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Pastor David Ibiyeomie at Salvation Ministries on “Winning Ticket Part 1”

(Praying Kingdom Advancement Prayers). Matthew 6:33

Kingdom Advancement is simply engaging in spiritual investments towards expansion of the Kingdom of God. Job 36:11. Those who serve God don’t encounter pressure.

You serve God by praying Kingdom advancement prayers. Heart this, there are people who pray and they are frustrated in prayers.

Don’t think you learn prayer by praying in tongues. Prayer is taught. If you don’t pray for God’s Kingdom, your daily bread is not sure. It is the order according to Matthew 6:9-11.

No matter how old you are, you cannot jump order. You cannot go to secondary school if you have not finished primary school.

You don’t count 2 without counting 1. The Bible says ask and it shall be given, seek and you will find. The same Scripture says give God this day our daily bread.

If I must get my daily bread, I should be concerned about his Kingdom first. It is a simple formula that will get your prayer answered. Luke 2:37.

We serve God through prayer and fasting by praying for souls to be won, established in faith. Galatians 4:19, Psalm 2:8.

– I pray for someone today, your inheritance will come to you.

Most people don’t know how to pray so they keep praying and get frustrated and they don’t know what to pray about, so their prayers are always “I need this”, “I need that”. When you put his kingdom first you don’t need anything. There are people before they ask, God has answered. While they are speaking, God answers.

These are people that are into Kingdom advancement. Colossians 4:12. When you labour for the Kingdom of God, your profit is sure. Praying Kingdom prayers is a labour that guarantees profit. You don’t beg for profit, God gives it to you.

You pray for outreaches, you pray for every service to make impact, you pray for the salvation of souls, you pray for your fellow brethren in Christ.

These are the things that we call Kingdom Advancement prayers. You are focusing on things that has to do with the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

Colossians 4:3. Mark 16:20, Galatians 6:2. The greatest tool for your prayers to be answered is praying Kingdom based prayer.

Change your prayer pattern and put the Kingdom of God first and go for soul winning. It is the greatest winning ticket in the Kingdom of God.

The number one interest of God is the salvation of souls on the earth, so when you pray and labour for souls, forget it. Proverbs 14:23.

Yesterday, I was walking and it got to a point, I just wanted to win souls. I prayed and said “Lord, as I go out, give me souls”. My wife joined me. Just standing, we had 7 adults. One of them is living close to the Church.

As close as he is to the Church, he wasn’t born again. This is to let you know that new-birth and near-birth are not the same. He was near-birth.

He got born again yesterday and got new birth. That you are close to salvation, does not mean you are saved.

Somebody drove in a car and dropped it for me. I was praying for souls when the car came. He just brought it and said “I want to give it to you”. Matthew 6:33, John 3:16.

The heartbeat of God is soul winning. I Timothy 2:1. The Bible says it is the desire to pray for people to be saved regardless of their position.


It is the responsibility of every believer to pray Kingdom advancement prayers. John 15:16. To know that people are not after the advancement of God’s Kingdom, if I say that there is an anointing service where miracles will abound, people will come but if I say there is a prayer meeting, people will not come.

We misplace our priorities. You go to Church for comedy.

After you laugh, what next?

People looking for anointing up and down but you can be anointed and end up in annoyance if you don’t know where to base your priorities.

There are some of us, it is not the oil that is anointed but you yourself. So do God’s Kingdom as commanded not as convenient.

Joshua 24:15.

Do it from your heart and then you get result. Ephesians 6:6. Don’t come to Church and act like a Pharisee. You are not doing it to please your pastor or billionaire. Do it to please God.


1) Your needs are met supernaturally. Matthew 6:9-11. Matthew 7:7. Once you pray kingdom based prayers, you will be given what you ask for. Matthew 6:33.

2) You operate in power. Christianity without power will make you end up as a religious fanatic. When you operate without power, witches and wizards will insult you.

Matthew 6:10. When you pray for his Kingdom to move forward, you don’t pray for power, you walk in power. Power is not in your phonetics but in praying Kingdom based prayers. I dong pray personal prayers but when I come out, miracles happen. I have told you my secret.

3) God decorates you with His glory. Isaiah 40:5.
When you pray Kingdom based prayers, automatically, people are drawn to you. You don’t beg for favor.

– From this day, Gods glory will shine upon you.

4) God delivers you from evil.
When you do the Lord’s prayer, it is not a chant. You pray it well. God delivers you from evil when you pray Kingdom advancement prayers.

5) You enjoy Divine favor. Psalm 102:13-14.
One day of favor surpasses days of labour. Pray for the Kingdom to expand, favor is automatic. You will not have stress. You will be successful automatically.

In conclusion, pray for the Kingdom and win souls. Make it a habit.


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