THE GLORY DOME IS NOT A CHURCH BUILDING; IT IS A STADIUM – Bishop Charles Agyinasare at Kingdom Power and Glory Word Conference 2021

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Bishop Charles Agyinasare at Kingdom Power and Glory Word Conference 2021 on ‘RELEASE ME FROM CURSES TO BLESSINGS’
Day Two, Morning Session.
Give a mighty clap offering to Jesus. Hallelujah!
Give Jesus a better clap offering.
Will you please take your seat in the presence of the Lord. I want to thank God for this Stadium. This is not a Church building, this is a stadium. Give the Lord praise. It takes more than a desire or a wish to see this or to do this. This is great faith. Amen!

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I want to appreciate Dr Paul and Dr Becky Enenche for leading God’s people to do this great thing. It is a testimony, not only for Nigeria.

It’s a testimony for Africa and the world because currently if you google the largest auditorium in the world, it is the Glory Dome you will see. Give God the praise!

I am glad to be a little part of the story like Dr Paul said, our relationship goes 23 years back and I have some videos of the earliest times he visited us in Ghana, he preached in our church. He stayed in my house for about a week and not everybody stays in my house. So for me, he is part of my family. His wife, Dr Becky has visited our church and ministered in the Church.

We appreciate their lives and not only are we seeing him in Ghana but I’ve been with him in meetings, crusades and the awesome anointing upon his life, the grace of God, the healing and miracle power has grown and is sharp.
Give the Lord praise. We appreciate God for your life.
I bring you greetings from the Perez Chapel International, from Ghana and my dear wife. She would have love to be here but she is a grandmother of four now, so she is a bit busy. Put your hands together to the Lord one more time.

I came with a team. When Dr Paul said; “can you come and visit us in our 25th Anniversary?” I said; “well, it is not every day you get to be speaking in a 100,000 seaters auditorium”. So I also broadcast the news and some of my ministers, sons and daughters and friends said; “Bishop, we want to go with you to Nigeria”. I came with a delegation of almost 40 people. Bishop Tackie has been introduced to you.

Let me quickly introduce my first born to you, Dr Selaise Agyinasare. My second born, Reverend Francis Agyinasare. I have my son-in-law, Pastor Elvis Ampah. I have our administrative Bishop and his wife here with us, Bishop Raymond Akor and his wife. Our Bishop of the outer region of Ghana, Bishop Serbastine and his wife.

You are welcome.
We have Reverend Dr Jedidiah. That gentlemen had one of the most promising charismatic churches in Maiduguri when I spoke in our Maiduguri Crusade, 11 years ago. In fact, he had the best car among the pastors.
So they insisted he should be the one to take me round and then Boko haram attacked the place, he lost everything and had to come to Abuja to start all over again. Appreciate him for me.
I came with a host of people and they are part of my team, almost 40 people. They all came to catch some inspiration from this place. Wow!

I wish I saw this before I started ministry.

My faith would have been gingered some more because what you see is what you get.

  • May what you see from here, may it stir some things in your life!
  • If your faith was down, may your faith be stirred!
  • If God has been able to do this, there is nothing God cannot do in your life!
    Give Him praise.
    I’ve done about 80 books. I’m going to be speaking from one of them because, the more I was praying about this Conference, the more God put this on my heart. I’m going to be speaking from a book titled:

There are times when God wants to confirm what He wants me to share, He either makes somebody say something about what He wants me to share but yesterday, amazingly, when I checked into the hotel and turned on the TV, I flipped to the fourth channel, MTN and when I got there, suddenly there was this show or movie on the television and it’s titled, ‘Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story’.

It was showing how Bruce Lee as a baby, his father was dreaming and as a baby, his father saw this demon fighting him and the father woke up. Now, the movie was on only four minutes and the rest of the evening, our channel didn’t work. They said, weak signal or something.
God only wanted me to have a confirmation that what He wanted me to share with you is what I’m going to share with you. Give God praise.

Now, before I got saved, I loved Chinese or oriental movies and so, Bruce Lee was one of my idols but Bruce Lee died at a very early age and this movie titled, ‘Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story’ is from his wife telling the story of how Bruce Lee died. The movie started with his father having a dream and in the dream, this demon was fighting Bruce Lee as a baby. So the father wakes up alarmed.

