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– Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia on ‘SUPERNATURAL PRESERVATION’ (Part 2).

4. The prophetic (Hosea 12:13). There is supernatural preservation that is activated by and through the ministry of the prophetic. Many people have downplayed the prophetic and justifiably so, because sadly we men and women of God across the globe have not done the kind of justice that should be done in properly administring the prophetic for various reasons. Do not neglect the prophetic just because there have been mistakes and all kinds of things around it.

One of the assignment of a true prophet of God, sent to people is to be an instrument of preservation and principally, that preservation comes through Word (Hosea 12:10, Isaiah 65:8, Psalm 102:20). Without the ministry of the prophetic, there are many dimensions of the Kingdom experience that believers would not be able to step into. Do not get into that illusion that “I know God alone, I don’t need anybody.” In order of priority, your knowledge of Jesus and your passion to Him should be greatest, more than any man but in addition to that, God has put systems and structures in this Kingdom. Church Gist. Jesus Himself is the Chief cornerstone and the foundation is the ministry of the apostolic and the prophetic. Jesus Christ Himself walked upon the earth and He would not start His ministry until He encountered a total of three prophets; Simeon in the temple. The second is Anna the Prophetess. The third was John the Baptist. It was after His encounter with these prophets that He could now start ministry.

Knowing what should be does not make it happen, it will take your encounter with the vessels ordained and anointed by God. The balance there is that you don’t go ahead worshipping Apostle Joshua Selman and prophets simply because of the position that they hold. It is an election of grace but within the boundary of scripture, the prophetic is powerful and it holds one of the keys to releasing and activating divine preservation.

5. The anointing. The anointing is one of the mysteries that activates the operation of preservation (Psalm 105:12-15). When it has to do with preservation, the presence of the anointing upon their lives is a mark and a seal. The anointing among the many things it does is it marks you, there is a statement that the anointing makes on your life that the realm of the spirit understands. One of it according to this scripture is, “Touch not”

Isaiah 10:27
Satan has burden and yokes, they are not the same but they do the same thing. Therefore as this oil comes upon you this night, I want you to expect and believe that any yoke, Jesus said my yoke is easy and my burden… I hope you know this idea of yoke and burden did not come from Satan. Yoke and burden just means a responsibility and any constraint. Church Gist. Jesus is saying, in following me and in living for me, you will have these things but mine is easy and it is light. Satan said from that formula, let me invent something and his burden upon your neck and shoulder traps you in one place so that any evil thing can come to you, turning you to an animal. But the Bible says it shall be destroyed because of the anointing.

Why am I sharing this with you? So that as you make contact with this oil, you don’t just think, “oh, in church as usual, Pentecostals have come with all these their things.” You can do this and from a standpoint of religiosity and it will have no life and yet the realm of the spirit will not respect it. You’ll just leave as an oily version of yourself with everything remaining there that was there before you came. The oil will remain on your face but the fire will enter the realm of the spirit and search for anything that is not of God. I assure you by God who is your God that everything hanging on your neck and your shoulder, by this encounter with this anointing, it must fall off from your destiny!

How can you make progress when you carrying this kind of yoke and burden? Something you can do for God in one month takes you five years because there are yokes. When there are yokes and burdens, automatically, you know there is no speed in your life. Yokes and burdens are real and those who downplayed them pay the price with them. There are ministries that can carry burdens and yokes, you can be anointed and blessed but there is no visibility. There are individuals who are smart and blessed and graced. At their level of intellectual sacrifice, they should not be where they are but they continue to sweep the ground of life because there are yokes.

I’ve been in Zaria for a very long time, many of you who are in the North, there are donkeys that carry loads and many times, most of their transportation is largely maybe farm produce and sometimes you can see those donkeys, they can put grains, put whatever on them and something that can run so fast, faster than a human being is now limited because it is carrying something, twice the size of it. That means, the pace you are going in life is not the true expression of God’s desire but that there is something hanging on your neck.

