and Neck surgery at the Aminu Kano University Teaching Hospital in Kano and he does a lot of surgeries with Cochlear implanting. He can implement the inner ear so people who are deaf can start hearing again. He came to the University, fresh, new Jambites with his bag and box.

His father and mother had dropped him and they left. I passed by and I saw this tender young boy (I was also in the University, medical school, some classes ahead, 33 years ago) and I said to him, “Where are from?” He said, “I just came”. Where are you sleeping, he said “I don’t know where to sleep.

They just dropped me in the University”. I said, “okay, follow me”. I haven’t met him from anywhere. Took him to my room and lived with me. Who does that? Lived with me, took care of him, babied him. I used to say, he’s my university boy.

Babied him until he got his own accommodation and still followed him up. Everytime I saw him on campus, are you doing well? I’d preached to him at that time, are you okay, are you well, are you fine and I looked after him till graduation.

He’s now a very strong member of our church in Kano. He’s part of the leadership in the Church with his wife. So, there are people who just appear. You don’t know about their history. That is more like magic.

We see a lot of magicians today. No testimony of any history, nothing. You just wake up one day and see them on television and you see all manner of things happening.

Where did this one come from? Who fathered you, who mentored you, who pastored you? Who do you touch, who has a testimony of knowing your spiritual history? And they don’t last.
– It is a new day for us. Great things are happening!

Reverend Dr Wilson, we are happy to have you. He is from Bible Faith Mission in Jos. He has been in Jos since 1976, pastoring since 1976.

Those were the first set of people that came to the North to start church when nobody was coming to the North. Him and Reverend William Okoye, they are close.

These are people whose history you know and who also know your history. He came to sit down and to be a part of the Conference.

What Reverend Godwin just said shows that, you can be in the same City with your father in the Lord with no challenge.

There is a popular saying that oh, your spiritual father can’t be in the same city with you. There are many people here like that, all of them here. The same town.

Whoever God places over you as spiritual Father, it doesn’t matter where they are located. Just camp there. It will change your life.


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