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By: Dr Paul Enenche

1. Understanding the God of all possibilities
2. Understanding the secrets of all possibilities

We serve the God of all possibilities. Possibilities are the natural realm of God; what we call the supernatural is the natural realm of God
If God only does normal things, He is no longer God; He is God because He does only the super supernatural; He does far beyond average and normal
He is the God Who:
– Made an 18mile Highway in the Red Sea
– brought an ocean of out a rock
– made the raven to feed the prophet
– suspended the laws of floatation and made His Son to walk on water
– mesmerized the laws of supply and demand, and made 5 loaves and 2 fishes to feed thousands of people
– multiplies the oil for the prophet’s widow and also multiplied the food for the widow of Zarephath
– can meet your needs when your supply is not enough
– can raise the dead when the dead is so dead that he is already stinking
– can make the donkey to talk like a man and make the man to eat grass like the cow (Balaam’s donkey and Nebuchadnezzar)

He can do and undo!

He is the God that can raise the dead and kill the living; He can heal the sick and make the well sick (1 Sam. 2:6)

That God is your God and He is visiting you today!

He can create a seat that does not exist and He can make vacant a seat that exists to give to His people; He created a seat for Joseph and removed Vashti from an existing seat to give to Esther.

1. Understand the ability and capability of the Almighty (Eph. 3:20; Phil. 3:10)
You need to know the God you serve; know the extent of His ability and capability
Ransack Scriptures and listen to testimonies to know what God is able to do

2. Possess the mentality of possibilities (Eph. 3:20)
God cannot do anything beyond your thinking, imagining and mentality/comprehension
What cannot cross your mind cannot cross your life
If it is too big for your mind to comprehend it will be too big for your hand to apprehend
If your mind can’t catch it, your hand can’t touch it!
Begin to think possibility and anything can happen

3. Access the authority of the Almighty through the Holy Spirit (Eph. 3:20)
Make up your mind that you won’t be a powerless and defeated Christian
The power of God is the sponsor of the possibilities of God
If you are going to see His possibilities, you must access His power
All these things are anchored on our surrender to Jesus Christ

*It is not the length of the prayer that determines the effect of the prayer; it is the faith of the
prayer that determines the effect of the prayer.

Father, I ask for Divine intervention concerning my situation; for my shame let me receive double Lord, in Jesus’ Name (Isa. 61:7)

Father, unveil every mystery around my life in Jesus’ Name

Father, You are the God of all possibilities. We ask that You will manifest Your possibilities in our nation, Nigeria in this season. Manifest Your possibilities oh Lord, in Jesus Name.

Father, You are the God of all possibilities. I ask You Lord that You will manifest Your possibilities
in my life today. Father, by the same anointing that moved here today, I ask oh Lord, that You manifest Your possibilities in my life today in Jesus Name.

– The one that shall marry you shall marry you on time!
– Every covering cast over your life is destroyed now!
– Every agenda of evil in your life, today, it comes to an end!
– Today, every embargo placed on you by the devil is lifted right now!
– Every evil mark on your body is deleted right now!
– Every evil thing that has lasted in your life, wherever it has come from, I declare it is cursed to its roots in Jesus’ Name!
– Every attack of the enemy on your life before today is arrested!
– Whatever the enemy has tried to impose on your life they are returned back to sender!
– The way is made!
– Every enemy mountain, today is your end in Jesus Name!
– I announce in the Name of Jesus, every spirit of diversion, every spirit of fear, fear of the unknown, fear of death, fear of failure, they are under arrest right now!
– Every spirit of sickle cell, I curse you to your roots, your tenure expires!
– Every spirit of diversion fighting your life and destiny today is its end!
– What is yours no devil shall take it or divert!
– Every altar of premature death fighting your life, every arrow of death looking for you, that altar and arrow are set on fire!
– Everyone battling with crossing to another level, moving to another stage in your life, I declare, move to the other side now, in Jesus’ Name!
– Every affliction of hell limiting your destiny, today is its end!
– Every familiar spirit, every spirit of hell, taking lives in your family, taking children from your womb, today is its end!
– Every serpentine altar, every altar from hell fighting your life and destiny, that altar is set on fire right now!
– Every evil arrow looking for you is retrieved and refired back to hell
– A new day is upon you
– Whatever is grounded or paralyzed in your life is rising and running now!
– Everything the devil took from you, I declare they are restored!
– That encounter you need to counter the agenda of the devil in your life, between now and the next 24 hours that encounter is released in your life!

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