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  • Revd. Eric Xexemeku at COZA Global Workers Congress 2021, Day 2
    I want us to specially celebrate Pastor Biodun and his wife Pastor MO, they are people I have grown to love and admire so much and I have learnt a lot from. Some of the things I do in my Church right now, I learnt them from this house.

There is something called a kindred spirit, there are certain people you see in life that are going where you are going. Don’t hang around abortionists when you are carrying destiny.

That is why when Mary knew she was going to have a child, she went up the Hill Country to meet Elizabeth and when she greeted Elizabeth, their babies leapt. Lift up your hands towards heaven and speak in tongues for a minute if you can. It is a prophetic service so you are asking for your prophetic antenna to be sharp.

I am speaking on ‘THE EMPOWERED BELIEVER THAT TAKES DOMINION‘. Dominion from the Strong’s Dictionary means ‘to tread down, subjugate, to crumble off, to prevail against, reign, rule over, take over’. God has given us a dominion mandate here on earth and one of the ways God has given us to exercise dominion here on earth is in the spirit. If you are going to control the natural, you must first control the Spirit. Whatever we see here today as COZA was in the Spirit, it didn’t just happen.

It is something that Pastor Biodun carried and pushed forth into the natural. Anytime you see results around men, it didn’t just happen. Someone else might attempt this and not survive.
One of the ways of taking dominion mandate is the key of fasting.
Isaiah 58:6
One of the critical things for any church worker is that you must be a faster. You must have a habit where you fast every week. Live a fasted life.

You can’t be a church worker or Pastor who eats everything. I am not saying you shouldn’t eat, but you must live a fasted life.
The second culture that can give us the dominion mandate is the issue of prayer.
Luke 18:1

There is a tendency for us to pray and lose heart, or pray and get tired. For every church worker or Pastor, prayer should be a culture. You don’t pray only on Saturday night for Sunday morning. As a matter fact, you must pray every time, right where you are.

I am not saying go and stand in front of your boss and be speaking in tongues. Prayer is part of our life, it is the heartbeat of your connection with God and it is very important. When Jesus was leaving the Church after three and half years, He gave a responsibility to the disciples.
Acts 1:2-8
The disciples thought Jesus was going to overthrow the Roman government physically and He told them to wait to receive power. If we are going to take over, there is a power we must receive, that is the power of the Holy Spirit.
Acts 2:1-4

  • I pray that suddenly something will come on you, the Holy Ghost will sit on your head, the Holy Ghost will sit on your business, the Holy Ghost will sit on your ministry.
  • I prophesy over your life that before we finish this session, that you shall receive power to becomes witnesses and you shall become a carrier and a courier of God’s power.
    The coming of the Holy Spirit was the giver of the Spiritual mandate to the Church
    Mark 16:15-18
    There is an indwelling anointing that every believer receives when you are saved.

As soon as you receive Christ, that anointing is deposited or activated in you. You know smart phones can do a lot; you can pay for your flight tickets, make hotel bookings, pay for food on your phone but there are some people who have smart phones but all they do is receive calls and make calls with it.

There are many believers who are carrying power but they are looking for power. He said “these signs will follow those who believe”, He didn’t say “these signs will follow those who went to Bible school, He didn’t say this sign will follow those who know homiletics and hermeneutics.
(i.) They shall cast out demons
Every believer must be a carrier and a courier of God’s power. I want you to know that God has given you grace and power to cast out demons from your background. Any spirit that is from your foundation contending with you, because your dream life reveals how your spiritual life is. Your soul is between your mind and the spirit.

No power from your father’s house, no power from your mother’s house should be able to harass you. You should become a territorial controller so that if you enter a space, if there are demons there, they begin to come out. If you are an usher and somebody is coming here with a demonic power, by you shaking the person and smiling at the person, you strip them off their power.

