THE DYNAMICS OF FAITH’ (PART 1) -Apostle Joshua Selman Sermon

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I was in Cameroon last year when the song, “there is no one like God” came. It was in the morning, I was mediating on the faithfulness of God on this subject of faith.

I was mediating on everything God began to tell me and I usually travel with my notebooks; notebooks of ten, fifteen years and I opened those rough notebooks and saw some of the things God told me and usually when I write what God said, I put date and I was looking at some of those things and I said, I’ve searched and searched, there is no one like God.

Let me tell you this, never laugh at a man that God has spoken to; else, you will bite your fingers in shame for the rest of your life when you see his results and manifestations. God has integrity; He can be depended upon.

– Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia on ‘THE DYNAMICS OF FAITH’ (PART 1).

Father, we are only here tonight because of Your grace; we are here tonight because You are God, the King of all kings, the Lord of lords. We bow our hearts to worship You and to declare how much we love You. We have come tonight for a very definite encounters in Your presence.


The Bible declares that they go from strength to strength as many as appear before the Lord in Zion. Therefore, we pray that the hallowed bread be broken tonight; cause our eyes to see, cause our ears to hear. Let the sick be healed. Let the oppressed be delivered. Let the lost be found in the name of Jesus.

Let light come from Your throne and bring brightness and perspective to every area of darkness. Empower us by the ministry of Your Word. Let the results show, in Jesus name I pray.
God bless you!

Praise the name of the Lord!
I was glad when they said unto me, let us go to the House of the Lord. There is what you only get in the house of the Lord; you cannot get it in a bank, an academic institution or in a hospital. It is only the presence of God that can bring the fullness of joy, pleasures even forevermore. Let me encourage us therefore to be and remain intentional. You must be very intentional as far as coming to the house of God is concerned and then, opening up your spirit. You can be here and yet you are not here.

The Bible spoke about Mary and Martha, a contrast of two different people in the presence of Jesus. One sat quietly and she was listening; the other was around where things were happening but it did not bless her and she was offended. Jesus said, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and offended about many things. One thing is needful and that, Mary has chosen; to sit at the Master’s feet.”

When it was time to eat bread, He said, tell the people to sit down. If you cannot sit down, there is no bread for you. Sit down means, pay attention; be undistracted. Forget about whatever challenge it is; anything the presence of God cannot solve cannot be solved.

Let me give you a guarantee and say this with every sense of humility and responsibility and I’ve been saying this for many years; if you pay attention to the truth that I teach you, if you pay attention to these mysteries of the Kingdom that the Lord brings to you week in, week out; I give you a guarantee as touching the integrity of the name of the Lord, your life will be an unending wonder; first to you and then to all around you.

The things that we teach are not personal inventions; we found them. It is an ancient path; it was not discovered by us. It’s been there. God by His grace granted us access to these things. Paul calls it the fellowship of the mystery.

It will be dangerous and it will even be evil to teach you opinions; “I think this is how it should be, I suggest this is how it should be.” The truth that you hear and learn have been vetted by the integrity of scripture, then the lives of people with uncommon results.


I made a covenant with God that I will never lead the people who will live defeated lives as though the realities of truth that we find in scripture were lies. It is God’s desire that in this order;
1). That you know this is eternal life (John 17:3).
2). To be equipped with the principles. Second to knowing God is spiritual enlightenment, where you are equipped with the principles that make for a victorious life.
A victorious life is not a wish; a victorious life is more than a desire. It takes knowledge.

The administration of the life and power of God in this Kingdom is knowledge dependent. You need sufficient knowledge to thrive and to reign. Having knowledge is not enough, it must be knowledge enough to swallow up darkness. When a student fails an examination, in most schools and colleges, what we call a pass mark starts from 40 or 45, pending on the standard. Say the pass mark is 45 per cent, if a student scores 40 per cent, he didn’t get zero but he still failed.

The person who did not write that exam or come for the exam and the one who failed the exam will stay in the same category. This is the terrible thing about life. So, if you are going for this thing, it is best to go all out. So that you do not have the result of an unbeliever or a frustrated Christian. Make up your mind to fight ignorance.

Every time you come here and every time you connect by way of the internet, you are opening up your heart as a communication of your desperation to end ignorance. Do you know, many believers know what they want but they do not know what it takes to actualize what they want. This is the assignment of the teaching Priest.

