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-Dr Paul Enenche on “The Days Of Youth- Knowing God” at Ignite Conference 2021 Day 4
Ecclesiastes 12:1
*The youth age group is a major focus both for God and the devil, especially the devil.
*Listen, you don’t have eternity to fulfill destiny; what you have is time.

*If we knew what happened yesterday, we will be crying for ourselves today.
*Don’t behave like a child you are; behave like the leader you are destined to become.
Give the Lord a big clap as you take your seat in the presence f the Lord.
Our objective this morning is to understudy the tendencies of youth and also to understudy the knowledge of God in the days of youth.

Please I want you to listen very carefully to what I am about to say this morning. The youth age group is a major focus both for God and the devil, especially the devil.

Knowing the potentials and the possibilities in the youth age, the devil does a lot of overtime, target specific attack on the youth age. I am not saying this to make you afraid but so you can have a much better future than the future some of our parents have had.

There was a decree in Egypt on the times of Moses to kill them young instead of catch them young. This is a persistent agenda of the devil over the years. The roaring lion is always after the lamb not the adult sheep.

The Lord is raising a David generation of people today that will go after the roaring lion in order to pull out the lambs front the mouth of the roaring lion. Again when Jesus was born, there was a decree to kill them young.

As a young child I want you to understand that both physically, spiritually and otherwise the enemy is after the youth age. Medically speaking, when a woman gets pregnant, the highest level of miscarriages happen in the early stage, the first trimester.

As soon as a child is born, the child is confronted with about six to seven deadly diseases. It is very rare to hear of immunization for adults except for the propaganda going on right now. I suffered several attacks as a child right from pregnancy, my mother bled for 6weeks thinking the pregnancy had gone.

The pregnancy progressed and she was in labour but the doctor said it was not time. She said she knows labour since it was her 5th delivery.

She went back home and delivered this baby right in the floor of the house. The child grew and before the child could talk, he had suffered several attacks just like he was going to die. When I grew up and began to do a lot of things, my mother said now I understand why the devil did not want to see you at all.

Around age 10, a drunkard held me by the hands and took me to the middle of the road and stood right there. Several vehicles were blaring their car horn on both sides.

I wanted to run off the highway but he held me right. Whatever he was then, he wanted me dead. Around age 12, I had another abdominal condition and I was hospitalized for days. I could not eat for up to 6, 7 days not that I was fasting. All these because the devil is aware of what is to come. The higher your destiny, the heavier the battle, especially from childhood.

The devil goes after the young age. Today, you hear cultism in Primary and Secondary schools. There are immoral lifestyles and drugs all among the youth. Many addicts started out in their teenage years. This is because the enemy is fighting the foundation so that there will be no structure to be erected.


  1. The tendency to be independent of God. This is a tendency not o think seriously about spiritual matters. The tendency is an “antigodism” It is a tendency to squander the youth age on everything else but God. While growing up, some people were telling is just enjoy your life now and when you get old, you can give your life to Christ. It is an aberration. Listen, you don’t have eternity to fulfill destiny; what you have is time. You must attack attack your destiny on time if you are not to regret in future.

Anybody you see who is significant on earth, they pursued God at an early age. Look at Joseph, David, Daniel, they all pursued God early. John D Rockefeller was a boy of almost 12years old when his mother taught him to tithe and live for God. History showed that he never smoked and drank throughout his life.

He went to become a number 1 billionaire in the world. He embraced God before his teenage years. Oral Roberts who built the great Oral Roberts University was age 17 when God arrested him. Kenneth Hagin was age 17; Benny Hinn was age 17; Paul YoungiCho was between 16 and 17 when God arrested him.

I was 11 years old when I did my first three days dry fasting. As I child I slid back through the influence of friends but alby the time I was 18, I was full blast back into God.

Don’t let anyone deceive you. Some of my mates that waited to be old to serve God are not found anywhere now. One of them that I know is not married till now. When you see people who think they need to squander their youth age, that is an error from hell because they may not even live to see their old age.

  1. The tendency to exist mindlessly and thoughtlessly. Most youth don’t think. The society and social media think for them. This plague is plague of shallow mindedness. It is a thought pattern towards things that do not carry weight.

The major difference between Jacob and Esau:
a. Esau was restless whereas Jacob was restful.

Esau was jumping around from place to place hunting while Jacob was always on the tent most likely doing a calculation of the future. When you see anybody who is everywhere today, he will be nowhere tomorrow.

They call it socialization. It is restlessness. You can’t be everywhere happening all around without taking accurate time to constructively reflect and think.

b. Esau was thoughtless, His thought was shallow and scanty.

Meanwhile, Jacob was thoughtful, his thought was calculated and deep. How can a person say what does birthright mean to him. I believe that Jacob sat down to think. The deeper your thoughts, the taller your life. To be thoughtful is to be impactful.

To be thoughtless is to be impact less. You can never live a life that is higher than the quality of your thought. What goes through your mind goes through your life.