The demon was dressed in armour and when he was 18 years old, he said, “Bruce, you have to go to America and the reason why you have to go to America is because there is this demon that has been fighting our family. It killed your grandfather at a tender age. It killed your senior brother. When I gave birth to you, I named you Siphon, the name of a woman so that if the demons saw you, they won’t recognize you as a boy”.

Now, if you don’t flee from Hong Kong, you are going to die. Long story, short.
Bruce Lee died a young man. His son was a martial artiste. He was the guy that acted the first character. When his son was also in his 20s, the son also met an untimely death on the set of a television.

Now you will say that probably it is coincidence. No! Because the father told him that, “the demon that has been fighting us will be looking for you” and when Bruce Lee was growing, he would have a dream and see the demon his father was talking about, that demon fighting him.

These are people who are talking, not gospel. There are talking natural things but they understand that there are somethings that can fight you, fight your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

But I came here today, to say whatever is fighting you, by the power of the Holy Ghost, today, may its power break in the name of Jesus!

In the year 1860, there’s what is called in America, the twenty-year presidential curse or the Tecumseh’s Curse. It is a curse that was placed when the conquerors of America got in there, they fought with the native Americans and they massacre a lot of them and there was this native American who was called Chief Tecumseh.

Chief Tecumseh in 1860 placed a curse on America and said that, for the atrocities that had been committed against him and his people, any year that ended with zero or every twenty years, an American president who was on the throne would die a premature death.
Well, not quite long, William Harrison died like that in 1860.

Then every twenty years, it continued, Abraham Lincoln and on and on and then, when President Reagan was in power in 1980, it was said that some Christians who were studying in the library came across the Tecumseh’s curse and they decided to go and pray and break that curse because every twenty years, any American president who came on the seat with a year ending zero died whilst in power and most of the time, tragically.

So, the Christians went to pray. After praying, a year and half later, Ronald Reagan was entering a hotel to go and deliver a speech. With all his security, somebody penetrated and shot him and the bullet got closed to his heart.

The doctors said that he’s not dying was just a miracle. Now, the reason why Ronald Reagan did not die was because the Christians had prayed, taking authority and broke the Tecumseh’s curse.
Give the Lord praise.
Twenty years on, when George Bush Jnr was in power, there was an attempt on his life but because the curse had been broken, it did not get anywhere and since that time, we have not heard anything about it anymore.

I came here to tell somebody, if there is any curse in your family, following you or in your family line, by the power of the Holy Ghost, in the name of Jesus, you will be liberated!
Beloveth, when we talk about curses, you can’t talk about curses without talking about blessings. So let me start briefly with blessings first. Blessings are good and they are mentioned 430 times in the Bible. Blessing is the supernatural empowerment of God for good and this month, may God empower you!

  • On this 25th Anniversary, from this time going, may God empower you for your eternal good!
  • Wherever you have failed, may you begin to succeed!
  • Where you lack, may God meet you at the point of your need!

The Bible says that at the mouth of two or three witnesses, a thing is established. That means that anything that is said in the Bible, two or three times, you can build a doctrine with it.

However, when we talk about curses, you don’t only meet it one, two or three times. You meet curses, 160 times in the Bible. That means it is something we must study and look at.
Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead and when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead and he came out from the grave, even though he was out of the grave, the Bible says, he was bound with grave clothes. So even though the man was alive, Jesus had to tell them to loose him and let him go because if he was not released, that means that even though he was alive, he couldn’t do anything. It is the same with a lot of believers.

When you receive Jesus as your Lord and personal Saviour, you receive eternal life. But there are many Christians who have eternal life but they are still bound with grave clothes.

  • This week, may the grave clothes tear from you. May you be released from the grave clothes!
    Some Christians don’t believe in curses, it doesn’t matter. You see, whether you believe that electricity works or not doesn’t change the fact that when you touch a naked wire it will electrocute you. So the fact that you don’t believe in curses doesn’t change the fact that there are curses.