I know that I want a victorious life, a good home, children and an excelling life. But do you know what it takes to turn your desire to your experience?

We have agreed in this house that results matter. Please prophesy to yourself; “Result.”
You will live a very defeated Christian life if you downplay result. In fact, I give you a guarantee that your Christian experience will be a frustrating one if your life cannot captures sufficient results.

It is in your result that Jesus is glorified. One of the ways we lift up Jesus is that our lives command dimensions of results that dumbfound principalities and powers. Jesus wants the Church to manifest the fullness of His glory (Ephesians 3:9-10).

Your life becomes a living epistle. You know what it means?

A living epistle means you become a continuation of everything written in scripture. That means, if someone forgets his Bible at home, he does not cry again when he sees you; you become a continuation of what he was reading.

Whatever he did not understand in his devotion in the morning, your life becomes an explanation of it; a clarification to everything that scripture says. This is why Jesus was called the logos of God, the thought of God. Whatever God was thinking, Jesus was acting out. It gives God great glory for the saints to access light; high-level spiritual illumination. Let me tell you the truth; nothing empowers like light. God made many lights but there were two great lights that sustains the ability to exert dominion; one to rule in the day and the second in the night. Do you have that light? If you do not have that light, you cannot rule in the day. If you do not have the one that rules in the night, you cannot rule in the night.

Every time you come to the house of God, I want you to participate in everything that happens in the house of God. Most believers are careless about the entire time they spend in the presence of God.

They are distracted, others come and they are having all kinds of business discussion while fire is coming from the altar. Other people are victims of slumber, others are there but they are not there and what you are looking for, is what God is answering.

The way satan works is that, the moment the Word is coming; the Word that gives you illumination, he will distract you. “Apostle, I love Jesus but my problem is this money thing. I don’t why it is not answering.” –
Come to the house of God, He can open you up and give you an understanding. I am not teaching laziness but the house of God is a supernatural place; the house of God is not a diplomatic center. There is a difference; God is there. It will be a total waste of your time if God is not here. In fact, it will be evil to your destiny if God is not here.

Do you know a believer should not be two years old (this is my opinion now and I believe it is consistent with the scripture); no true believer should be at least two years old or three years old in a strong functional Ministry where the Word of God is exalted and the Ministry of the Holy Spirit is exalted and the believer does not have some kind of evidence; the evidence of spiritual growth, conformity to the character of Christ, the evidence of result; superior spiritual understanding, the evidence of transformation; becoming Christlike and becoming a superior version of yourself by bringing scripture based ideas that replace some of these ideas that lead to a defeated life. When you come to the house of God, you must know what you are here for;
1). Encounters; to know Jesus, to understand God.
2). To understand yourself. The true knowledge of God also leads to the revelation of you. The more you know God, the more you will understand yourself because you are born of God. So, the more you learn Him, the more you learn yourself.
3). Transformation. Transformation is a real miracle, more than receiving prophecies. The real miracle most destiny need is transformation and it is in two folds:
a). A replacing (renewal) : a replacing of old, wrong devilish, demonic, culture driven ideas that do not sustain the power to live a victorious life. It’s going to take a while for the Spirit of God to win that war in your mind that you can finally give up something that is destructive.
b). Then you come to a new superior life.

God sees my heart that my passion for everyone here and our global family, is not just to remain indefinitely loyal to a man of God or a ministry; it is that your life will be so superior in quality. Remember that, your results are evangelists too.

You are not the only one who should be preaching the Gospel. Your result is a preacher too and that, there is a sermon that only your results can preach (Romans 8:18-19). Challenge yourself; enough of excuses. “Lord, I open up my heart. I admit that I do not know. My heart is opened. Let light come.”

Colossians 3:16
It takes a quality of meekness for the Word of God to dwell in you richly. Meekness means;
a). The malleability of heart.
b). The openness of the same and it starts by acknowledging your insufficiency out of the influence of the Word. The moment your heart is opened, then you are ready for that light to come.

You don’t come to the house of God hoping; the devil is already cheating you when that becomes your mentality. You come with your heart opened.

