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-Pastor Paul Enenche at the Glory Dome on ‘THE BLESSING OF HIS PRESENCE‘.
Dunamis International Gospel Centre.
Combined Service.
Lift up your hands and let us worship God. Let us honour Him; let’s adore Him, let’s magnify Him, let’s glorify Him in the name of Jesus.

Most times, religion is the enemy of reality. Most people come to church on a Sunday morning, not really expecting anything; they came to fulfill a normal religious obligation. It is the enemy of reality.

You must make up your mind this morning that you are not just here for a religious purpose; you are here for a divine encounter. You are here for God to change something in your life. Encounters changed people’s lives just now and an encounter is about to happen to somebody.

Lift up your hands in worship.
ğŸŽ¶He is Lord (2x) Amen.
He has risen from the dead, He is Lord.
Every knee shall bow, Every tongue confess, that Jesus Christ is the Lord.ğŸŽ¶
Lift your hands and lift your voice and worship Him.

The presence of El-Shaddai is here; Jesus is here, ministering angels are here. He is the one that has the authority to open the door that no man can close and closes the door that no man can open. He is the One in whose presence all the pleasures of life disappeared as if they never existed.

He is the One in whom we live and have our being. Lift your hands high, forget who is by your side. This is an encounter moment; a moment of visitation, a moment of encounter, a moment of drastic turnaround.
Lift the hands high up and whisper that name J-E-S-U-S…
Father thank You for divine openings. Thank You for opening the graves and bringing the people out. Thank You for opening the prisons; thank You for opening eyes and opening ears, opening wombs, opening destinies. I thank You Master for divine openings. I thank You Master for breaking the chains; ancestral chains, generational chains.

Thank You for lifting the weights and lifting the burdens. Thank You for destroying yokes. I give You the praise, I give You the honour because the burdens are been lifted, the chains are been broken. I give You the praise, I give You the honour, I give You the adoration.
Thank You for what You are doing here this morning. Thank You for a total turnaround of someone’s story.

Thank You for the end of year gift You are giving to that sister, that brother. Somebody is receiving your healing as your Christmas gift from God; your healing, deliverance, breakthrough and turnaround are given to you as your Christmas gifts from God.
Lift your hands everywhere you are and begin to thank the Lord for what you are receiving today in the name of Jesus.
“Father, I receive my visitation today”
-Lord, do something drastic; something that I will live to remember in my life.
Give the Lord the praise and take your seat in the presence of the Lord.
Psalm 16:8-11
The Lord bless His Word in the precious name of Jesus Christ.
Our objective is to see the blessedness of God’s presence in the lives of His people.

The presence of God is the secret of meaningful living.

The presence of God is the secret of quality living; it is the secret of enviable living. The presence of God was the secret of Joseph, Job, David and the secret of Jesus.


  1. It is the secret of stability of life (Psalm 16:8). The presence of God makes life stable.
  2. The presence of God is the secret of joy and fulfilment in life (Psalm 16:9).
    God with a man, you don’t have a down time
  3. The presence of God is the secret of divine life (Psalm 16:11).

When we talk about divine life, it includes divine health and quality life.

  • I see that presence of God exploding for someone here today!
  1. The presence of God is the secret of supernatural rest and pleasure (Psalm 16:11). The presence of God exempts you from the pressures of life, anxiety and tensions.
  2. The presence of God is the secret of supernatural favour and acceptance (Genesis 39:2, 21).
  3. The presence of God is the secret of supernatural supply and all-round success ( Genesis 39:2-3, 21). Everything works around a man who hangs with God. Nothing dries up where God is present.
  4. The presence of God is the secret of divine guidance and direction (Exodus 13:21-22, Psalm 18:15).
  5. The presence of the Lord is the secret of access to destiny. That is, it is not possible for you to miss where you are meant to go in life. If you are tied to God, you can’t miss road and miss it in life. For as long as the aircraft is in touch with the control tower, it must reach where it is going. You cannot miss it in life (Exodus 13:21-22).
  6. The presence of God is the secret of the anointing (Acts 10:38).
    If you don’t lack His presence, you will not lack His oil. The only time you will begin to struggle for the oil is when you have lost His presence.
  • That presence is coming for somebody!
  1. The presence of God is the secret of the supernatural; healings, miracles, signs and wonders (Acts 10:38, Mark 16:20).
    If God is with you, healing is effortless, miracles are effortless.
  • Today, every evil presence in your life is returning back to hell!
    Lift up your right hand and say;
    “Father, I need Your presence in my life”.


  1. Walking in joy and praise (Psalm 16:11).
    Those who love the joyful sound, they shall walk in the light of His countenance (Psalm 89:15). Depression will deprive you of His presence. When you refuse to be happy, God cannot hang around you and joy is not a gift, it is a choice (Philippians 4:4). Make up your mind to be excited and be joyful.

I am always in top shape, my wife and children, they are laughing all the time because I have made that choice.

  1. Walking in love (Amos 3:3, 1 John 4:8). To walk in God, you must walk in love. You cannot have enemies everywhere and be able to carry the presence of God. With bitterness, unforgiveness, murmuring, grumbling, you can’t carry God.
  2. Walking in the Word (John 1:1).
  3. Walking in humility; death to self (John 3:30). Whenever we are full of ourselves, we are empty of God.
  4. Walking in holiness and uprightness (Hebrews 12:14). You want to see God at work in your life and see Him present around you; you must walk in holiness, uprightness and a conscience that is void of offence towards God and man.
    When you walk in all these realms, get set to see God at work.

  5. Somebody lift up your right hand:

  • I prophesy upon you today, in the name that is above every name; everything that makes your life unstable, that instability is over forever!
  • I prophesy joy and fulfillment in your life and in your family in the name of Jesus!
  • I prophesy today; divine life. You shall not be killed before your time. Every death looking for you returns back to hell!
  • I prophesy today; supernatural rest and pleasure! It is your portion in the name of Jesus!
  • I prophesy favour. Every spirit of disfavour and rejection that has plagued your life; it is arrested forever in the name of Jesus!
  • I prophesy today; supernatural supply, all-round success. This December shall be the best December of your life. This Christmas shall be the best Christmas of your life!
  • Everybody trusting God for direction and guidance, I prophesy to you divine direction and guidance. It is your portion in the name of Jesus!
  • I prophesy your access to destiny. You shall fulfill your destiny. You shall reach your destiny. You shall reach where you are meant to reach in life in the name of Jesus!
  • Fresh oil, fresh anointing; that is your portion!
  • Everybody trusting God for a healing, miracle, deliverance, signs and wonders; today, they are released!
    Thank You Father! Thank You Master!

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