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Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo at the RCCG Youth Convention Tagged ‘Exceeding Expectations’
‘Stepping into a Significant Destiny’
What a privilege to minister to you people. Help me celebrate my parents in the Lord, Papa and Mama Adeboye, our Pastor in Nigeria. About six, seven years ago I came to minister at this conference and one of the Ministers was Pastor Dare Adeboye.

Let us bless the Lord for the good life he lived and the good life he left us.
I have the passion to push the people of God into prospering, it is my personal conviction that you should not go through what your parents went through. From tomorrow I will be teaching how you can walk into the realms of billions.

The book every young man should have is ‘The Creative Edge’.

The ten wealthiest people on earth right now have no industry or factory, they just created an idea. Facebook is just an idea, not a book or a face. Amazon is just a logistic company and yet the owner is the richest person on earth. Microsoft has no factory, only three companies in America equivalent to the GDP of Africa. Microsoft, Amazon and Google are worth three trillion, the whole GDP of the fifty-six nations in Africa is less than two trillion, the time has come for a shift and you are the one God will use.

‘Twelve ways to perpetuate wealth’ I was born in the north, I grew up in the north and came down in the south and I can tell you about two or three families are the ones that have generated wealth. Apart from Dantata who borrowed Dangote money, no one has generated generational wealth.

Where is Ekene Dili Chukwu
Where is Abiola, Saliu Bolaji Bakari, all those names?

There is coming a generation that God is going to raise to make an impact. God is going to put amazing blessings in your heart, you will be a blessing to your generation.
Ruth 3:1-5
‘Stepping into a Significant Destiny’
I have an assignment for somebody who is about to step into a significant destiny. My title is Stepping into a Significant Destiny.

It is not an accident that you are a young man or woman, or that you were born in Nigeria. We know there are challenges in the nation, Nigeria is an oxymoron, a contradiction. When other nations are pushing their young men and women to advance into technology, artificial intelligence, artificial super intelligence, our nation is busy protecting cows and cow herders as if taking us back to the ancient days. I know some of you here today are wishing you were born somewhere else, but you know God does not make a mistake. You are a person of destiny and whatever you have gone through, God will make it work for you.
I came to let somebody know that there is a significant destiny marked for your life and what God is set to do in your life, the devil can’t stop it and there is nothing he can do about it.
Ruth, Hebrew tradition says that Ruth and Orpah were sisters and they were princesses but somehow they married into the same family, their husbands died. Orpah decided to stay in her country but Ruth saw destiny in her mother-in-law and decided to follow. There are some of us who are here today, you wonder what did I do wrong? I have studied all I need to study, done all I know to do, why am I where I am? I came to let you know that it is not over, you are going to step in your testimony, walk in your destiny.

I pray for someone here today, even though your vision is tarrying, it shall still speak, it shall still manifest, God will cause you to come into your favour.
The two of them came to a crossroad where they needed to make a decision.

Their husbands had died, father-in-law died and the mother-in-law did change my name to Mara meaning bitter, I am going home, I have no sons you will marry. At that crossroad, Ruth saw a significant destiny and she decided to follow her destiny.

I am going to share a few things you need to do when you enter into your significant destiny.

You have opportunities many don’t have, you know the Lord, you have Christ, that is a blessing in itself because the Word of God will make a way for you, nothing will hold you down, you will become fulfilled.