Pleas make up your mind; every time you find yourself in the house of God, everything that happens from the opening prayer up to the time when the Word comes, they are all a coordinated effort to see that your spirit man is opened and that the Word of God comes to you. Because when the Word comes, then you can arise (Isaiah 60:1).

Lord, open my eyes that I may see; I need to understand Your ways.

Psalm 74:20, Psalm 66:3
We are going to start a two-part series tonight. I’ve been very concerned about not only the powerlessness of believers, but some of the things that are happening in our world today as a result of the inability of the saints to produce results. As a man of God, you are in touch with what happens around a territory. The reason is because, whether it is good or bad, usually you are about the first to know. If it is good, people will send it to you as an expression of thanksgiving to join in sharing their joy. If it is bad, you will be the first to know because they hope that by informing you, you are the closest expression to God that they know and so, they’ll inform you in hope that you’ll do something about it.

I’ve been concerned at the degree to which the believers have been communicating their frustrations as far as result in this Kingdom is concerned. I have received text messages with believers asking questions like; “Is this God real, is the faith life real?” I’m not just talking of young people; I’m talking of people, even elderly people who are saying, this is not fair; “I’ve spent 50 years of my life, only loving Jesus, my life is synonymous to Church, fasting and prayer and spiritual activities but I cannot seem to have a hold of result that become a consolation to a Christian experience.” When you see this kind of things, if you love Jesus and love people, it should touch you.

Now you see what is happening, the shameful idea of ritual killing, where people are already maiming one another as an alternative and you will be surprised that if you probe this people deeply, most of them may come from Christian circles or be affiliated to Christian circles. The rate at which people are re-digging wells of traditional practices, occultism and witchcrafts. These are things that the Church was almost rejoice that we’re triumphing over. Now, satan is manipulating these things and people are returning back to villages and saying; look, let’s dust that file again. It is easy to stand and criticize people and say don’t go back to this or that. People are not stupid, in the height of desperation, they will do anything that works.

There are many workers in church whose lives continue to be a representation of pain and shame, nothing at all seems to be working. They are the chief recipients of prophetic word and it looks like just nothing is happening. What then is the problem? Is that God lied or truth cannot come from scripture? For instance, look at the poverty, the financial decadence, people continue to go down and some of these things may be attributed to laziness, lack of productivity but I have seen people who are commendably diligent and yet, it looks like the same situation. There has to be an explanation.

Sometimes, when people come with these pains and burdens, as minister of the Gospel, sometimes we make that mistake of just sweeping these things under the carpet, “forget about it, it is not an issue” and the person is saying; “it is not an issue? – My children are dying, my family is in shambles, my entire life does not have any representation of the glory of God. Now, I am coming to church to find meaning, an explanation as to why these things are happening”
The Church is the correct place to come and find explanation. We’ve done our best to hear what the government has to tell us – politicians, business world, the academia etc. We have to come and listen to what Jesus have to say.

I want you to pay attention to what you are learning because it holds a powerful key. I want you to pray for me and let’s pray that God will give us grace because there is a course curriculum. We are growing intentional and because of the limitations on our times of contact, there is so much to learn. We have to pray that God will grant us grace and continue to direct us on how to get this truth to believers so that we will be strengthened and established. Because our lives and destinies, for some of us, spiritually and financially, we are in ICU. If someone is in ICU and the doctor is chewing gum what will you do?

A good doctor will be planning and thinking. That’s the kind of urgency I have in my spirit. We shouldn’t wait until September, October, November, then we just say thank God in all things. This is a year of Marvelous Light. By September, October, you should stand with your results as witnesses around your life and this will be your testimony in the name of Jesus Christ!

Matthew 8:25-27, John 15:8, 16
Our God is a supernatural God; the faith life is a supernatural life (Jeremiah 32:17). The God that we serve is Almighty, El-Shaddai, the God of Heaven. God is a supernatural God and we came out of God and even in redemption, we are product of the mercy, the blood and the cleansing of that supernatural God. The entire activity of redemption and salvation was supernatural. The supernatural is not for men of God alone or those in the five fold ministry alone. Most times believers have an idea of the supernatural to mean if you are getting into ministry, then you can be opened to the supernatural. You ask the average believer, give me a picture of your idea about the supernatural. They’ll say, falling down. While that is true, that is the least expression of the supernatural. That is the closest idea to the supernatural but that is far from God’s idea of the supernatural. God is a supernatural God; we have been called into a supernatural experience. It is in the manifestation of the supernatural that Jesus is glorified and the defeat of principalities and powers becomes clear when the supernatural comes into play.

