-Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle
Next Level Banquet Service.

Exploring Success Virtues in Kingdom Stewardship
You discover from scriptures that revelation is the mystery behind all turnaround stories in scriptures. Revelation!!
2 Corinthians 3:18 – Changes are effected through revelation. Revelation! Light from scriptures. Applied revelation can turn a little one to a thousand and a small one to a great nation – Isaiah 60:1-3,8,15, 22
When you start walking in the light of scriptures in all that you do, that is where you are ending.
That is why we say here often, “what we know does not change but what we do with what we know.” What we do with what we know.
A young man in Liberia, not long after the war was jobless, then he heard me say in that booklet called ‘Wisdom Diary on Diligence’, he caught a statement there where I said, “living without working
is dying without knowing.” His eyes popped opened, he had only 100 Liberian Dollar on his hand, so he went and bought brush for polishing shoes and bought polish and began a shoe-shining business.
He rose from there. Privileged to build one of the first story buildings in Monrovia, a blessing to the Kingdom of God in this Church. He began from that light, “living without working is dying without knowing.”
Eccelesiastes 10:18 – Picked it from there
There is so much in the Kingdom that forbids anyone being idle. Before you get a material job in your hand, engage with the spiritual task.

It will facilitate the speedy opening of the next phase of your life.
Somebody is jobless: He is not praying Kingdom advancement prayer, he is not witnessing, he is not doing anything. I mean, what kind of life?
All those my short, short teaching experiences: they are out of no downtime. No downtime!
Applied revelation is what changes the story of believers. Applied revelation, not write notes, very full notes. No, applied revelation.
Just coming alive in ministry, 1982, the Lord said to me, “seeth thou a man that is diligent in his business, he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men” – Proverbs 22:29
He said, “It is not your connection that determines where you find yourself tomorrow. It is how much you invest in your assignment that determines it.”
-Somebody’s story is changing.
-One thing I know and I want to tell you is that an army of giants on this earth will rise in this Commission. People of global reverence, people raised by God, people raise by following God, people raised by serving God; they will rise in this Church.
They will be boys and girls; men and women; old and young.
You can choose to enlist in that army today: It will impact on the work of your hands, it will impact on your health, it will impact on your family, it will impact on your children.

The Lord said to me, 1984, please let me know when my time is over so we can stop: you have been hearing me all your life; I was in Deuteronomy chapter 28 verse 1, “my son, there is a place for you on top if you are interested.”
Please note: God never forces His agenda on anybody. You can be saved through an Angel coming with an Apostle, it doesn’t matter. God never forces His plan into anyone’s life.
He said, “there is a place for you on top if you are interested.”
I said: Yes Lord, I am
He said: Whatever I tell you to do, do it.
He showed me that 1984, I declared it in Church: Men, I have found my way to the top ooo. Don’t be looking and say, “what is this man doing here?”
“Whatever I tell you to do, do it.”
So obeying God became a natural delight the more.
“Whatever I tell you to do, do it.”
“What I say to one, I say to all” – Mark 13:37
Everybody here listening to me, God is asking me to tell you, “there is a place reserved for you on the topmost top, if you are interested; if you are, let that Book become your eternal guide. Let whatever instructions are
contained in that Book matter to you. Engage with it, with utmost delight.”
Men and brethren, there is not one dime from any foreign nation in what we are doing here. Interestingly too, not from our Church, by our policy.

We invest our resources in those nations, in developing the work of God in those nations.
Relax: Whatever I tell you to do, do it. That is the cheapest way to the top. It is not jumping from East to West, West to North; that is not how to get there.
“Whatever I tell you to do, do it”: You do something else, that is your problem.

Let me jump the queue quickly, there is a man by name David, he gave a testimony in 1 Chronicles chapter 28 verse 4
“…He liked me” – 1 Chronicles 28:4
You must hit that line this year.
How did he win the like? How did David win that like from God, that favour from God? 1 Chronicles 29:3
His affection for God won him the favour of God. His love for God.
Psalm 102:13-15
Fearful favour because of your unperturbed pleasure in the things of the Kingdom. Unperturbed pleasure! Unrestricted pleasure, unreserved pleasure.
You are looking for a boy that loves God madly, I am one of them.

It is a holy wedlock, I can’t come out of it.
His (David’s) own was God liked him. God likes me.
When you win his like, He enthrones you. God likes me, because I take unrestricted pleasure in the affairs of His Kingdom. “He liked me”, David said, “to make me king over all of Israel” – 1 Chronicles 28:4
That is the only way to matter in the agenda of the rise of giants.
-No one in your generation will miss that covenant platform in the name of Jesus Christ.


