If we are not interested in politics then we are not interested in life because Politics is an interplay of power; it is not a dirty game it is politicians that makes it look dirty. If the church thinks politics is dirty and we fold our hands, the evil will take over the system and determine how the country, the church will run. We have prayed for long, we have fasted and prophecied and now it is time to lobby the spiritual realm in order to take over and shake the devils out of politics.

The church should begin to sensitize her members on politics and stop allowing politician on our Altars; it’s an insult to the Altar to be giving them priveleges in the church in order to do campaign and after they win they go and put a law that will be against the Church.

1. Let’s begin to work on the mind of our brethren or the enemy will do it .

2. If we don’t like politics the world system will like it and go into it thereby directing us wrongly. “WHEN THE EVIL RULE THE PEOPLE MOURN”

3. We must affect people decision making; this is not manipulation but to effectively present reality.

4. We can’t afford to misrepresent God, The other people are planning already but believers are sleeping not understanding the time and seasons and when the time comes we start Praying, IT IS NOT EVERYTHING WE TAKE TO GOD IN PRAYERS.

#Idoko Idu Idachaba.

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