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-Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre on ‘DESTINY- DESTROYING CHARACTER’ (Part 5).
1st Service, Glory Dome.

Lift up your hands and worship Him. It is overwhelming; the testimonies, the miracles, the signs, the wonders that only Him could do. Father we give You the praise, we give You the honour. Thank You Jesus.

Father we worship You, we honour You, we adore You, we magnify You.
🎶🎶 Singing, I love you Lord (3x)🎶🎶

Father thank You for this moment, we love You, we honour You and we adore You. Father we ask that not one person will leave here the same way they have come. We are here to thank You, to appreciate You and to worship You. Be glorified, be honoured in Jesus precious name.

Lift Your hands and just worship Jesus and whisper that name J-E-S-U-S…
– Whatever you came here with as a burden, as a concern; I declare it is broken now in the name of Jesus!

Give the Lord a big hand of clap as you take your seat in the presence of the Lord.

I welcome everyone to this awesome divine presence filled service; awesome testimonies, awesome impactful ministration, the deep climate of His presence and we remain eternally grateful. It is not of him that willeth or runneth, but of God who shows mercy. Father we thank You in Jesus precious name.

This morning, we are going forward in the destiny-destroying character series and this is part 5.
Our objective is to understand character traits that destroy destiny. We started last week Sunday with a major destroyer of character; pride – what destroyed Satan. On Wednesday we went into a very serious one that affects our nation very seriously, that is lie. I have received several messages from people who asked, what do I do, all the way from primary school to post graduate, no result is correct? That’s the kind of world we live in right now and these things must be taught for the sake of our welfare on earth and for the sake of our eternity after this world. There are so many people God wants to help, He wants to bless but His hands are tight. He said if the foundation is destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:3). When what you are standing on is not correct, what can you do?

Our objective remains the same, understanding character traits that destroy destiny. It has been confirmed by the authority of scripture that character is a pointer to destiny; the strength of everyone’s destiny is determined by the strength of their character. It is not possible to have a destiny that is strong with a character that is weak. Today, we shall look at the negative character traits of theft, which is in summary financial lack of integrity. When we mention a thing like this, somebody will be thinking that, this is talking about armed robbers, somebody who went and burgle a place and stole money – No! It is far beyond that.

Exodus 20:15
The massiveness of the corruption in our Nation today and around the Nations of the world is anchored on this subject of theft and it is one of the most destructive character traits because it is part of the character of the devil (John 10:10) – Satan is officially called the thief, he cometh to steal, to kill and to destroy. So it is practically the nature of satan just like pride.

We have examples of people in scripture that were destroyed by theft, stealing, financial lack of integrity and people who were raised by it. Most times lying and stealing go hand in hand.
1. Achan (Joshua 7). Achan took what he was not meant to take. Achan stole and what he took did not only destroyed his life, it destroyed his future and his seed. Achan’s generation was wiped out in one day. There are things people do today that implicate their children tomorrow. There are people in position, government position in high places who are embezzling millions of naira and dollars and they don’t know they are literally killing the future of their children. That is why you’ll hardly find a child of a fraudulent person become anything in life.

1. Abraham (Genesis 14:22-24). Whatever is not yours that enters your hand come to reduce what is yours, it arrives to deprive you of what is yours. If it is not legally given to you, it did not arrive to increase; it arrives to reduce you and to eliminate you.
– That will never be your portion in Jesus name.

1). Financial crookedness.
2). Financial deceitfulness.

a). Outright stealing.
b). False and untrue bills or charges – where you make people to pay in excess of what is the real. I am not talking about the profit now, I am talking about what is the price of this thing? The price of this thing is one naira and you are saying it is two naira.

After I preached on Wednesday, someone asked me a question; “I’m a tailor and somebody says help me buy so and so material to make clothe for me. The cost of the material per yard is N2,500 but I told the person that is N3,500 per yard, so I can get N1,000 out of it. Have I lied? Yes you lied and yes you stole. Because the person told you to buy for him, the person didn’t ask you to sell to him. It is possible for you to do the material business too if you want and then make profit out of the material. Do you understand what I’m talking about? But if you are not the seller of the material and he didn’t contract you to give it to him, that addition is illegal.

c). The financial oppression of the underprivileged or the poor. This is a situation where you agreed to pay people a particular amount, that is labourers working for you and that the daily pay will be N1,000 or N2,500 and when it is time to pay them, you say “I’ll not pay you that amount. I’m going to pay you just N1,000 or N500” and because you are more powerful than them and they are unable to fight you, they leave you to God. Or you just continuously leave the people to suffer endlessly or deal with people anyway you want and then dare the people to say anything.

i). The thief must pay multiple for his theft, both in time and in eternity (Exodus 22:7). Whatever anybody steals today, he will lose it minimum of twice in his life. Somebody say the Bible says, if only he is found. No, no, no. The Bible says your sin will find you out (Numbers 32:23). Some people pay for it with hospital bills, some people pay for it with incurable diseases, some people pay for it with disaster. You took it, you cheated to get it, it must be paid for.

ii). The thief must always move about with the cry of accusation around his life. That is in the realm of the spirit, there is a cry around his life. The way it is in the physical where they shout thief, thief, thief; in the same manner there is a cry around the life of the thief in the realm of the spirit (Job 30:5). Stolen car, shirt, house; there are some people whose houses are crying against them. Why? They stole government money to build the house, he stole from his office to buy the car, he cheated somebody to buy the suit and everything around him is crying.

