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Go to every corner of Japan, you will see Buddhist temples yet they are very successful.

Go to Saudi Arabia, Islam is practiced to the core but they are still very successful.

Go to Israel, everything shuts down every Friday going into Saturday for their sabbath, yet they are one of the strongest economies in the world.
Forget what you see on TV about America and Canada, go to their suburban areas, you will find churches parked every Sunday and in almost every street, yet they are still world powers.

The problem of Africa is beyond Religion. We have decided not to help ourselves.

We loot our resources and take them overseas.

We don’t create jobs for our people thereby making them to fend for themselves.

Christianity or religion seem to become the only place they find hope because they are referred to God since men have failed them.

Though, there are still bad eggs in the church but that doesn’t make the church the reason for the backwardness of Africa.

Any day Africa decides to wake up, many religious places will close down because those who were not called would go get proper jobs for themselves.

For now, it’s either we fix Africa or we allow the church fill the gap.

The Church is not the problem.

~ Charles Chidi Nwaeze.

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