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  • Pastor Adeola Ajani at Just Us Girls Conference tagged ‘Revived’.
    Day 1 Evening Session
    The truth is, there is nobody like Jesus. He’s so beautiful, no one else could fill our heart; no one else could love us. Jesus, Your love is kind; Your love is patient. Your loving-kindness is better than life. I have never met anyone like You.
    Close your eyes and turn your eyes to Jesus. Jesus is in this room and He is touching you right now. Father we thank You.
    The Lord says, it is the beginning of new thing and I believe it.

The most important person in the room is Jesus and we are going to honour Him this evening.
Please have your seat in God’s presence.
Let’s put our hands together for my mother, I don’t know about you, Jesus’ people are really beautiful. Thank you Mummy, thank you for the honour.
I’m going to take a little bit of time to tell a little story. It was five years ago; I just had my second son and I was driving past. I used to live in Lekki and I saw a billboard and I saw our Mama’s face on it. It was something about prayer and I just knew I have to be in this meeting. I came here for the meeting and I was seated right there and I worshipped, I prayed and I just wanted to be like her but I didn’t know her, she did not know me. I got back home and told my husband; “they dey pray for that church” and then a few years down the line, Pastor Kingsley reached out to my husband and I think that’s one of the best things that has ever happened to us. He reached out to him and told him to come for a meeting; we didn’t know him, he didn’t know us.

He just messaged him and my husband just came back and said you have to follow me to the day two of this conference. I have met somebody; this woman is the best woman in the whole world and I was so jealous. This woman is so lovely, she is so this… I said is it not Pastor K that invited you, what’s your own with Pastor M?

There was nothing he did not use to beg me, I said I’m not coming. He said you must come. Eventually I came and of a truth, I met one of the most beautiful women.
I want to thank my husband because I wouldn’t have met this family if not for him, thank you. I’m so grateful to be connected to this family. I feel so at home, I feel so loved, so grateful because I’m surrounded with people who love God genuinely and they radiate that love everywhere.

My wonderful friends, Pastor Temi and Pastor Muyiwa and Minister Eben. We celebrate you, thank you for being so full.
Tonight is about Jesus, it’s about Revived and I think Pastor Temi has done a wonderful job of preaching all my message and I’ve told her husband that me and her will meet when we meet but she has finished preaching all my message. I’m so blessed to be a child of God.
Father I thank You. The entrance of Your word brings understanding and it gives life and light to the simple. Father let Your word enter the heart of everyone. Lord you and I, we had a deal. The Word says everyone’s grass will be touched by your rain.

Tonight Lord, You will touch everyone. I pray Father that no one here will leave the same, that they will come into new experiences. Father over the years You have changed me, You’ve improved me, You’ve matured me; I pray Father for Your children here, for Your daughters who are gathered to hear from you that You will change them, that You will bring them into new levels.

I pray that they will function in a greater level of grace, that revelation will flow in their lives and in their hearts easily. I pray that for some people; their eyes will begin to see like they have never seen. They will begin to walk in a tangible relationship with You in the mighty name of Jesus.

I pray Father Lord that Your mighty hand will uphold Your own people. Father the Bible says You are the One who holds us by the hand and leads us in the way that we should go, Father from today it will be the experiences of many here in the name of Jesus. Father that they will declare and they will say that of a truth the Lord has led me with His mighty hand in the mighty name of Jesus.

Father You are the One who creates water in the valley, You are the that makes a way where no man can make a way. The Bible calls You the one that opens the door that no man can shut.

Father You have spoken to me that today is a day of new beginnings and above all I trust You, I trust Your Word; You will open the door for many in this place today in the name of Jesus. Many will begin to walk in the supernatural experiences. Many will begin to rise up in the mighty name of Jesus.

I see you crawling, you will no longer crawl. I see you bent over; you will no longer be bent over. You will rise. You will be revived in the name of Jesus. That same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, He’s working in you now, causing you to arise, to be revived in the mighty name of Jesus.

Lord, many will arise and take their place in the name of Jesus.
Tonight is a night of change and I need you to focus on the Lord. The greatest gift that God can give you is a man. When God wanted to save you, He sent a man called Jesus. When God wants to propel you, He will send you a man with His word. So men are gifts from God. I want you to understand that God has something for you.

You are special, that’s why you are here and I don’t want you to miss God. My life has radically changed because of meetings like this. I’m telling you, I’m not the person I used to be in January because I went for a meeting. Listen, some of you will begin to experience God tangibly. The spiritual realm is real as much as this physical realm; you can know things, you can see things, you can tell things and I pray for somebody today, that your eyes will be opened in the name of Jesus.

  • In the name of Jesus, the eyes of your spirit are opened in the mighty name of Jesus. You will see, you will know, you will be changed because it is your season.
    What is God doing in the Church today, what does He want to do with your life? There is more.

When God created me, He created me as a solution to national problems. I refuse to be ordinary. Pastor Temi said something; the first key to this life is desire, you must desire God. What is special about Adeola, nothing if not Jesus. I was an ordinary girl and all I wanted was Jesus.

David said I want you more than my necessary meal, meaning that you wake up in the morning and you feel that hunger. David said I want You more than that. The heart that pants after God is the heart that catches God. I am praying to God that you will catch desire this evening.
Matthew 6:33
The answer to everything is there. There is a God’s way Sir. It is different from the world’s way. It’s not hard, it is different. So because it is different, it looks hard but it’s not hard. Can you believe the Word, can you trust God, can you believe Him; I’ll seek Him and all I need will come and you are not seeking Him for the things, you are seeking Him for Him.
Some of you are going to be unentangled this night, you are going to disentangle yourself from some rubbish because there is more to you, there is more to me.