Serving God is a platform for supernatural enthronement. We saw that clearly in the story of David. He took his life in his hand and confronted Goliath for defiling the army of the living God.
“Who is this nonsense, empty barrel? Let me die than watch this continue.” That is why God liked him.
-God’s favour will wipe away all your struggles. When His favour hits, your struggles end.
When God’s favour hits, man’s struggles end.
-You are going to hit that dimension of favour this year.

They were arguing who will be the greatest, the disciples of Christ – Luke 22:25-27
Jesus said, “you don’t get it right, let me show you how to emerge the head.”
The greatest name that ever worked the planet Earth served His way there
Luke 22:28-30
“That we may sit on 12 thrones in Heaven” – Luke 22:30
Judas had all of that, but he wasn’t a partaker of it.
-You will partake of this.
It is serving God and His interests that enthrones believers.

Not ‘siddon’ (sit down) tight: watching and writing.
Serving God and the interest of His Kingdom is what enthrones a believer! You can’t serve Him without Him taking note of it – 2 Chronicles 16:9
You can’t say, “I don’t think God saw me.” God sees you anywhere you are. He is seeing everything at the same time and responding accordingly.
All the earth!
-Today is your day.
“I have found David my servant”, not in town, in the bush – Psalm 89:20
He is the same yesterday, today and forever – Hebrews 13:8
No matter where you are, He will find you.
He found him (David) and enthroned him. His elder brothers were throwing their chest in town, “what of that boy, are you hearing from him? I hope the sheep are okay.”
When they said, “bring your sons.” Jesse said, “they are all here, they don’t go anywhere” – 1 Samuel 16:10
God said, “I have not chosen him.”
Eliab came, he looked so kingly, Samuel said, “this is the king.” Stop that, that is a slave.
It is not the way you pose, it is where you serve. David was serving and keeping his father’s sheep, God found him.
-You are serving and keeping your heavenly Father’s sheep: God will find you.
You don’t need to beg Him, that is His job.
Psalm 89:20
-God will find you!

It’s our choice to serve God – Joshua 24:15
It is not a gift, it is a choice; but choosing to serve Him is one, serving Him is another. It takes passion for your stewardship to be empowered for steadfastness.
It takes passion for anybody’s stewardship to be empowered for steadfastness. It takes passion. Passion is a natural virtue. People are passionate about several things. Paul was so passionate about the Jewish religion, he wasn’t born again – Galatians 1:14
Passion is a natural phenomenon; it is inside people. When you are saved, you can now redirect your passion to your God, it will make a world of difference.
Let me tell you this Sir, this is very clear statement from scriptures, only those who are faithfully serving their God will ever qualify for enthronement.
Skill can get you somewhere, thank God for it, but it can’t keep you there. That is why you have a lot of rise and fall, rise and fall; but serving God keeps you there.
It gets you there quickly and keeps you there permanently.

You don’t stop, nobody can drop you. Nobody can. The attack of the enemy is zero.
Exodus 4:23
He will clear every devil off your path, to ensure your safety, your security at all times.

Please sign in. There is so much lifting virtue in Kingdom stewardship.
Abraham, my servant – Psalm 105:42
Moses the servant of the Lord –
Job: there is no one like this Job. Have you considered my servant Job? The biggest businessman in town. My servant Job, the greatest businessman in the entire world of those days – Job 1:8
Through serving God.
-You are the next testimony.
Then we have the example of Daniel, we are all very familiar with him. “Is thy God whom thou servest continually able to deliver from the lions?” – Daniel 6:20
Even the wicked king knew that he (Daniel) was serving God continually.
“Servant of the living God” – Daniel 6:20
-He will deliver you from any trap of the wicked when you are genuinely serving Him. Forget about all those nonsense. He will deliver you, you will not even know that they exist.
When did I pray against the enemy not to torment me last? “Enemy, get away”; he knows how to get away, he knows he doesn’t belong to that environment, he knows.

Baba T.L Osborne shared a very humbling word with us during the days when my wife’s health was under attack in the US. He went to the house and he now said, the Lord showed him how the devil
came around the house area and one of the demons was trying to enter the house; he said, “heyy, stop that; i warned you, don’t go near this place; the devil was busy doing other devilish things: he saw
another one trying to get there, said, “what! get off.” He said, the attack will come twice but it will have no effect.
There are no go areas for the devil and he knows. Have you ever seen a mad man run into fire? He is mad ooo, but not to the point of fire.
You are serving Him, He surrounds you with the wall of fire. All witches, they warn themselves, “don’t come near that place. Don’t come near.”
You know what satan said, “have you not built a wall around him, around his house, around all that he has on every side” – Job 1:9-10
Serving God qualifies you for a wall around your house.
-Evil will never know your dwelling place again.
It is not block wall, it is wall of fire – Zechariah 2:5
satan is a beast, there is no beast that does not recognise the authority of fire; he is an evil beast. You don’t need to pray for, you know we have all these different categories of snakes: python.
When python sees fire, it just bends: no way, I am not as python as it were, this is a stronger python, let me go my way safely.
Every evil beast just reverses when they come near you or anything that has do with you. The benefit of serving God, He builds a wall around you. As you are rising and they are getting angry, it doesn’t matter: come near and get fried; come, you’ll be fried.