It is important to remember that when we talk about curses, God even started the curse when He cursed the ground (Genesis 3:14-17). God cursed the serpent; He did not curse the woman. He only told the woman, “your sorrow will multiply in conception. Your desire will be your husband’s”. God did not curse Adam, He cursed the ground for His sake. So, God is the one who started the curse and if you don’t believe in curses, God did it.

Jesus cursed in Mark 11:14 -21. So, Jesus cursed the fig tree

  • Whatever has been cursed in your life, I came to speak life into it!
  • Whatever is dying in your life, I came to speak life into it in Jesus’ name!
    When I talk about speaking life into your situation, I know what I mean by speaking life because I have seen God creating new bones for people. A man crippled and with no bone in the leg for over 8 years was healed instantly by the power of God in India.
  • I came this morning to tell somebody, whatever must be created in your life by the
    power of the Holy Ghost, in the name of Jesus, may it be created now!
  • Somebody is receiving a new heart, new fallopian tubes, new eyeballs, a new part of the body that was missing!
    Give Him praise and thanks.


Curses are an invitation of supernatural forces to fight an opponent. They are real and they are evil. Some people believe in blessings but not curses but in this life, opposite are real.

Anytime you hear of light, then it means there is darkness. You hear of good, there should be evil and so, if you hear of blessing, there is a curse.

  • Any invitation and invocation to cause evil in your life, I came by the power of the Holy Ghost to frustrate its tokens in your life in Jesus’ name!
    A curse is an invitation of evil pronounced upon a person or an evil wish against a person. The purpose of a curse is to inflict injury, harm or mischief upon a person.
  • Whatever has been designed to inflict injury, harm and mischief in your life, today as a servant of God, I speak into your prophetic destiny and I say, we reverse it by the power of the Holy Ghost!
  • Experience the grace of God in Jesus’ name!
    The purpose of a curse is to bind a person with a spell like the witches do. Time will not permit me, I would have taken you into the story of prophet Jeremiah. You know, there are times we understand this a lot especially if you are in the North here because there are times people go to see a Mallam and what they do is, they write somethings on a slate and wash it and give it to the person to drink. In the book of Jeremiah, God tells his prophet, I want you to take the scroll, write it, clean it, bind it and throw it into the water and as you do, so shall the distraction of Babylon be.
  • I came today to tell somebody, anything that has been tied about your life, written about you, has been thrown in water, in the name of Jesus, I neutralize its effect on your life!
  • Anything that has been tied about your life, planted under trees or put under stones to hide your destiny, in the name of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Ghost, may you be liberated now in Jesus’ name!

I was speaking in the old auditorium of Dunamis and when I walked into the meeting, the Holy Spirit said to me, “Don’t pray for the sick. Ask everybody who is deaf and dumb to walk and come and sit on the stage for one minute. Don’t pray for them”.

So I called for those who were deaf and dumb to come and sit on the stage for one minute and then we started taking testimonies, suddenly a gentleman who was not deaf but he had a certain situation also came to sit on the stage and he was healed.

The man (Nicholas), his story was an emotional one. He got blind and his wife left him and I called for the deaf and dumb to come and sit on the platform and he said to himself that, “Yes. Even though I am not deaf and dumb, me too, my blindness, I see it as deaf and dumbness” and he came and sat on the platform and suddenly his eyes were opened.

  • I came today to tell somebody for stepping into this auditorium today, may that sickness break in your life!
  • By the power of the Holy Ghost, I ask that the miracle working power of Christ will work in your body in the name of Jesus!
    Curses are words that are uttered to torment and torture a person with harm. Curses are the vehicles of problem in a person’s life. It is what keeps people from God’s plan for their lives. A curse is where you fail and others are succeeding. It is a satanic mandate given to demons to wreak havoc to a person, a place or thing. It is running around without knowing what you are looking for.
  • Somebody’s story is about to change!
  • God is about to give you a new direction!

A curse is being stagnant. There are times when we are stagnant or marking time, but you see, marking time is going lower.

