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THE DAY OF HIS POWER – Dr Paul Enenche

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By: Dr Paul Enenche

1. Understanding what occasions God’s day of power
2. Understanding the way to power

We serve the God of Might and Power
He is the Almighty but does not deploy His might carelessly; He deploys His might when the occasion demands

1. When the purpose of God is at stake (Isa. 14:27)
God deploys His Power when what He has purposed must be enforced

2. When His Word and promise must be fulfilled (Num. 23:19; Matt. 5:18)

3. When His Covenant must be fulfilled (Ex. 2:24; Luke 13:16)
What made God to bury Pharaoh was covenant that was at stake
Once you touch Covenant, you touch the heart of God

4. When His enemies and the enemies of His people must be subdued (Ps. 110:1-7; 2 Sam. 2:19-23; Isa. 26:9)
God uses power to cause us to rule in the midst of our enemies; they don’t like you yet you are their commander
They hate you but they cannot hurt you!

5. When affliction must be relieved and health restored (Acts 10:38)
When affliction must be forced out, God releases His power.

6. When oppression (captivity), must be terminated (Acts 10:38)

7. When sorrow and weeping must be arrested (Ex. 3:7-8)

8. When destiny must be fulfilled (Ex. 3:1-10)
When people are to step into their God-ordained plan and destiny, power is released
Power is released if you must access your Canaanland

1. Covenant walk with God (Ex. 2:23-24)

2. Willingness and obedience to God (Ps. 110:3)

3. Uprightness of life (Ps. 110:3)
Whatever defiles your conscience deflates your powerbase

4. The Presence of God (Acts 10:38)
Whatever increases the presence of God in your life increases your powerbase – fasting, worship, study of the Word prayer; they will all increase your spiritual powerbase

Father, thank You for Your Word to us tonight. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I come before You today for the deployment of Your power for the fulfilment of Your purpose in my life; Father, deploy Your power to fulfil Your purpose today Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I ask that You will deploy Your Power to fulfil Your Word and Your promise to me; I ask that every outstanding promise of Scripture yet to be fulfilled in my life shall be fulfilled today Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I ask that You will release Your power to fulfil Covenant. Covenant keeping God, keep
Your covenant with my life, the Church, Dunamis, and this Nation by Your power Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, lay to rest every enemy that has decided that I should have no rest; lay them to rest. Every enemy of the Church in Nigeria, of the Nation Nigeria, of Dunamis Church, of my life, family and destiny that has vowed that we should not have rest, today they are laid to rest now, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, release Your power against every affliction in my system, known or unknown; every witchcraft, inherited or generational affliction, everything hiding in my system, I command you to disappear and dissolve now by the power of God, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, release Your power to dissolve, dismantle and scatter every captivity, chain, prison or cage holding my life; every cage or prison around any department of my life, by the power of the Holy Ghost and by the Blood of Jesus, I command you to SCATTER, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I reject every garment of sorrow, weeping, and frustration, I ask that they be set on fire! Father, deploy Your power against every garment of sorrow, weeping, and frustration around my life; oh you garments of sorrow and weeping around my life, family, the church and the nation Nigeria, today CATCH FIRE, in Jesus’ Name.

In the Name of Jesus, I take authority over any altar anywhere they are manipulating my life; any altar that has any hand in any negative situation around my life, family, the church and the nation and the priests servicing those altars, is set on fire now, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I ask that You will deploy Your power at this time and in this season to open up my
destiny; deploy Your Power NOW, in Jesus’ Name.

– Everything trying to die in your life is coming back to life!
– An enemy conspiracy has just been destroyed!
– A negative satanic cycle has just been broken!
– Every generational pattern that is affecting your life, the pattern is broken!
– Something that was lost has just been found!
– Whatever the devil said should not work in your life is working now!
– Everything the devil has damaged in your life, the damage is corrected right now!
– Every deposit of the enemy in your life returns back to sender!
– Every enemy affliction in your life, body and system, tonight is its end! It catches fire now!
– Anything struggling to move in your life, it is rising and running now!
– God is releasing fresh fire that will roast anything not planted by Him in your life and system!
– The power of epilepsy just dried up now!
– April is not permitted to end until your expectations come to pass!
– Tonight, Jehovah God is breaking chains and opening prison doors
– Every cage or prison the devil kept you in all these years is breaking open now!
– No devil shall stop your celebration!
– Very soon, people shall read you like they read a Bible because your life shall become a mobile fulfilment of God’s Word!
– In 4 weeks, that particular scripture that you are standing on concerning your life and destiny shall come to pass, the devil notwithstanding!
– Every enemy of the Church and of God’s people, this season, they shall experience the judgment of God!
– Many agents of the devil shall not cross into the next month!
– Since they have vowed that they shall not let you rest, now they shall be laid to rest!
– Something bigger than your matter shall come against them to make them leave you alone!
– Anyone on your case, this month of May, Jehovah will arrange them out of sight!
– Everyone who has decided to make you a project, God will give them a mega project of affliction, destruction and calamity!
– God is going to give you an evidence!
– The Lord is breaking the cycle of inherited diseases!
– Every evil cycle of frustration, calamity, and tears around your life, and the Body of Christ, today, whatever is fuelling that cycle is set on fire!
– That place God has for you that the ancestral devils of your family have been fighting and witches said over their dead body before you access it, after tonight you are stepping in there!
– That place that your life and this ministry should step into – a place of high potential and high enviable destiny, after tonight you shall step there!
– That place that the witches have seen and said you will never step into, after tonight, you shall see it and you shall step into it!
– They killed your loved ones before time; the way God made Abraham to fulfil his destiny and that of his father who died, God shall add their destinies to your destiny and you shall fulfil it!
– Whatever is the mystery behind the misery in your life, tonight it shall die!
– Any arrow fired into your life and destiny is returned back to sender!
– That spell of losing things, tonight it is broken!
– Today, that spell of indebtedness is broken!
– That spell of chronic singleness and delay is broken right now!
– The garment of wrong identity and the wrong identity generally is set on fire! The real you is emerging tonight!
– Every spell of slavery, anything that sentenced you to servitude, today it is broken!
– Where you belong in life, you shall step there!
– The load that is not yours that the enemy wants you to carry is returned back to the devil!
– No devil will make you to shed private tears anymore!
– Last hour miracles are your portion!

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