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-Pastor E.A Adeboye recounts incident during visit to one of Kenneth Hagin’s Campmeetings.
In 1979, we wanted to go to America to attend Kenneth Hagin’s Camp Meeting, Myself, my Father in the Lord and four others, we didn’t know anybody in America, we thought everything was like Nigeria, you just get to town and there is a hotel waiting.
We tried to get accommodation and they said there is none. I told my people let us go, if God said He would provide a mansion as accommodation for me in Heaven, He can provide accommodation for me in Tulsa. We arrived in Tulsa without any form of accommodation and then one fellow who met us at the airport began to phone various hotels.

The program then was a mighty program, thousands of people came from all over the world and every hotel was booked. I said which hotels are you calling? He said “Hotels that are one and a half hours away from the venue of the program”. I said why are you calling those hotels, we don’t have means of transport.

Call the hotel that is closest to the venue and he said that would be fully booked long before. I said Call them and tell them we are missionaries from Africa, can we have a room? The man at the end of the phone said “where did you say you come from?” I said we are missionaries from Africa and he said I think I can get you a room.

I said ask him for two rooms and the man said I can get you two rooms and he sent a bus to that took us to the hotel.

Papa was an old man so we don’t want to bother an old man, I said to the man “are you sure you cannot get us three rooms?”.

Everybody else was looking at me like something was wrong with me. The man said where do you say you come from? I said we are missionaries from Africa, he said I can get you three rooms. When it is time to pray tonight, don’t listen to your flesh ask God for the impossible.

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