  • I came today to say to somebody, whatever spirit stopped you from going forward, in the name of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Ghost, we bind its effect on your life and we ask that there is no more stagnation in your life!
  • May God take you forward in the name of Jesus!
    A curse is like fighting an invisible shadow.
  • You will not lose. That spirit that has been fighting you in your dream, from today it is over!
  • The nightmares you are getting, from today they are over!
  • That spirit that makes noise on your roof, today we break its hold over your life in the name of Jesus!
    Being under a curse is working under a closed Heaven, where your Heaven becomes brass and the earth underneath you becomes iron. Being under a curse is struggling without the corresponding fulfilment; you are struggling but you are not getting any fulfillment. it is sinking in a waterless sea, you can’t come out. You are thirsty and you can’t quench your thirst.
    A curse is the recurrence of evil things in a person’s life. One of the major former actresses in the world according to today’s magazine, reported so many years ago for health and wellness. Angelina Jolie, lost her mother to breast cancer and ovarian cancer. She also lost her grandmother and her aunt to breast cancer. In 2013, She underwent a preventative double mastectomy, to reduce her chances of developing breast cancer. In 2015, she opted at her own risk to have her fallopian tube removed because she risked suffering from ovarian cancer. This lady, her grandmother, her aunt, her mother, she herself, they said she had an 80 per cent risk.
  • I don’t know what risk you have but I know the kind of God we serve, who is able to turn everything around and He will turn it around for you in Jesus’ name!

It is amazing that when you want to do certain kind of insurance, they even want to know your family history – life insurance. If you are in UK and not America and you want to buy a house, they will want to know your family history.

If there are traces of some particular type of disease, they know for them that if it has been in the family, it is likely to round through and there are somethings that keep running through. We were redeemed only from the curse of the law and there is more than one curse (Galatians 3:13-14).

The Bible says, anyone who repays evil for good, evil shall never depart from his house. That is a self-imposed curse. So you can be a believer and even though Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, if you repay people who have done you good with evil, curses will follow you. There are mobile curses and even unknown curses.

I was teaching on this and I went to the UK and I invited a guy to come and trim my hair.

When the guy was trimming my hair, suddenly I had a check in my spirit. He came with his own barbing tools for my hair. Something just struck me and from that day, I had a reaction. I went to God in prayer, He said “that was a curse. It was transferred to you by cursed hands”. “I said if it is a curse and it was transferred by a cursed hand, then in the name of Jesus, I bind that curse by the power of the Holy Ghost and I speak to that curse to die at the root”.

After a short time, it disappeared as if nothing had happened. There is a a lady in my church, she went to the saloon and when they were fixing her hair and this lady puts her fingers in her hair, suddenly she felt a prick. From that day, her hair started falling off. She went bald and not only that, she had blisters all over her head and when she came to me and I was praying for her.

When I laid my hands on her head, the Holy Ghost said, she’s been affected by cursed hands. Some of you are looking at me, have you forgotten that the Bible says that I will bless the works of your hands, if He can bless the works of your hands, the devil can curse your hands and that curse can affects people that come in contact with you.

In the same way Joseph entered the house of Potiphar and suddenly Potiphar’s house was been blessed, in the same way the devil can assign somebody to come into your house and things will begin to turn upside down for you.