How many desire for God to like them? You love Him and then He will like you. Love Him in truth and then He will like you!!
We have not begged for one thing in this Commission 40 years plus: That ‘e jo, e ma binu’ (please, don’t be angry), please, now.
-It is your turn to be enthroned and no devil can stop it!

Jesus took upon Himself the form of a servant, He became obedient, even unto the death of the cross – Philippians 2:7,9
It is the same process: the form of a servant first. Obedience to validate, then you are highly exalted in return.
Can I hear you say, “God does not need my support to be God. I need Him to fulfill my destiny. He doesn’t need me for anything, but I need Him for everything”: That will change your perspective forever.
All politicians worldwide, whether 1st world, 2nd world, 3rd world or 4th world: everyone needs some human support to get there and to stay there. God needs nobody’s support to be God – Exodus 3:14
You are too small to support Me, it is a risk to want to support Me. If I fall on you, where will you be?
Say it and convince yourself, “God does not need my support to be God.”
Don’t come to Church and do as if we are His supporters. Who are you supporting? God! You are not even afraid. You are supporting God.
The Lord said to me, “I have not chosen you because you are better than anybody else. I have only given you a privilege, should you abuse it, there are better hundreds at the door.”
You know God knows how to humble people in their assignment. He told me at the beginning, so I knew He can throw me out any second; so I want to jealously guard my privilege.
People can’t say that in town ooo, “that God does not need my support”; but that is the truth: He doesn’t need your support; He doesn’t need my support; He doesn’t need our support to be God.
He is God, whether you support Him or de-support Him. God forever, God eternally.

Just four things and then we pray.
By redemption, you are ordained for a life of Next Levels – Proverbs 4:18
Put the word ‘just’ and call it ‘justified’: the path of the justified, the redeemed of the Lord is as a shining light that shines more and more unto the perfect day – Proverbs 4:18
We have been justified by His blood, so we are the ones He is talking about, so our adventure on earth is ordained to be from glory to glory, shining brighter and brighter till the perfect day when Jesus comes – Romans 5:9
-From today, you will never know the meaning of stagnation again.
-No one here will suffer the plague of stagnation again.
-Your business, your career, your children, the work of your hand: nothing will suffer stagnation anymore in your life.
God hates to see His children go in cycles – Deuteronomy 2:3
You have gone round this mountain long enough, I am not comfortable. If your child is repeating classes, you are not comfortable. The same this year; next year: the same class; year after: the same class; ‘Kilode’ (Why?)
God can’t be comfortable when we are at the same spot.
-Therefore from now, every year in your life will be another leap.
Remember not the former things, God is starting a new thing in your life today – Isaiah 43:18

Next Level is not your ambition; it’s your birthright and you are getting there.
Romans 5:9
We are the justified He is talking about in Proverbs chapter 4 verse 18 and that is you.
Just like you saw the Church grow from that wonderful status where we began from and to where we are by grace today; that is how your life will keep changing level.

We must possess a next level mentality to realise this – Proverbs 23:7
When we first came here, we had a concrete wall where we thought our property was going to end, but then God showed up and threw us out there with thousands of acres of property. We had to break the concrete wall, to create a way to the enlargement.
God has no ceiling on our destiny.

God took off the limits of your life. God has no ceiling on our destiny.
He showed me that at the base of this ministry there will be 50,000-seat Sanctuary: that’s okay. Now, He said, “go ahead and do this”
To show that He did, He said, “you are taking my project to that place, I would not have come there.” So it is His project: a 100,000-seat is His project. The only one He showed me was a phase.
So He has moved to the next phase.

That is not the last one we are going to do. If you think so, you should think right. That is not the last one we are going to do.
You say, “what is the next one?”
I don’t know. I didn’t know this one when we came here. I didn’t know it. He shows you as you go.
No ceilings on your destiny, so hanging around on the same spot is not safe for you. It is not your heritage.
-I curse the plague of stagnation of every area on anyone’s life in this service.
-Before the half of this year, you will know that the yoke of stagnation has been broken.