  1. The first step you need to take is to know what you are after. What is my goal in life? Don’t stay with the wrong people, forget the past people, places that didn’t work, stop procrastinating with your life, know what you are after. Ruth had a clear understanding and she said I will follow this woman and her God, something good will happen to me.
    You need to know what you are going after.
  2. Capture your thoughts and change your thinking to be in line with the Word of God. Stop thinking little, stop blaming Nigeria, stop putting yourself down. Ruth could have said I am just a widow, maybe I killed my husband, the devil is a liar. I came to let somebody know, change your thinking, you are the way you think. If your thoughts are about breakthrough, the destiny you carry, it shall come to pass. Change your thinking for as a man thinketh so is he. From tonight, something is going to change in your life.
  3. Have a vision of what you want, where are you going with your life, what do you want to achieve? Listen, stop blaming the government of Nigeria, don’t put your destiny in their hands, do you even realize that your parents, Nigeria is an arrival point, you are a won citizen, your destiny, location is bigger than your location, where He is taking you is bigger than where you started from.
    I pray tonight, you will reach where He is taking you, you will achieve the purpose God meant for you. You need to have a vision of what God wants for you. Some people just want to touch money, they don’t know that it is not wealth.
    There are four kinds of Nigerians, poor, middle class, rich and wealthy. The poor have nothing, the middle class like big cars but if they lose their jobs within three months, they will be drinking garri. The rich like to show off, they make noise, they are not wealthy. Wealthy people don’t show it and they use it to make a difference. Wealthy people are here tonight. God is raising an army in the name of Jesus.
    You must have a vision of what you want, is this for you? Ruth said where you go I will go, when you look at Naomi, there is nothing to see but Ruth said this woman is a carrier of destiny.
    There are young men, when they want to date all they look at is the shape of the girl, they don’t ask if she is a carrier of destiny. There are young ladies when a guy comes to talk to them, the first question is do you have a car, how much is your salary, how tall are you, God help all the short men. What do you want? When you don’t know what you want, people will give you what you don’t want.

Ruth said there is something about you Naomi, there may be deaths now but there is a resurrection.
I ask you, young lady, if that man comes to you, the first question you should ask is your vision, not a car, ask where are you going because if you know where you are going I can follow you but if you don’t know where you are going I will end up in the ditch, what do you want? I came tonight to call somebody into significant destiny, I see you step into it.

There are governors of states here tonight, senators, members of House of representatives, major businessmen and women here tonight, global players here tonight, receive in the name of Jesus.
His name was Strive Masiyiwa, he got born again after the war in Zimbabwe, went to school and had no job, so himself and three other guys, every day they will come to church, clean and sit under the Pastor. The Pastor kept speaking to their lives, graduates, they had degrees but they will sit under the grace of their pastor every day. Ladies and gentlemen, those four men, three of them owned a bank, the fourth one was the one who brought Econet to Nigeria and today, this year, May for the first time, Britain listed the first black billionaire in Britain and it was Strive Masiyiwa, he didn’t make it in Britain, he made it in Africa. All they did was sit under the anointing believing God.

You have come to this Conference, you will not go empty-handed, your story will change.

  1. Pick your fights: There are some things that are time wasters, don’t get involved with every battle, fight. Know what you can handle, don’t fight with heavyweight boxers when you are featherweight. If you don’t believe me ask Joshua, you will realize that fine boy does not do it when you meet heavyweight. Pick your fights, it defines your moments, if you are going through battles, know that it is not your time, you will come out of that battle with a testimony, glory in the name of Jesus.
  2. Know your defining moments: Know your defining moments.

The mother-in-law said to Ruth, where did you clean yesterday and she said the farm of Boaz. She said Boaz, that is our relation, he is a bachelor millionaire, you went to the right farm.
May God order your step to the right places. Where you will step in and your story will change, that is where you will go. May your steps be ordered by the Lord.
Know your defining moments, the mother-in-law said where did you say you went? You this girl, there is destiny on your head, you didn’t die in Moab, you came to the land of strangers and God ordered your steps, there is something to you.
There is someone here tonight, they tried to kill you, to abort you, they fought you but they couldn’t win, you will arrive at your destination.
Know your defining moments, don’t waste your opportunities in mediocrity, don’t hang out with the wrong people, don’t hang out with bitter people, they are worst than alomo bitters, move away from them, move away from gossips. The mother-in-law didn’t say where did you go to? Don’t go there again, we don’t know why he is not married at his age even though he is a millionaire, some people talk more than they should. She said if it was Boaz’s farm you went to, there is oil over your head. There is somebody here tonight, your destiny will manifest.

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