THE ANCIENT KINGDOM PRINCIPLE: Lessons for Church Instrumentalists


A Pastor kept warning the church instrumentalists for their attitude towards God’s for over 6months.

They came in when they like and ministered carnally.

It got to a point he couldn’t cope with their nuisance, he warned them to repent before God’s judgment.

The young folks laughed it off, they said nothing dey happen.

On a new year day, the folks didn’t turn up for rehearsal the day before and came into the service when the worship was already on.

The pastor stopped the worship, called the folks before the congregation and said, I release you from the choir in the name of the Father, the son and the Holyspirit.
Your service is no longer needed.

The boys were laughing thinking how will the church cope without their input.

As the pastor was about leaving to his seat, the Lord spoke to him that the young men had being hindering the revelation of his glory in the assembly for long that he should announce that anyone in the congregation who can play the instruments should come forward.

To his surprise about 10 brothers came forward, as they became to play, heaven came down.


There was outburst of the prophetic spirit, the tangible presence of God were seen in the service.

The pastor wept uncontrollable for allowing the proud and unrepentant instrumentalists that long.

One of the men who played the instruments that day is about the most popular young gospel artist today in Nigeria.

You’re only relevant in this kingdom in humility.

When you step out of her class, you become irrelevant.

The day you start thinking you’re now special, that day, you become tattered.

Non of the folks sent out of the choir amounted to anything today.

We rise by humility and fall by pride.


No one can stay up with pride, only the wise sits down permanently in the class of humility.

As God begins to bless and increase you this year, don’t step out of the class of humility.

Receive the grace to obey the voice of your tutor (Holyspirit) in the name of Jesus.

As long as you obey, you will be humble.
No one become pompous following the Holyspirit.

Faith class starts next week by God’s grace.

A.T Joel.

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