The Fiction Story of a Wife to-be


I had a terrible day today!!!

I traveled with my fiance for Christmas celebration, I’ve been with him since 26th of December last year.

His father began to make advances at me, but I refused, I didn’t hesitate to tell my fiance and his sister who was my best friend.

This new year morning, his mother instructed me to cook and dish the food for the family. I began to cook as early as six am, and by 9am I was done and I served everyone.

I served my fiance’s father outside, because he was with his brothers, I also served some of his brothers who were with him and wanted to eat.

Few minutes after he was done eating, he began to vomit blood, it was evident that he was in pains, because he was clutching his belly and I became scared.

He was rushed to the hospital and they confirmed that it was poison, and almost immediately my fiance’s mother began accusing me of trying to poison her husband.

The doctor assured us that he will be fine.

Her sister supported her mother and even added that I wanted to kill him because he made passes at me. I was dumbstruck!

His brothers were already angry and was threatening fire and brimstone. My fiance led me out and asked me some questions like; why did you do this? What happened? Tell me the truth.


I was crying and couldn’t say anything, even my fiance was accusing me too, no one would believe me. No one. I was in for some big trouble.

We came back to the house, and I was made to sit outside on the bare floor, the police have been invited and they were already on their way. I cried to them that I was innocent. In a couple of minutes, the youths has already arrived, they poured sands and threw leaves at me, my fiance was at a corner watching. He didn’t do anything.

An old woman who lived nearby, arrived with her walking stick, she asked for what happened and she was told. She scanned the little crowd that has gathered and pointed at a man.

In her words: this girl is innocent, this man is responsible, everyone turned to look at the man in confusion, she was living in the next compound and from her little house you could see my fiance’s house.

The man began to scold her in anger, but the woman stood her ground, she told them that he has seen him from her window which faced the roadside, he had brought out a black nylon with a white substance inside. She saw him put the substance in a keg of palmwine.

Truly the man brought some palmwine to the house, but no one suspected him. He tried to run but was restrained by the youths, he was searched and the black nylon with the substance was found.

They tried to force it into his mouth, when the police men came and took him away. Immediately I went in packed my bags and left admist the pleading from everyone.

I’m still in shock over what happened, but as always this story never happened, because there’s something called fiction!!! 😎


Happy New year fam.

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