When those who think deeply talk, they set people thinking. You can’t be on the phone or social media 24hrs, you should have time to think and strategize for the future. One of he greatest characteristics of my growing up years was the depth of thought.

Till today, I have different diaries. I have a diary for messages that I preach. I have a diary for recording the revelations and insight I get when studying the Bible.

I have a diary where I record dreams and visions. I have one where I record deep thought, evaluations of my life and next things to be done. Bishop Oyedepo said the way people set aside prayer time, eating time, it is important to set thinking time. We have a plague of thoughtlessness among the youth today.
When people say you think too much, it is an asset as long as it is not that you worry too much.
c. Esau was focused on the moment whereas Jacob was focused on the future. Most youth are focused only on Now.
d. Esau lacked understanding of history so he could not attend to destiny. Jacob had heavy and early understanding of history so his destiny could not be aborted. Jacob knew that his lineage had a history with God. He realised that if that line will continue, it will be Esau that will carry that mantle of covenant relationship with God.

He wanted to switch it and be there by all means, Esau had no understanding. I have discovered that destinies are switchable. If God gives you a mantle and you are not ready to use it, he can transfer it.

You have zero value for what you are given, it will be instantly relocated. When Elijah was thinking he was the only that was yet to bow to Baal, God made him realised that he had 7000 prophets that haven’t bowed too. Crowns are the products of influence in life, so it can be taken. Revelation 3:11.

Kathryn Kuhlman said that God told her that the work she was doing at that time was the work of a man who disobeyed God. She said no wonder the work was so physically demanding for her as a woman.

Benny Hinn once said he wanted to prayer a man at a conference but God said don’t touch him because I am done with him.
People may fail but purpose can’t fail. When the people fail, the purpose is transfered.

I was discussing Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, he was giving me historical details of the move of God in history and by God’s mercy, they were things I was familiar with.

He was rattling history about how God used mighty men in times past. I told my wife when we came out of there that God does not just anoint people by accident.

People must have a clue of what God has done before. The reason we over celebrate some things is that we have no clue of what happened yesterday. If we knew what happened yesterday, we will be crying for ourselves today.

e. Esau lacked value for the spiritual. Jacob had a very heavy value for the spiritual. There was no instance in the scriptures where Esau ever raised an altar. Your sense of value to spiritual matters determines your access to profit. Value is tied to profit.

Whether you will end as Esau or Jacob is not a matter of birth because they were born from the same womb. Some people think that being born in certain families is the advantage others have over them.

Esau and Jacob were born from the same family, grew up in the same household. They learnt the same lessons from home. Your ending as Esau or Jacob is matter of Choice.

I think it was Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor who said one of his Bible School classmates was killed on the highway as an armed robber. I pray for you, you will end well.

  1. Tendency to embrace pleasure ahead of reality. We live in a pleasure driven generation. Entertainment focused generation. When a person’s life revolved around entertainment, there is serious trouble.
  2. Tendency for experimental existence. Youth like to experiment a lot of things because their mind is an inquisitive mind. It is at this stage that many boxes are tried out of curiosity. The tragedy is that most people don’t come out of the experiment. Some come out with deep wounds, the loss is heavier than the lesson.

The scar is more than any stardom that they get. Let your inquisitive mind mind press you into God. One of our young guys in the University those days.He wanted to make money and make it very fast. He did make it and had so many properties and cars.

But one day he was assassinated as a result of some illegal deals he was involved in. He was fast but he didn’t last.

  1. The tendency for rebellious “antinormism” This is the tendency to go against constituted authority or norms.

This tendency is the genesis of all manners of destructive hairstyles and fashion designs. Some dresses will make people look like an insane person. The devil uses this to destroy the youth. Inside every youth is the seed of a great leader.

Don’t behave like a child you are; behave like the leader you are destined to become. Behave from where you are going not where you are. At age 19, I was already conscious of how I carried myself, about how I dress and present myself.

It is not a rule or a law; it is just the way I have packaged my life. Trying to go against everything does not help.

  1. The tendency to bow to peer pressure..Peer pressure and influence is a tendency of the youth. It makes youth believe that whatever is popular must be normal..Majority is always carrying the votes in a democracy who in most cases a demonstration of craze. For God, one with him is the majority. It is better to stand alone than to stand with wrong crowd. When you become human approval addicted, you have become divine destiny disconnected.

You can never fulfill a future if what people say matters to you. If you are bothered with human sayings and convenience, the future is not certain.

That you are a youth does not make it compulsory to have friends. It is better to be without friends than to be surrounded with unfriendly friends or the wrong association. How many friends did David have before he met Jonathan?

How many friends did Joseph have?

Vultures struggle to flock together but eagles don’t mind flying alone.
The higher you are going to go in life, the fewer your friends will become.

Let God be to you the friends you have been struggling to have. If you have good people around you as friends, good for you but if you do not have don’t die to have one.

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