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Pastor E. A. Adeboye at RCCG Special Sunday Service. Going Higher (Part 31)
The Fire Fell
1 Kings 18:37-39
We have discussed the prayer of Elijah, we have learned from the way he prayed that if we want our prayers to be answered by fire we will start by worshiping God and then by boldly calling on Him to manifest His glory.
When Elijah finished praying, the fire of the Lord fell and it is my prayer today that the prayer you will pray will be answered by fire.
We want to look at what happened when the fire fell.

  1. The fire consumed the burnt sacrifice: It means that the fire consumed the offering that was on the Altar.

Not all offerings are acceptable to God. Genesis 4:3-5, tells us that two people brought offerings to God. Cain and Abel, God accepted one and rejected the other. My prayer for you today is that God will not reject your offering which is why I need to tell you that whenever you feel unhappy when they are about to give an offering please don’t give because the Word of God says clearly, God loves only cheerful givers. If you are not excited about the offering, don’t waste your money at least you can spend it to eat because if you give grudgingly, it is not going to be acceptable to God.

God is not a beggar. Silver and Gold belong to Him, if He takes anything from you, it is a privilege.
2 Chronicles 7:1-3, when God accepted the offering of Solomon He sent down fire that is why those who know how to pray when they are presenting their offering, they say please send down fire and accept this offering.
When the fire falls and consumes the offering, it is a sign that the offering has been accepted.
I told you the story of a man years ago when the Church was very small and the systems we had were very slow, we had to slap the amplifier to start then. The man came in and brought us beautiful brand new things, he came in a flowing gown, presented the offering in a flourishing way.

I heard the voice of God loud and clear, tell him to take his offering. If you don’t know the voice of God and you hear this as a pastor you will say get thee behind me Satan.

This is not Satan talking, very reluctantly we told him God said take away your gift, He said he doesn’t want, he asked what do you say again, we repeated it.

The man went to one of the pillars in the Church and began to bang his head on the pillar sobbing hysterically.

I have never seen that kind of sorrow before. I pray I never see it again. He said God has refused my offering that means he has rejected me. When God accepts your offering it is a privilege so if you want to give grudgingly don’t give it at all. If anybody tells you that without your help God cannot do His work the person is deceiving you.

I told some brethren years ago when the Church began to grow, there were some fairly wealthy people among us you know among the blind people, a one-eyed man is a king.


They were becoming arrogant, I had to tell them in plain language, thank God for your coming but as rich as you may be, you did not buy the chair you are sitting on, these chairs have been here before you joined the Church, if you leave, the Church will continue, let that sink in.
If He rejects your offering, He rejects you. My prayer is that God will never reject you.

  1. The fire consumed the wood: every wood has the potential of becoming fire that is why it is called firewood. There is fire inside every wood, any kind of wood but that potential will not be activated unless it comes in contact with fire.

The fire must come from outside on the wood for the wood to become fire.
Luke 5:1-11, Jesus Christ told Peter you will become a fisher of men but for three and a half years, Peter did not catch a single soul until the day of Pentecost in Acts 2:1-4, when the Holy Spirit fell and fire alighted on the head of Peter and his potential was activated.

That day he preached a single message and won three thousand souls. My prayer for every one of you is that, that potential for greatness in you will be activated as the fire of God descends on you in Jesus name.

  1. The fire consumed the stones: What kind of fire is this, consumed the offerings, consumed the wood but stone? If a house burns down that which will remain will be the stones but in this case, the fire consumed the stone. What is this one telling us? The stone is symbolic of hardship, failure, poverty. When somebody comes from a very poor background, in Africa we say he had a rocky start, came from a rocky start.
    You remember the story in Matthew 13:1-6, He said a sower went to sow, the seed that fell on the stone grew but dried up, you know what that means? Fruitless efforts, struggling and never succeeding, it takes the fire of God to consume hardship, it takes the fire of God to put an end to poverty.
    1 Kings 17:8-16, the widow of Zarephath had been dwindling in her resources till she was left with only one meal then Elijah the fire carrier came in and the tide turned.
    2 Kings 4:1-7, creditors were coming to take the children of a widow to sell to pay her debts, debts were about to swallow the widow when Elisha the double portion of fire came in and the tide turned.
    In Exodus 3:1-8, when God came down and spoke to Moses, He said I have come so I can take the Children of Israel from their affliction to a land flowing with milk and honey.
    Fire can bring an end to hardship. I am praying for those of you who are suffering, particularly those who are in financial hardship, the fire of God will fall today and end that hardship.

A stone can also represent the heart of man. Ezekiel 36:26, the Almighty God had to make a promise, I will take the stony heart out of you and give you a heart of flesh. He compared the heart of man to a stone.

