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The growth of internet is so overwhelming that virtually all Nigerians now use Internet, some people depend solely on it to make a living. Internet usage is one of the criteria to measure the growth of the community, the higher the users the more developed the nation is because it makes life more comfortable and easier.

Internet used to be an alien in Nigeria not until 1995 when it was first tested in Obafemi Awolowo University. During this period, its usage was oblivious and its effects were not felt in the society due to the ignorance and non-acquaintance of the citizens then. But over the years it has grown sporadically that every household in Nigeria now use the internet in one form or the other. Internet now has 86,219,965 users in Nigeria, about 47% of the total population of the country and 3,424,971,237 in the world. The use of Internet started in the United state in the attempt to build a robust via computer network back then in 1960s. The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite to link devices worldwide via electronic, wireless, and optical networking technologies.

Presently, the internet is the largest source for information of any kinds, both positive and negative information are available on the internet. Also, internet is expensive but easily accessible unlike its early days, when it was not common. The use of internet is now deficient of discipline. Discipline in the sense that it now tolerates irrelevances and seems to be baleful. It now looks as if the bad effects of the internet outweigh its good. Truly, internet has made life easier in all ramifications especially communication and information dissemination. These two are the keys to development in any society. Anybody with an internet enabled device can now access these two at his or her finger tips.

The internet is now a life changing entity in Nigeria because virtually everyone makes us of it and the lessons from it are put into actions. It is the base for research findings and other day to day activities. However, internet has been mismanaged especially in Nigeria, Nigeria has the highest number of ranking in internet crime, the popular “yahoo yahoo” where Nigerian youths tend to circumvent  foreigners.

Though, the cost of internet is very high here in Nigeria unlike other neighbouring countries where internet is free. The cost of internet in Nigeria makes the standard of living in Nigeria high because it adds to the cost of production of most private companies. With this high cost, people still strive to afford it because it has become the tradition of Nigerians especially the students.

The future of internet in Nigeria is promising because as the cost increases yearly so also its population increases. As the population increases the use of internet becomes viral. Every aspect of an average Nigerian life is based on the internet, it is used in some schools, hotel and malls to attract customers and improve the brand. In the nearest future, internet will be everywhere in Nigeria.

However, discipline has to be inculcated in the use of internet to avoid misuse especially among the teenager. Awareness should be made to sensitize them on the positive use of internet to make the best of it.

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