1. We must begin to see every instruction of scriptures as an examination which one must pass to make it to the next class in school.
See every instruction as an examination which you must pass to move to the next class.
Genesis 22:1
Abraham wrote a test of sacrifice before God moved him to the next level. Every instruction is a test. Without passing the test, you don’t have a testimony.
Every instruction from the Lord to you is a test; without passing the test, you can’t have a testimony. You must pass the test to have a testimony.
Matthew 6:33 – “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God” is a test, you pass it, then all these things will be added to you, phase by phase.
You don’t pass it, nothing will be added.
You pray Kingdom advancement prayer as a service platform, He sees it in secret, He rewards you openly.
You go after souls, He rescues you from shame and reproach.
Every instruction is a test and without passing the test, you don’t have a testimony.
“This is the place”: It is a test. Canaanland cannot be the place, it is lost, it is going to nowhere. It is a test, you fail it; you will be at the same point, you will be suffering frustration, agitation, lawsuit and everything for failing the test.
“Every Winner should make sure they have 10 souls”: It’s a test. “I don’t care”: You have failed the test. Whatever belongs to those who do it, you have lost out of it.
Everything! If you don’t see it as a test Sir, you will be praying funny prayers.
They say, “write exams”; you are praying: Is that the way to pass?
“O Father!” – To do what?
“Write exams”: You say, “you are not interested.”
Your fervent prayer and the prayer of your father and your prophet and Papa won’t change anything: you must the test on your own.

Your father won’t write the exam for you: if they catch him…
You must pass the test.
I hope you will still like me after this, because “Papa, just pray for us”: It is not pray for you, you must pass the test. ‘Pray for you’ won’t move you from 100 level to 200 level; you must pass the test.

When engaging with instructions of scriptures becomes one’s lifestyle, such individual continue to experience change of level as a lifestyle
Deuteronomy 28:1 – I will be changing your level little by little, until you become above all nations of the earth.
Let it become your lifestyle. Enjoy obeying God’s instructions.
Psalm 112:1-3
Let it become the delight of your soul.
There are people in this Church and I mean it, who have never paid tithes in their life and they are always fasting for financial breakthrough. Stop punishing yourself. It is impossible to command
financial breakthrough without being a tither and a liberal soul: I have walked with Him for sometime. It’s impossible, it’s a waste of energy.
“O God, all the ones attacking me”: Nobody is attacking you. Your being off the covenant platform is your greatest attack. Your greatest attack Sir.
When God said to me, 1987, our total income was five twenty-something thousand (Naira) in a year. “Start tithing the income of the Church.”
This is one of the most prosperous Church institution on the earth today, by the grace of God.

I came back from a journey and the Lord said to me, “sow the seed of the blessing you received from this trip to your mentor.” I said, “Sir”
Guess what: He (my mentor) put it back in my hand. He said, “I put this back in your hand today and from today, your hand will never know dryness.”
God doesn’t need what we give Him Sir, it is you who needs it. We have never needed to look for dollars to buy in this world, for anything, not even on this project. Oluwa O (My God).
It’s simple instruction. It’s a test.
Not, “God never. Say something else.”
One of the seed we used in planting those Churches in 1987 was what the Lord told me, “give Me that car” and with a smile, not groaning, I told my wife, “God just said.”
She said: Praise the Lord, because we are equally mad.
On my way going home, the Lord said to me, “My son David, even if you don’t want to be rich, it is too late.” I heard it myself, not that He told me.
Every instruction is a test.
In case, you can’t hear from God directly, you can hear from His Word. Do what His Word says. Not that I wish I can hear from the Lord like Papa. You can hear from God from His Word.
Is it Papa who told you to pay tithes?
Until you start doing what He says to everybody, He won’t be telling you anything private.
For what reason? What He is saying for everybody to do, you didn’t do. He will now call you for confidential talk! On what basis?
You jump at what He says for everyone to do first.
I should better leave you, so we can go to the next Service.
He that has ears, let him hear – Matthew 11:15, Revelation 2:29
-From now, as you align with the Word, no devil can get you stagnated again.

2. We must continue to serve God and the interest of His Kingdom as a lifestyle: He came back, He saw what they did. You gained 10 talents more, have authority over 10 cities; He left again.
He is coming back again to change their level if they remain faithful. So your level will never stop changing.
-Your own level will never stop changing.
-As you maintain the path of obedience, you will keep changing level from glory to glory.

3. The way up, always forever, no matter what, keep rejoicing in the Lord. Because it will be coming little by little. Keep rejoicing in the Lord – Habakkuk 3:17-19
That is the way God behaves. Complainers don’t have a future; murmurers are going nowhere. Keep celebrating God.
We were living in the Church office: one toilet for the entire Church. We were a happy family. Happy!
Was that where you were living before? No. We had our own apartment, 3-bedroom house; now we had only one room, one passage, a sitting room, that is where everybody passes through; 1 toilet.
But happy family. The people in the congregation won’t know we are living there, but that was where we lived with our family.
Keep rejoicing.
You want to change levels? Keep rejoicing.
All this talking around, “look at my friend, they have built houses”: Go and collect it. Go and collect their house.
-God will change your story.
-Everything that makes you cast your head down is over today.

Prayers: Sign in for this continuous change of level. Sign in for the continuous change of level by your raw obedience to God and His instructions. Give Him glory and praise. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.

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