  • I came today, by the power of the Holy Ghost and the anointing upon my life and the grace in this commission and I say in the name of Jesus, may every cursed feet that have walked into your home, may their power be neutralized!
  • May cursed hands that have touched you, may their power be neutralized in the name of Jesus!
    I prayed for the lady and after a few days, her hair started growing again.
  • Your hair will starting growing again!
  • Whatever you lost by curses, you will begin to regain them again!
  • Somebody walked into your business and suddenly your business is going down, from today there is a turnover for your business!
    There is a young man in Ghana doing very fine and a pastor invited somebody to preach in his church. From the day the guy walked into his church, his church began to go down. In less than one year, he had less than 30 per cent of the people he had the year before because that person walked in there with cursed feet.
  • Whoever has walked into your life with cursed feet, from today, by the broom of the Holy Spirit, we sweep those things out in the name of Jesus!
  • We release the blessing of God in its place!
  • By the power of the Holy Ghost, whatever you touch, let it be blessed!
    When you are under a curse, it is when your presence brings hatred and resentment. I was in a meeting like this and the Holy Ghost said to me, “there is a man. He had ABCD problems. His name is like this. He’s wearing this kind of cloth”. The man was seating down in the auditorium. He didn’t come out. When we closed, he walked down to me and said, “Bishop you were talking about me. You even called my name but when you called my name, another voice said to me, “sit down, you are not going”. There are some of you like that, God has a plan and purpose for your life but there is another voice speaking to you,
  • We bind the voice of the accuser! We bind the voice of the devourer and the destroyer by the power of the Holy Ghost!
  • May you be released to fulfil your destiny!
    Being under a curse is when you continually offend those who love you and your friends prove unfriendly to you. It is when one is about to be promoted to a big position and a demonic messenger comes to scatter it.
  • That position, you are going there!
  • Your promotion cannot be held anymore!
    Being under a curse is having regular and repeated tragedies and repeated ones. God controls things by times and seasons. The devil also controls things by times and seasons. Once we are entering October, September… We have entered into satanic months. Between October and December, there are so many lorry accidents and unexplained deaths because they are high on the satanic calendar.
    I thank God you put your convention at a time like this Dr Paul, so that you will shatter the devil’s plan.
  • Every plan of the enemy to make sure this Christmas will not meet you; we scatter their plans by the power of God!
    Being under a curse is falling from grace to grass. It is having no favour from God or man. It is when a ceiling is placed over your life so you can’t lift up your head around it.
  • From this convention you are lifting up your head!
  • Whatever they said you cannot do you will do it!
    Being under a curse is not being able to complete any good project even though you started it well. There are some of you seated here, there are projects you started and you couldn’t complete.
  • From this Convention, a spirit of completion is coming upon you!
    I came to the Glory Dome when it was not roofed. I came and walked here with Dr Paul, he took me to the garden etc. It was not roofed and we came to stand on this platform and we prayed. If Dr Paul has been able to complete this huge project, when we got here, I told Bishop Tackie, money has gone into this project.
  • May that anointing fall on you!
  • May you receive that anointing for completion!
  • You will complete whatever you have started by the power of the Holy Ghost!
    Being under a curse is experiencing a pattern of setbacks. Something happens and you go back.
  • Today is the end of it!
    It is when people who can help you don’t have the desire to help even when they are your relatives and friends. Being under a curse is like when the whole world has conspired against you.

It is when you are at the verge of success and something goes wrong. Being under a curse is being displaced from your destiny. Listen to me, I’m going to lead you to pray just two types of prayers and then I’m going to pray for the sick and then I’m going to take testimonies.

Give God praise.
Will you stand if it is possible and lift up one hand and say;
In the name of Jesus, any unknown curse that has been assigned against me, whether pronounced by authority figures against me or invoked by familiar spirits. Today, in the name of Jesus, I break it by the power of the Holy Ghost!
Every curse invoked over my children for their wellbeing, for their marriage, for their success; I revoke it now!
Any curse by familiar spirit invoked against my grandchildren, in the name of Jesus, I intercede for them and break its hold and from now, I walk into my divine destiny, in Jesus’ name!
Father, in the name of Jesus, any sickness, ailment, any weakness, that will stop me from walking in my prophetic destiny; any spirit of failure, stagnation that makes me mark time, in the name of Jesus, today; I ask for a release by the power of the Holy Ghost!
Heavenly Father, You are the miracle working God. Thank You for Your miracle working power that is present to save, heal and deliver. Satan, you know me and you will obey me because I don’t come in my name. I come in the name of Jesus, our resurrected Lord and right now, I bind every spirit of deaf and dumbness and I command you to come out!
-I bind every spirit of blindness and I command you to come out!
-I bind every spirit of paralysis and I command you to come out!

  • I bind every spirit of cancer and growth in the name of Jesus and I command you to come out!
    -I bind every spirit of skin diseases and I command you to come out!
    Satan, loose your hold over God’s people and right now, from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet, be made whole in Jesus’ name. Right now, begin to do whatever you couldn’t do before in the name of Jesus.

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