The supernatural refers to any manifestation that is beyond the scope of science; any manifestation that seems to defy the law of process. In as much as the law of process is part of the Kingdom laws, but there is a provision to rise above and beyond the limitations that process can bring.

Process is important but that under certain conditions, a possibility exists in the economy of God to rise above and beyond the scope of science and process.

Everytime it defies scientific explanation or the regular cause of things, then it is Supernatural. God does not negate the laws of life. They are His laws but that, there is provision to arise and communicate higher and superior spiritual laws to the end that Jesus be revealed and be glorified.

The supernatural is an interplay between faith and the anointing; that means, it is the co-ordinated union of faith and the operation of the anointing that produces the supernatural or the Word of God and the Spirit of God. So here in part one, I want to talk on the first aspect; THE DYNAMICS OF FAITH.

Acts 20:32, 1 John 5:4
Most believers do not understand the dynamics of faith; what faith is and how it works. You want your life to be extraordinary and supernatural, you have to understand the dynamics of faith.

1). Faith means absolute confidence in God.

2). Faith is the name given to the action of obedience that you take based on your conviction of who God is and the integrity of His Word.

Most believers do not know that when it has to do with manifesting results on earth here, the way God designed this system; the Heaven of heaven belongs to God but the earth has He given to the sons of men. That means, the dominion of the believer is shared dominion. For anything to happen in the earth realm, there has to be a union of Heaven and earth.

The deceptive idea of anything God wants can happen as a way of honouring His sovereignty, you are right but as far as manifesting realities is concerned, you are very wrong. God has chosen according to His wisdom and predominate counsel to make man participate in everything that happens in earth. So when it has to do with manifestations, it is not all up to God and it is not all up to man. There is a role that God has to play, there is a role that man has to play. Ignoring and neglecting your role as a man in hope that God is mighty and He will make things happen maybe one of the explanations behind the frustration of many believers. You hear sayings like, “One day e go better.” That is a very bad way of thinking. It may be a sociological way of thinking in the presence of failure but I guarantee you, hoping that one day things will arbitrarily change is a total waste of time.When it has to do with your life and destiny, you have an active role to play. The challenge usually is the confusion between the idea of grace and faith.

The subject of grace if not properly communicated will lead people into laziness because of the awesomeness of a concept called the finished work of Christ and that is a fact based on scripture. But then, most people do not understand what the grace of God is. The grace that most people talk about in the Body of Christ is only one dimension of grace.

Grace like wisdom is multi-dimensional. Wisdom has different facets, for instance, divine direction is a subset of wisdom. Divine strategy is a subset of wisdom. So when you say you have wisdom, we must vet what dimension of it, so also is grace.

The dimension of grace that most people talk about is called saving grace. There are different dimensions of grace; there is the grace that saves and then, there is what we call enabling or empowering grace. That grace does not do for you, it rather empowers you to do with a strength that is not yours. It is still grace.

So, the idea that the only dimension of grace that is there is that Jesus has finished everything, just receive it by saying I receive. Those saying these things are sincere people and it is not a lie, it’s just that there need to be a completion to it (Romans 10:8-12).

Here is my definition of grace; generally speaking, every good and perfect gift that comes from above, given to the saints and access only through the office of the Christ is called grace (Ephesians 1:3). You cannot access that spiritual blessing, ignoring the office of Jesus, the Christ of God. So, generally speaking, wisdom is grace, faith is grace, power is grace; everything that comes from God through Christ to man is qualified to be called grace. So, it does not just mean unmerited access

A coronation service was held in honour of Jesus when He resurrected but He went to go to Heaven before sitting on that throne. He did not just appear, he went literally and sat down and the coronation service was held for Him and till this day, Jesus, the epitome of grace is still making intercession, yet He was the one who said, it is finished. So what is He interceding for?

Habakkuk 2:4, Romans 1:17, Galatians 3:11, Hebrews 10:38 – Four times in scripture, cutting across the Old and New Testament, the Bible tells us that when it has to do with living, the Just lives by faith.