I want to share with you a scripture. Something happened to me, two days ago. I woke up with this scripture, 2 Samuel 1:21. The anointing is a preserver; there is diplomatic immunity that comes with been anointed. When they are rejecting everyone, they reject you too like the rest as though oil did not come on you. I remember some years ago, I was praying for someone and they said everyone who prays for the person, something tragic seems to happen to the person and the person can die. Church Gist. People have died, at least two or three people before that time and they cautioned me to be careful. I said, what you are looking at is this frame. You really believe, it is like saying a president just dies. You may not understand the system of immunity that surrounds him. Beloveth when you come into Christ, activate these other forces and back it up with this anointing. When the devil is looking for blood for the ’ember months, it is minus me because there is an anointing upon my life.

Make up your mind by the Spirit of God that all those spirits that are appearing to you, they won’t allow you to go to bed. For God’s sake, God gave sleep for rest but there are people, as soon as you put your head on the bed, there they come again, coming as all kinds of things, taking you back to secondary school, what business do you have going back there? I’ll like your spirit to be fired up because in the next ten minutes, we are going to step into a season of prayer first and hear me, many of you as you pray, in that prayer, you are sending an alarm in the spirit; “Enough is enough.” You can’t be effective living in fear. Church Gist. There has to be a system of safety. This man talking to you is not stupid, I have received all kinds of prophetic word for many years, “be careful with your life, we saw them kidnapping you, we saw them doing this and that.” The person talking is not stupid, if you don’t engage these things, you will live in fear because the reality that surrounds you will be so real.

Psalm 79:11
– You are going to pray for yourself, your children and all who are connected to you that the fullness of your days, you will fulfill and any embargo of death hanging on you, it must give way right now!
– Pray for everyone connected to you; mention them by name and declare that under God and by the Word of God, Satan, you have no hand over their lives. They are preserved!
– You are going to declare that if there is any mark upon my life and destiny, attracting tragedy to my life, that came by ancestry or bloodline in the name of Jesus it is erased by the blood of the Lamb.
– Every pattern of failure, trouble and untimely death that comes to me, children and family, I cancel it by the blood!
– In the name of Jesus, every spirit that is not of the Christ in and around my life, I decree and declare by the mystery of the blood, let there be an eternal separation. Leave my life, my destiny forever!

Psalm 89:20-29
This ministry that we have received from God is not a ministry of men. This ministry is a call that has a throne in Heaven that backs it. When God calls a man, genuinely and the man is sent, there are four things that characterize a genuine call;
1. There must be a mandate and a message, a representation of the dimension of God commited to you.

2. There must be divine backing. God must prove that He is sending you indeed.

3. Resources, the cheapest of the resources is men, then material resources. It is impossible to be genuinely called and working with the patterns you were given and lack human resources.

4. A platform, the avenue that gives you visibility so that the nations will know you are there.

The anointing oil is an emblem that can be used as a transmitter of the power of God.
Anointing oil is completely useless on its own until it is anointed by a vessel that has been anointed by the Holy Spirit. Church Gist. The anointing oil is a mystery that the Bible itself, is not silent as to the fact that the oil can be used. It is one of the emblems that can be used

– Anyone here connected to anything that has to do with ancestry, bloodline or anything that has a legal hold over your life, in the name of Jesus, I decree and declare; the fire of the Holy Ghost will consume that devil now. Be free now!
– Anyone here who is into ministry and it looks like the more the Ministry is extending in age, the more everything is going down. I decree and declare, whatever makes ministry a frustrating adventure for you, by the power that raised Christ from the dead, we curse that spirit now! Your tomorrow will never be worse than yesterday!
– Anyone who is struggling with any terminal disease, particularly something that is already eating you up, by this oil of preservation, be separated forever!
– Any human agent in partnership with demonic spirit to invoke death or pain or loses or tragedy over your life and your endeavours, in the name of Jesus Christ, we decree and declare, this oil upon you becomes an oil of judgement against them!
– Anyone here marked in the realm of the spirit for kidnap by any terrorist group, I decree and declare that anyone who stands by the road to kidnap you, I command the earth to fight them in the name of Jesus!
– Every manifestation of accident whether by road, sea or air. If you enter that plane or that car, then it will not crash!
– Wherever your children are, may this prophetic word go ahead of them and preserve them!


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