iii). The thief must exist with curses. He cannot escape the curse, even the friend of a thief is not spared (Proverbs 29:24). You are close to a fraudulent man or a crooked man, the curse on his life robs on your life (Zachariah 5:1-4).

iv). The thief’s investment is doomed for destruction (Zachariah 5:4). Whatever a thief builds has no future, whether that thief is a pastor or a minister or government officer or a thief on the road, church worker, it is the same thing. You stole to build, you are wasting your time. You stole to put in business, you are wasting your life. That investment doesn’t have a future.

v) The thief’s outcome is shame.

vi). The thief is destined to suffer.

vii). The thief’s eternal destiny is hell fire because he must join the father of all thieves there. If you understand what I’m talking about; if you see a pen on your table that is not your own, you will not touch it. Let me give you a story:
One day, my wife travelled out of the Country and I was at home and I needed money to do something and typically I don’t carry money, she’s with the cheque book, she doesn’t sign them, I sign them. So I was without money and I wanted to do something and I saw some money by the bedside, about N5,000 and I called her. Now both of us, the two are one, so our money is literally one and in all probability whatever money is in her possession, I gave it to her. But I put a call to her and told her that I saw some money by the bedside, please what money is that? That is in my own house, in my own room, I saw money by the bedside and I’m asking what money is that? She said, go ahead, feel free and use it Sir.

If you know the implication of taking what is not yours, you will be running. Where is Achan today, where is Gehazi, where is Idi Amin of Uganda, what of the Nigeria ones and in our Nation today, you’ll hardly find the child of any fraudulent man that was significant in any realm, not to talk of being better than their father, not one.
– You will not fail.

1. Avoid covetousness and embrace contentment (1 Timothy 6:6-10). Whatever you steal to get, you don’t need. If you have to steal it to get it, you don’t need it.

2. Embrace genuine upright labour to attract due rewards (Ephesians 4:28). The cure to stealing is to work with your hands. Make up your mind, if it is billions, you will get them legitimately but you are going to work.

3. Avoid the trap to be like others by all means (2 Corinthians 10:12). Don’t struggle to be like others because you don’t know their whole story, you don’t know how they got what they got.

In those days I used to tell myself, what are other people doing that we are not doing because suddenly you’ll just see people shinning and we are just following the path. Only for us to later got to know the full story. Many, many years down the line, as we decided to go slowly but surely, there’s zero of any of those people now that we used to see in those days because some borrowed to shine. Don’t struggle to be like people, just be yourself under God and let God promote you at His rate per time.
– Your promotion is coming.

4. Become more interested in what you give than what you get, more interested in being a blessing than making a living (Ephesians 4:28).
The crave to give and be a blessing is a killer of the nature of criminality. When you passion is; how can I be a blessing to humanity, how can I be a blessing to eternity? You won’t cheat people to be a blessing. You will not defraud people to become a blessing. You can’t struggle to be a blessing and be a thief at the same time.

5. Be eternal and earthly consequence conscious of life’s actions (Romans 14:12). Consciousness of consequence impart caution to action. Let me tell you a story that nobody told me, that I’m aware of many years ago. I’m going to use arbitrary example:
Groundnut seller came to sell groundnut and this person wants to buy groundnut. How much is this plate of groundnut? It is so and so. “Alright, I’m buying one, two, three, four. Take the money and give me change” and the young lady said “I don’t have change. Let me go and find change and come back” and while she went, this person packed extra groundnut and the young lady came and didn’t know what happened and gave back the change and took her groundnut away and this person who packed the groundnut entered a vehicle to return back home and then there was a ghastly motor accident (I’m not telling you a story that I heard of). The things that were packed and stolen spilled on the road; instant death. That is theft quarter to death. Where was the chance to say “I am sorry”? Where was the chance to say, “I stole”?

What touched me the most was that what was taken poured on the road, it was not beneficial. Be conscious of consequences here and consequences there. When you are consequence conscious, you are cautious in action.

6. Continually make demands on the grace of God if this is an area of challenge (Titus 2:11). It takes grace to say no to anything. Lord I receive grace to say no to money that is not mine.

Stand up on your feet. Lift up your hands and give Him the praise, give Him the honour.

I want you to know that the aim of this preaching is not condemnation, it is not accusation; it is just explanation, compassion, rescue and restoration. If you are guilty in any way, don’t feel condemned, just feel excited that God allowed us to know somethings before it is too late. There are those who didn’t know somethings like this before they left this world. In case you have found yourself in situations like this, the same thing Jesus told the woman; “go and sin no more”. Let the past be past. From now forward, no more. “Lord, what you don’t give me, I will not touch because I know how stranded my life has become by attempting and picking things that are not mine”. A woman asked me, what of market list for husband who does not give you any money for yourself and then you are to write N5,000 and you wrote N10,000 so you can keep N5,000. It’s better to negotiate with the man and just let him know, this is the price but this one is needed for the house. We live in a world that is full of temptation but I know that if we do the right thing, God will never allow us to be stranded.

Father I receive the grace to do right thing in Jesus’ name.


Be released in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. The Lord bless you, keep you, cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you in Jesus precious name.


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