-Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre on ‘THE GOD OF EXCELLENCE.’
1st Service, Glory Dome.
Lift your hands high everywhere you are and whisper that name J-E-S-U-S…
Breathe upon the life of someone here this morning, cause a change of story Lord in the life of someone. Let not one person leave here the same way they have come.

Blessed be Your name, honour to Your name, adoration to Your name.
Thank You Master.
Wave your hands and give Him the praise.

Be seated in the presence of the Lord.
I welcome everyone here this morning in Jesus’ name. I also bring greetings to you from Adamawa state; from the Bachama people of Numan, Michika people, Madagali people, Hong people, Song people, Mubi and all of them. It was a great experience and you will see the clip shortly. Give the Lord the praise.

Speaking shortly on the subject:
This month we shall be seeing Release, Recovery and Replication on the frequency of excellence and we are looking at the God of Excellence.
Our objective is to understand the excellence dimensions of God and to understand what it takes to walk with God unto excellence.
Scriptures make it clear that we serve an excellent God. Everything about God speaks excellence (Job 37:23, Psalm 36:7, Exodus 15:7).

God is excellent in power, He is excellent in loving-kindness and in mercy – We serve the God who is not only excellent but great in excellency.
We have examples of God’s excellency at creation.

  1. The creation of man was a creation of excellent. When you look at the creation of man, the combination of structure of the cells grouped together to make tissues; tissues, group of specialized tissues become organs, group of specialized organs become systems, diverse functioning systems connect together to make up a whole human being and the uniqueness and the individuality of man could only have happened by an excellent God.

No two persons have the same thumbprint, such that if somebody commits a crime and the fingerprints can be identified, that’s all. They won’t mistake him for another person. Scientists are aware of that.

This is one of the things that Christian scientist used against unbelievers scientists; to tell them it is impossible for such precision to occur from random action. In as much as it is impossible for a monkey to sit on the keyboard and hit the notes at random and produce music, the probability is nonexistent.

So we serve the God who is excellent in every form and you go through scriptures, you will realize that everyone who identified with God exploded in excellence.
a). Joseph – He was a man who had a walking relationship with God (Genesis 39:2).
What was the outcome of Joseph’s walk with God?
Genesis 41:39-40

There are many magicians and scientists and those who claimed to be interpreters of dreams in Egypt but Joseph excelled in his line of duty and his assignment; he excelled in the gift and the talent he had. No unbeliever saw his break light, no unbeliever came near to him in performance because he carried the excellency of God.


The point of the matter is, as a doctor who knows God, as a lawyer who knows God, as a scientist; you are not permitted to have a contemporary that comes close if the excellence of God is at work in your life.

If you go to the science world today and the World of invention, 99.9 per cent were told or at least 99 per cent of inventions in the world came out of minds that were fertilized by God, by the Holy Ghost, moving from Isaac Newton, the father of mechanics; Michael Faraday of electromagnetism, Simpson of the inventor of chloroform, he discovered the anesthetic properties of chloroform and all of them.

Some of them were pastors literally like Newton, Michael Faraday. These were the kind of people that God gave such excellent minds that placed them above their contemporaries. If it was like that then, it cannot be otherwise now.
b). Job – He was in the business world but he excelled, he was in-charge and he was on top (Job 1:1-3). He was a resource commander and controller of his time. He went to the top; nobody was bigger than him.

  • I speak by prophecy to someone here, by the time this month is coming to an end, God will take you to the very top of your career and your profession, the very top of what you do!
    Lift your right hand and say;
    “I am excelling; I am rising to the top”.


  1. Make the decision to be everything God created you and wired you to be (Philippians 3:12, 14). Created means this is what I formed you to be. Wired means what He has put inside you.

It is a decision; you can never excel without your choice and you cannot be outstanding without your participation. The road you follow determines the place you end, so the choice must be made. I am not where God wants me to be and I must get there.
There are people today that human beings are clapping for but Heaven is weeping for them.

People are clapping for them because they haven’t seen such outstanding result before; Heaven is crying for them because they have not touched 10 per cent of their potentials.
I heard this story while I was in the University that a highly acclaimed instrumentalist, a keyboardist in his sixties, a Christian and very, very celebrated. One day, he came to his living room and saw somebody sat on the Organ, played the kind of melodies he had never heard before in his life and he was amazed with the kind of skill he had never seen. He was in tears. By the time the man was through, he asked him, “who are you? What are you doing?” The man said, “I came to reveal to you the man you are meant to be or I am the man you are meant to be. Just see what I have done, this is what you are meant to do”. This guy thought he was already old, like sixty something, where do I start from and the stranger disappeared. He could not recover from it. That is why you don’t measure yourself by human being estimation. You measure yourself by the divine valuation. How is God evaluating my life, what does God think about what I do?
It begins with making the decision to be everything God created and wired you to be. That put you under some level of pressure. Paul said, “I press toward the mark”. As I stood in Yola the other day, the Governor of the State graciously would have been there in person but sent his deputy Governor who read a typed speech on his behalf. The Chief Judge of the State was there, the Head of Service was there and then the Honourable members of the State Assembly; yesterday I saw the Deputy Speaker of the House; the previous one and the current one, they came to see me and then Commissioners from neighbouring Taraba State attended with State Executives and so on and so forth. Suddenly, the Holy Ghost quickened in my heart and He said; “You see all these opportunities, all these platforms; one day you will be accountable for it.

