Some time ago, a man came to see me in the office and told me of an encounter he had when he first got in contact with our Church.

He said at that time he was a student of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna state, Nigeria. He came to our Church in Abuja, Nigeria and saw the wonderful th

ings God was doing. He said that when he heard and saw some drastic testimonies, he began to doubt the authenticity of what he saw because he had an orthodox background.

When he went back to Zaria, he asked God to reveal to him if He (God) was the one using the man of God (referring to me) in that Church.

Then he said that he had a very frightening and dangerous encounter that made him cry unto the Lord for mercy. He said since then, he had come to believe that God is the One using His servant. Afterwards, God gave him an instruction to be connected to our ministry and since then, his life changed.

He brought a document of a job worth 300 million dollars which was awarded to him. He discovered the secret of prophetic and parental connection. And I told him that greater things than that would happen in his life.

Beloved, your personal vision is limited. Spiritual fatherhood gives you the capacity to see farther than you are currently seeing.

Vision is foresight while dream is insight. If your spiritual father gives insight to your foresight, he makes you know in details what you thought you knew.

When you are under a spiritual cover, you will stand for what your spiritual father stands for; his belief becomes your belief.

So, never take the goodwill and blessing of a spiritual parent for granted. This is because the unction that backs you determines the action you can take.

PRAYER: O Lord, I ask for the grace to connect properly to the prophetic cover over my life in Jesus’ Name.

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