The Best Life is found in God

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The best life is lived in God, and the best life lived in God is lived in the Spirit. The life lived in the Spirit adheres strictly to every of God’s instruction.
The people who lived in the old testament, who are described as heroes of faith didn’t know the Holy Spirit except David, but they adhere to God’s instructions, and follow Him fully in His word. We must follow God in His word, and take everything He says as our life.
I am a follower of God. You have to come to this level where you are able to say with confidence that you are a follower of God.

Please, follow God truly, and fully if you want to follow Him. If you are not willing to follow Him, please make it clear and stop pretending to be living for Him when you are not, but I pray for you that you would truly live for God, because living outside God is living in danger zone.

If we would consciously live in God and live in the Spirit, the difference will certainly be there between us who are His, and those who live for themselves and the devil.

I serve God alone, I worship Him alone, and I follow Him alone. For me, it’s Christ Alone. That’s all I want, that’s all that gives me joy. 

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