How did you use it, what did you do with it, to what extent did the people who come in contact with you get the impact of what you represent, in what direction did you turned the crowd?” – This makes me very sober because it is easy to say crowd should gather; “how many of them did you prepare enough to be sure that you deployed the very best of what you carry to change them, to touch them, to impact them, to influence them?” You will give account of your opportunity, give account of the platforms, privileges, giftings… And so right in that journey of life, Lord, everything you wired me to be, everything you created me to be, I have decided to be it.

b). Realize that it is part of your Christian duty to excel in all you do (Matthew 5:14-16). Some people feel that the duty I have as a Christian is; don’t steal, don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t be immoral, don’t be this and that.


The way it is your duty to preach the Gospel to your friends and loved ones;the way it is your duty to pray, the way it is your duty to fast, to worship, to give is the same way: it is your duty to represent God in excellence to your generation.

It is your duty to do the best on the behalf of God. Such that when they see you, it can bring God glory and honour. They can say who did this? It’s a child of God!

Benjamin Carson was a highly celebrated and still highly celebrated Neurosurgeon. He did surgeries that were abandoned about fifty something years before; a hemispherectomy, where you can remove one half of a person’s brain and the person is alive on a half brain and performing normal.

That surgery has fertilities and mortalities; ‘do it, people die’ but he resurrected it and did it successfully. Apart from separating twins that are joined at the head, his upbringing by his mother influenced his mind and his decision to excel in that field.

That is, God is looking up to you to make people praise Him because you are the best. God wants honour to come to him because you did Him honour by being the best. It is the way they said the best graduating student here is so and so, can he come out?

And then his father walks out with him and receives the gift and everybody is congratulating the man, is that your daughter? Congratulations!

God made man in His image; He is saying; you owed me the duty of bringing me honour by quality delivery.
Mediocrity is an insult of identity with divinity.

Don’t let your life be a burden to God, don’t let your assignment be a burden to the Kingdom, don’t let how you carry yourself bring reproach to Heaven; let it bring honour to God.

c). Realize that excellent is a department of godliness and righteousness.
d). Realize that excellent requires discipline and diligence. Nobody excel by accident.
e). Submit to the spirit of excellence for assistance unto excellence.

The Holy Spirit is called the spirit of excellence.

He was the one that Daniel walked with.
f). Determine to follow God’s pattern and standard for all things.
It takes a decision first and then the realization that it is part of your Christian duty to represent God with quality in everything you do.

  • You shall excel!
    Stand up on your feet and lift up your hands and your voice and appreciate Him. Appreciate the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Appreciate Him for His Word to you on excellence.
    Father we give You the praise, we give You the honour; Father we give You the adoration. Be glorified in Jesus’ name.
    Lift up your hands everywhere you are…
    The Lord is saying to someone: even though it tarries, wait for it. Someone that is discouraged, depressed; “Lord when will You do it for, when will You change my own story?” He is saying; even if it tarries, wait for it. He says what He has done for one, it’s a prophecy for what He will do for you.
  • For someone here, that affliction will not rise up a second time. You will not pass through that terrible situation twice.
  • For someone here, what you are going through is a process, you are at the end of it. The outcome will be good, the product will be good.
    The Lord says He is too faithful to fail, He will not fail you, He will not let you down.
  • Receive His help, receive His mercy, receive His touch, His deliverance, His liberty; receive freedom now! A new day, new help, new mercy, new season is upon you.
  • I command that weight lifted right now, I command that burden lifted right now, I command that situation expired right now in the name of Jesus!
    Blessed be Your name…
    Give the King of kings and the Lord of lords the loudest clap and the loudest shout of hallelujah!!!
    Lift up your bottles of oil:
    The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of excellence (Daniel 6:3). This Daniel was preferred because an excellent spirit was found in him.
  • I speak excellence into these bottles and oil. I decree that this will be the obituary of mediocrity. Everything that makes you to live your life anyhow and to act anyhow and to make you to act absentmindedly without reasoning, today is the end of it forever!
  • The same anointing that made Daniel to rise to the top, the same anointing that made Esther to rise to the top; that same anointing that made Joseph to rise to the top is coming upon you right now in the name of Jesus!
  • Everything that has tied your life down in stagnation and whatever my Father in Heaven has not planted in your life that is existing currently in your life, by this anointing; they are uprooted in Jesus’ name.
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