  • Some of us are from communities that there are strong holds, we are taking over after this congress.
    When your Church is in a community, don’t just sit down, get on the streets and tell the atmosphere that you are in charge. Anytime I go to my village, the first thing I do is take oil and pour it, anything fighting anybody in this family, I tell them you are on leave, nothing can work out here. For the next few days that I am in town, I am in charge. We must be in charge. The night I was told to go and take over East Legon, God showed me the entity there and sometimes, it might take a lot of years for you to deal with it. You must be in charge.
    (ii.) They shall speak in new tongues.
    It is one of the requirements from every believer, every believer must talk in tongues. The Bible says he who speaks in an unknown tongue edifies himself and speaks mysteries. One day, God spoke to me “Eric, it takes mysteries to decode mysteries”. There are things you are dealing with and you don’t know how to deal with it. You must be able to spend time in the Spirit and pray in the Spirit. You must be a tongue talker.

You must build your spiritual stature so you can navigate in the spirit, naturally I am not a dreamer but anytime God wants to show me something because of my intercessory ministry, He can pick me and place me in your sitting room and I will be hearing the conversation. It is because I have built my spirit man to travel.

Before witches were, the Holy Ghost was. Sometimes I can be praying in my room but I am in my Father’s compound. I come from a very strong witchcraft background and that has influenced my philosophy in life. I am not putting anything special on demons, they are nothing but you must be in charge. When they see you, they must pack. You can not be a Pastor or a leader who doesn’t smell atmospheres.

(iii.) They shall pick up serpents
One of the creatures I don’t like in my life is snake. I don’t watch documentary on snakes. If I am watching a movie and I see a snake, I switch it off immediately. This does not mean that we will go to the bush and go and look for snakes. A snake or a serpent is a cunny creature, a snake can be here and no one will know, when He said you shall pick up serpents, it means your discernment will be sharp so that before they arrive, you have picked it up.
One of the key things of every believer is that you must have discernment. I am not saying go and be suspecting people, I can chat with you and walk away but I can smell what you are carrying. That is why I don’t have too many friends. One of the key things we need now in the Body of Christ is discernment.

We have one of the best airports in West Africa in Ghana. Their equipment is so good that when a plane leaves from Cameroon or which ever country, they are able to pick up the movement of the plane and can tell the speed of the plane, the capacity, the type of the plane and who is in the plane.

Your spirit man must be able to pick up things, as soon as there is an onslaught, your spirit man should be able to pick it up and decode it. Have you noticed that most of the things that eluded us, you felt it but couldn’t put your hand on it.

  • After this congress, your prophetic antennas will be sharpened.

(iv.) They shall drink deadly substance but it shall not harm them.

It does not mean go and drink poison right after the service, no. The enemy is an expert in throwing things on us: depression, suicidal thoughts, giving up in ministry. Yesterday, Pastor shared a lot with us here and one of the things that hit me is when God asked him to answer the Call on a particular spot. That place is his place of covenant.
I don’t know if you have been depressed before, God is going to make your spirit buoyant that when they throw an arrow of depression at you, it will not harm you. Any arrow they throw at you, the system you are carrying, the capacity you are carrying shall cause it to back fire.

  • I declare over you right now, no suicidal thoughts, no depression, no derailing of your destiny is allowed anymore.
    Sometimes as Pastors, you can come under serious pressure that if you are not careful, you can give up. We will not give up, we may be barren today but tomorrow about this time, my story is about to change.
    (v.) The last thing He said was “they shall lay hands in the sick and they will recover”
    Anything that is not working is a disease around you. If you start your car in the morning and it is not responding, you must speak to that car, you must lay hands don’t be afraid. Sometimes in our world, we don’t have 911, the first thing is that you must lay hands. Lay hands, it will not cost you anything. Every Christian is the extension of God’s hand. Anything dying around you, lay hands and it will come back to life.
  • I decree over someone right now, whatever is dead in your life is jumping back to life. Your business is coming back to life, your ministry is coming back to life.
  • Whatever is dying in your body comes back to life, we speak to diabetes, cancer, blood pressure, we decree and declare that by the hand of God, you are healed.
  • God is going to work miracles through your hands. What you have not been able to do, you will do it now.

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