Matthew 16:15
Jesus is saying I will build my Church. What is God doing in these last days?
He is building His Church and there is only one thing that the gates of hell can’t prevail against, it is His Church; not your bank account, not your clothes, not your makeup, boyfriend.

The only thing that the gates of hell cannot prevail against is the Church. Everything that God is doing today is for His Church, it is by His Church, it’s through His Church – everything. Because the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is the power of salvation, the only thing that change this world is the Gospel.

Who is the Church?
The Ecclesia, the Called-out ones. It’s like we exist in two worlds; some of us are in Heaven, some of us are here and God has called us out and He is saying, let us make this world right.

You are the Church and it is you that God is building. He’s building His local church and He’s building you as an individual. So everything God is doing in this day and this time is in His Church. The only thing that will stand sure in this day is what is being built by the Church.

A man that is revived is a man that knows that he is the Church; a man that understands that I carry something, a man that has an agenda, a man that doesn’t live aimlessly. Your life is a target, you are on target to hit something.

The only thing I’ve come to do tonight is to stir you up for you to see yourself as someone else. One of my most favourite scripture that speaks to me is “Arise and shine, your light has come”.
Matthew 5:13

You are the salt; you are the light. It is because of you that there is flavour in the world; there is good in the world. You cannot be hidden; you cannot afford to remain small Sir. Do you know why God is counting on you? God is not going to send another Jesus.

It is you; it is the revived woman, it is the sharpened woman who understands that there is fire in me yet there is water in me. “I am the salt, I will go into my family and be salt. I will go into my business and be salt”.

What God is doing this day is building His Church and you are the Church, you have to grow up, you have to see everything you do as ministry.

We are not all preachers but we are all ministers. There is more inside you.
The only reason I’m standing here before you is because I chose to search for more. I could have been a good doctor treating you malaria and COVID but I knew there was more.

Someone say;

“I’m the salt. I’m the light. There is fire in me, there is water in me, there is fire in me”.
God is building you and I want you to arise and search for God and seek for God and press in because there are nations attached to you, someone somewhere will never get a deliverance if you don’t arise Sir.

There are three kinds of prayer that ignites this revival. Revived life is a life that has an open Heaven over it, you are flowing in the plans of Heaven. Listen, we are moving beyond needs. The answer to need is simple – Matthew 6:33.
That’s the answer to all our needs.
My husband and I went to see somebody and she kept asking, how are you guys?
I said we are fine.
Do you need anything? We said no.
She said no, no, no. You can’t leave here; I have to give you something.
I said no Ma, we are fine.
She said no, we have to give you something. She said give me your account number, don’t give me church own. Give me your own.
I said Ma, we are okay. We are eating, we are wearing clothes.
She said I have to bless you.
We went back home and what she sent was in millions. I did not ask, I did not beg. Why? Because I’m chasing after Somebody and that Somebody has everything and that Somebody will just touch somebody’s heart; “do it for him”.

Jesus is the door opener and when He opens the door, no man can shut. When God opens your door, He doesn’t need permission from any man.

I’m just a little girl who is panting after God, just a little girl who is searching but I know one thing, the Bible says that don’t be deceived, God cannot be mocked. One of my favourite scripture, the man who sows into spiritual things shall of necessity reap spiritual thing. You think this coming to Church you are wasting your time?

There is something you are sowing into.

My pastor will always say something that even though the praying is spiritual, when you come to church is spiritual, fasting is spiritual but its effects are supernatural. Meaning that it brings super to your natural. There are things that can never change in this world – seed time and harvest. Sow into the spirit, you will reap spiritual things.

There is something God has called you to do, you are made for more; made for more than this beggarly life, waiting for man to toast you today and tomorrow – you are more. You are a life changer. The revived man knows that “I am a change to this world. I am not looking for things, I am changing things”.

You keep calling yourself an ant when you are a giant. I got delivered when I read that scripture …they were like giant and we are ant in our own sight. I said no Sir, “I am the giant in the land. I’m the one that will take over this sphere of the society, it is my voice they will hear” and I want you to say that to yourself.

Three kinds of prayer that you must pray to ignite this revival:

  1. Prayer of consecration. A prayer where you come to God, you are not
    asking for anything. Say “Lord here I am, I am Yours. All that I have is Yours. All I want to do is for You. Lord I have no plans, I have no will. Like Jesus said, Lord let Your will be done, not my will but Yours. I lay down my life as an offering for You.

You created me for me for a purpose and for that purpose, I will live. Lord I choose to serve You; spirit, soul and body. My body will honour You, my soul will honour You, my spirit will magnify You”.
Beyond the heart, there must be the act of consecration. First in your body, second in your sacrifices, ‘whatever You ask Lord, I will give. Whatever You want Lord, I will give’.

  1. The prayer of worship, ministering to the Lord in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.
    Let’s be on our feet. We are going to practice this part. Please lift up your hands.
    Ephesians 5:15
    Anyone that will live a revived life must learn to pray like this, hours on end. You are not asking for anything, you just want to be in His presence because in His presence, that’s where life is. Life flows from His presence. Man shall not live be bread alone but every word that proceeds… it’s something that is consistently and continually happening.
  2. Intercession. You must learn to pray when you see the need in the lives of others. An intercessor takes authority for a thing. You are in the entertainment industry, pray for it and then God will begin to give you more grace for you to now take over. You are in the beauty industry, pray for it that the will of God will be done in this place. You are a teacher or a policeman, speak life. Listen, it is the man who takes authority that God gives more to. He doesn’t cast His pearls before swine, the swine is the one who doesn’t understand how precious a thing is. So you must take authority and when He sees that, He will give you more.
    Praise God.
    Let’s put our hands together for Jesus.

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