The Destructive Effect of Pornography – Apostle Johnson Suleman

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When you go to pornograhic sites and you are watching, as you open your eyes watching, spirits are entering you.

One of the things pornography sponsors is masturbation. One of the things masturbation sponsors is premature death.

Those of you bound by masturbation, you speak in tongues but it has held you bound.
Can I surprise you?

The enemy is taking life out of you. Anytime you are watching pornograhic materials, books or videos, you are opening yourself for the spirit of mockery and shame.

Sex is a covenant. It is life. When you start changing multiple sex partners you are entering several covenant. You felt it was 10 minutes or 1hour fun, no, it was one hour of serious covenant. As you entered the covenant, it arrested your children. It mortgaged your future. It swallowed up your life.

There are people that think they are smart and they get all kinds of contraceptives and protection to avoid STDs not knowing they are actually acquiring STDs. You avoided Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) but you got Sexually Transmitted Demons (STD).

They go through protection; contraceptives to a avoid pregnancy. They go through the rubber which they call the condoms – a condom is a piece of material used by two stupid people – the lady is cunning and the man is a dummy.

I know people, believers, I’m sorry to say, workers in church who are bound by masturbation. It’s not an urge, it’s not a feeling, it’s a spirit. If I say “everybody in church submit your phone”, what you will see in people’s phones that they have downloaded and they are watching will horrify you.

Whenever you watch pornography there are five things that happen:

You are celebrating sin
The man or the woman you are watching are not married, what they are commiting is adultery or fornication; you are celebrating it.

You are endorsing that life. Whenever you watch, you are celebrating unrighteousness.

You that is watching it, you are giving approval to sexual act of two unmarried people. You are saying you endorse it. That’s why you are watching it.

You are attracting depression
All those ladies you are seeing in those movies, the kind of body they have will cause depression to enter you because you are not like them; not knowing that all of those bodies are product of surgery. They are surgically enhanced.

You are creating an alternative ideology.
You are wetting an appetite by watching the way they are performing. The human nature is inquisitive.

Men are wired to explore. Women are moved by what they think. Men are moved by what they see. That desire to explore starts entering your head. That appetite for alternative starts entering your head.

You are attracting strange spirits into your home.

You are creating the spirit of abuse.
All of those nonsense you are watching are not done respectfully. That is why you see 90% of those who are rapist are pornograhic addicts.

A young man is walking on the road, he sees a seven year old girl and all that is entering his head are the images of the violent sexual act he has watched. It happens to his mind and spirits empower it.

When the devil wants to ruin a man, he gives him opportunity for immorality. One of the easiest way to get ruined is when the devil offers you free sex.

You are a young man, you see a pretty girl, before you talk to her she opens her legs to you, as far as you are concerned, you are a sharp guy.

You are not sharp, she only opened her legs and showed you hell fire so you’ll enter.

I spoke to a young man who wasn’t handsome but had ladies running after him. He seemed happy about it, so I invited him to my office and made it known to him that it was marine spirits that were after him.

They wanted him to keep depositing his life into ladies until he is emptied of glory and wealth; until all he will be able to achieve in life will be to impregnate ladies.

There are people today who have never met with any man (youths), young boys who are virgins, young girls who are virgins but they are masturbators.

So Satan tells them “ah, you have not done the main thing so it doesn’t mean”. No!

You have destroyed your life. Stop thinking you have not had a physical contact, you have had a spiritual contact.
I know bishops who have spoken to me that they are bound to pornography.

Does it mean they are not men of God?

Of course they are. Does it mean they are fake? No they are not fake.

God called them but there is something that entered.
If you are bound by this spirit, may God deliver you speedily!

(Preached by Apostle Johnson Suleman on Sunday, August 1st 2021. Transcribed by Revival Update).
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