The Beginners Guide to Buying Drums & Percussion

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This article will place it focus on how to choose the right drum kit, cymbals, drum accessories or percussion instrument to bring out the best in your budding musician while maintaining your budget and sanity.

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It has been noticed that sometimes many parent who found out musical ability in their children have pleasant fantasies of their prodigy performing sweet-toned violin concertos or mellow classical guitar solos, but those fantasies are often shattered once those parent finds out their children aren’t interested in such things, all they want is a drum set and nothing else will do.

We will be looking at the components that makes a drum set and give you some beginner’s friendly set that are most likely to make more sense for your budget while thrilling than new drummer, we will also do good to touch the world and concert percussion instruments. We try as much as possible in this article to keep the whole info about the kits simple and very straightforward.


While most drum Sets may seem to look essentially alike to the untrained eye, there are significant differences among them in terms of overall quality, number of individual drums, cymbals, and many more differences, the average 11years old young kid may have the attitude of bigger is better and place focus on big kits, but what are the best to buy?

 Firstly we will be looking at the three basic components in any drum set, because they are basically the backbone of most drum rhythms, and are often the first to get upgraded as a musician progresses. These three basic components include BASS DRUM, SNARE DRUM, and HIT-HAT.

  • Bass Drum. This is also known as the kick drum, it happen to be the largest of these kits, do sit down at the middle, it possess a cylindrical body with drum head and a low indefinite pitch.
  • Snare Drum. This is the main drum in a set. It is mounted on a stand and positioned between the drummer’s knees, and produces a loud, sharp sound.
  • Hit-hat. This is a set of two cymbals together with a foot pedal and by hitting them with the drumsticks.

Almost every drum kit will include a kick, snare, and hit-hat.


They are the other drums that make up the kit, they are typically produce a hollow sound at various pitches depending on the size of the drum. Most drum sets have one or more suspended toms mounted on the top of the bass drum and sometimes called hanging toms. They sometimes include a larger, deeper-sounding floor tom that’s mounted on its own stand placed on the floor.

  • High tom. The smallest tom and is mounted over the bass drum, nearest the snare.
  • Mid tom. The mid tom, if it happens that it is only one that it available, it is also mounted over the bass drum, beside the high tom.
  • Floor Tom. This happen to be the largest, it’s usually mounted on a stand positioned by the drummer’s leg.

About two or three toms will do well for a beginner.


Adding to the hi-hats mentioned above, there are two common cymbals found in most starter drum kits.

  • Crash Cymbals. This usually happens to be the loudest cymbals in a kit, crash cymbals come in a variety of sizes and are usually mounted above the toms.
  • Ride Cymbals. The ride cymbal is larger than the crash cymbal, and is generally suspended above or near the floor tom. It creates a more gentle sound “wash.”

A junior drum kit will usually include one or two generic cymbals. They are smaller—to fit the scaled size of the kit—and don’t have the sonic quality of full-sized cymbals, so they are often not specified as “crash” or “ride” cymbals.


Many beginner’s drum kits do contain a throne, but to be very sure do well to check if they have it, because conventional chair and stool may be too tall for a drum set, so do well to pick up one if you don’t find a throne in the kits.

Best Junior Drum sets for Beginners

If you have discover that you have a drum prodigy as a parent that seems at all serious wanting drums, it is the best to avoid toy drums, because some parent just decide to buy a toy drum kit, but trust me that won’t help them in anyway as a matter of fact the toy drum kits won’t bring out the tones that will help me them to improving in the course of practicing drum, they may end up being a poor drummer by that, it is advisable to buy a real drums kit we will be touching some that you can get at a cost that won’t put too much burden on you.

  1. PULSE’S 3-PIECE DELUXE JUNIOR DRUM SET is a great option for younger beginners. It‘s scaled to accommodate kids’ smaller frames appropriately, but it is built of rugged metal and sturdy poplar wood so it’s definitely not a toy. It comes complete, with a kick, snare, hi-hat, tom, a small ride cymbal, throne, and drumsticks—all at a very budget-friendly price.
  2. LUDWIG is a big name in drums, and their Junior Outfit Drum Set adds step-up features not found in similar junior sets. In addition to a junior kick, snare, hi-hat, cymbal, and high tom; this kit adds a mounted tom and a floor tom, as well as a more substantial cymbal stand.

A Step-up Drum kits for an older players

If your new drummer is a teen, a full-sized starter set is a good place to begin. Drum diameters are similar to more advanced and expensive drum kits and overall quality is higher than that of junior sets.

The D2 5-Piece Drum Set from ddrum is a very affordable set that includes everything necessary to begin playing straight out of the box. With its step-up hardware and deep-toned mahogany drum shells it can make a great introduction to drumming that will keep new players enthusiastic as they progress in their skills. The complement of three toms with a bass and snare together with all hardware, a throne, and 5 sets of sticks with a stick bag make this set a great value.

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