Romans 10:17
Everything the believer does in this Kingdom is faith-dependent. Every victory that we will ever get and walk in the experience of is faith-dependent. Faith is predicated on two main attributes of God:

1). His integrity (Numbers 23:19). This is the reason why you can trust God, that the moment He said a thing, then expect that there will be a performance and a doing connected to it.

Genesis 21:1-2, Hebrews 11:6
When we seek Him, we don’t seek Him in vain; He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. The word integrity is very important because it comes from the word, integer – sameness, consistency, predictability.

God has integrity. Tomorrow is valentine and there are people who because of the reality of the burden that the season demands can go so far to invent all kinds of skills to lie and say, “I’m in Lagos,” whereas they are here or all kinds of things. They don’t have to be evil. They are men; they do not have integrity.

We live in a world today where people have made all kinds of promises and have not been able to keep them. If we are to be honest with ourselves, all of us at one point or the other have been victim of this; there’s something you once said that you probably did not do; not because you do not want to do it, it does not matter what the excuse is, with respect to that performance, it is still not a show of lack of integrity. But God is not a man that He should lie. When God is determined to say or do something concerning your life, you can take that Word.

One of the principle of integrity is, you must check your ability before you speak. God does not speak and go back, bitting His finger to say, I said too much. If God looks at you and say this year, you must rise. God has integrity, He keeps His Word. There are no guarantees in life. God will send you to do things and He will send you to places that don’t have any human guarantee. The guarantee is the Word He gave you and the person who gave you that Word. When God told me to come to Abuja, nobody signed any form to say, “you just come, we’ll support you.” No! God said it, “I trust Him, we die there.” This is the character of faith that most people do not know. God will never tell you what you can do or what is possible before your eyes. God will speak to you like He’s speaking to Himself. In fact, one of the ways you can verify it is God speaking is that it must be a mountain bigger than you.

If God speaks, every mechanism to be put in place to make sure that Word comes to pass, if you understand His ways is already there . One of the ways you know that your season is ready is when God speaks.

God does not speak when things are not ready. To know that the voice of silence is the voice of God, when God is not talking, He’s saying something. You need to understand the sighs of silence.

The thing about God is, God speaks in a way that nothing around you will attempt to replace Him. If there is something that can easily take His place, He will not speak. Before you focus on what God is saying, focus on who is talking. I have seen God do things in this small life; I’ve seen God move in ways that no human explanation will suffice it that at the time He said it, it did not make sense but total dependence on His Word.

I was in Cameroon last year when the song, there is no one like God came. It was in the morning, I was mediating on the faithfulness of God on this subject of faith. I was mediating on everything God began to tell me, usually I travel with notebooks; notebooks of ten, fifteen years and I opened those rough notebooks and see some of the things and usually when I write what God said, I put date and I’m looking at some of those things and I said, I’ve searched and searched, there is no one like God. Let me tell you this, never laugh at a man that God has spoken to you; you will bite your fingers in shame for the rest of your life. God has integrity; He can be depended upon.

Time will fail me to tell you things that God said it will happen in my life and this ministry, that made no sense whatsoever as at the time He said it. Bible faith is not just based on the verse of scripture, it is based on the recognition. The King of the universe has integrity. This is the reason why we can tell the whole world, come and hear His counsel as He has given us and we know they will hear because He asked them to hear.

There is something about believing God if when you don’t understand Him. Let your mind catch up later on, but for now, “I believe you.” Shake away that unbelieve. God is the One who speaks and does it; the One who speaks and has the ability to defend what He has said.

As simple as what I am teaching you is, you will recycle years of stagnation if you cannot believe God. You want to know how to believe God, study children. If I call these children now, in the midst of this service and say, “Junior, how are you?
Response: Fine.
What do you what?
Response: Aeroplane.
I asked him what he wanted, he’s not go to say lollipop.

Children don’t say those things again. We were the ones who said those things.

These children say aeroplane and they mean it and then you will stand here, feeling guilty for asking; aeroplane? And that child will come back with confidence and remind you; “Daddy, where is my aeroplane?” You were the only who thought he was playing; in his mind and his world, he believed that for you to have spoken, you will have vetted your ability to provide it. So, when God speaks to you, don’t sit down and think otherwise.

Lord, I’m sorry for not trusting You and for not depending on You.


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