Jeremiah 17:9, says the heart of man is desperately wicked. I have come in contact with many people that when you see their behavior you say o God, do something about this heart of stone, it takes the fire of God to consume a heart of stone.
You can find some examples in the Scriptures;
Mark 3:17, the Bible calls John the Apostle of Jesus Christ the Son of Thunder, he was a man with a very violent temper.
Luke 9:5-56, when Jesus said He wanted to stay in the village and the villagers said no we will not allow you to stay with us, John was one of the people who said to Jesus let us call down the fire of God to burn them all, that is the kind of heart he had until the day of Pentecost when the fire came and hit deeply this man with a stony heart became the Apostle of love, he wrote 1 John 4:7-8, Beloveth let us love one another, God is love.

I am assuming that those of you listening to me your hearts are hearts of flesh but if they are not may the fire of God come down and change them to the heart of flesh.

Maybe you have one or two children who are very stubborn but you want to love them but they say they don’t want to be loved I pray today, the fire of God will descend on them and give them a heart of flesh.

  1. The fire consumed water: this fire of God must be a very special fire. It consumed a stone, consumed water, I think when there is a fire outbreak you look for water to put it out but this one says I can drink up water. It takes the fire of God to wipe away tears. Revelation 21:4. May that be your portion in Jesus name.
    John 14:16-17, Jesus Christ promised us a comforter and that is the Holy Spirit and if you know anything about the Holy Spirit, He is fire.
    Luke 7:11-15, when a widow was going to bury her only son and Jesus Christ who according to Acts 10:38, was anointed with the Holy Ghost and with power arrived on the scene, He told the widow, weep not and you know the rest of the story, the woman’s tears were gone. Whatever it is that is causing you sorrow, the fire of God is consumed.
  2. It Consumed the dust: the very dust on which the Altar was built, it went ahead and consumed it. Genesis 3:17-19, God told Adam, you are from the dust to dust shall you return. The dust is symbolic of your flesh, body.
    It takes the fire of God to solve every physical problem in your body.

Mark 5:25-34, the woman with the issue of blood who came from behind and touched the garment of Jesus and the sickness of twelve years came to an end.


If you listen to what Jesus Christ said, when He said who touched me, Peter said you see all these crowds how can you say who touched you, Jesus Christ said virtue has gone out of me, there was a spark of fire that went from the fire carrier to go into the body of the woman.

I pray that from today the fire of God will touch your body and everything that is not of God there will be destroyed.

  1. The People fell on their Faces: they said Jehovah is God. Whenever prayers are answered by fire, revival follows. The people fell on their faces.
    The reason there is no revival in many churches is because they have put the One who is the fire out of the Service. If you will just let the Holy Spirit come, things will change.
    Acts 3:1-26, the Bible tells us that when Peter and John healed that man by the Beautiful Gate when the fire of God touched him, the man didn’t move but when Peter grabbed him by the hand, the fire that Peter was carrying flowed through that man and he jumped up and began to dance and dance to rejoice.

The Bible says the Sermon that followed led to the salvation of five thousand people in Acts 4:4. If only God will send down His fire today, there will be revival.

I have told you the story before, the first time I went to Europe, Mainland Europe to preach the Gospel in Holland, people there were very cold and I remembered there were ambassadors that received me, they called the other ambassadors that I may speak to them.

I spent my energy talking about how God loves the world and so on, one of the Ambassadors said what is God?

What, not even who, I was talking about a God who gave His Only Begotten Son and this fellow was thinking what is God?
We were to hold a crusade of Holy Ghost rally that evening, everything was cold but fortunately, they brought a man from the hospital, a man the doctors said there is no hope for. As I took the microphone and I just worshiped God and was about to begin to preach, the man just got fed up and said they should roll him out, take him back to the hospital. As he got to the door, the power of God hit him and he jumped up, they brought him in on a stretcher. He began to stretch his arms and legs, everybody erupted, I didn’t have to preach after that, I just made an Altar call, that same place now is our Intercontinental Headquarters in Europe.
If only the fire will fall, if only you will allow the Holy Spirit to move in and stop being psychedelic and let the Holy Spirit fall, let Him turn everything upside down and there will be revival. I hope you will lay yourself on the Altar and say Holy Ghost, let your fire fall on me, consume my offering, consume my stones, lick up my tears, touch my body, my soul and let revival begin.
If there is anybody in my family with a stony heart, let your fire touch that heart and turn it into a heart of flesh today.
If there is anyone listening to me and you want to give your life to Jesus Christ so that His fire can come down on you and change your life around, please bow your head and cry to Him now, say Lord please save my soul, every yoke of Satan in my life, let your fire burn and I will serve you for the rest of my life.
Prayer Points

  • After you have thanked the Almighty God, ask Him, Father please answer me by fire today.
  • Father, accept my offerings and accept me, I will never give grudgingly again. Accept me, accept my offering and I promise you I will be a cheerful giver. Anytime I hear it is time for offering I will shout for joy.
  1. Let your fire fall on me and activate my potential. That potential in me, Lord God Almighty, set it on fire now so I can become what you want me to become.
  • Father, if my heart is a heart of stone change it to a heart of flesh today.
  • Father, please wipe away my tears today. Anything that is causing me sorrow, let your fire consume.
  • Father, let your fire touch my body, make me whole. Let your fire touch my soul, reviving me, let your fire touch my spirit, making me a vessel of revival.
    God Bless You!
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